mature niall fanfic

A Warm Welcome [h.s.]

A/N: here’s some hades!harry! Sorry if it’s shitty I’m trying to get back in the game! And sorry for any typos and mistakes! Enjoy :-)


Being a god comes with a large bundle of heightened emotions and Harry honestly wishes that they had an off switch. Celestial beings are called “celestial” for a reason, after all. They’re abnormally better than any human, and thus they must keep an attitude and air that enforces nothing less, but damn feelings for being able to get in the way so easily.

Gods must be calm and collected under the most extraneous situations, they must rule with an iron fist, and most importantly, they must forbid emotions from deterring them in any way. He’s not saying that he hates feeling emotions more intensely; some are worth the toil. Pleasure, for example, is felt tenfold what any human could handle and he can almost say that this alone makes the troubles worth it. But it’s moments such as now that bring forward overpowering feelings that he wishes he could cast aside: a dangerous mixture of excitement and anxiousness.

More specifically, the excitement and anxiousness that comes with the return of his beloved wife, Persephone (or as he calls her, Y/N), from being away for her given six months of the year.

All is normally well due to the fact that Harry usually throws big, extravagant parties for her returns because he wants the whole world to know that the light of his life is coming back to him, as well as to take off some of the pressure that comes with not seeing her for a long time. He’s talking about an all out, full-fledged celebration with hundreds of different types of flowers adorned all around the dark obsidian palace. All of the gods are invited (even those minor ones that Harry thinks are irrelevant but Y/N carries a fond for) and he brings down the musicians that play up in Olympus because he only wants the best for his precious girl. Amazing food, a ten story cake, and the finest wine and ambrosia brewed all across the seven seas.

But this year, Y/N sent a message with Hermes (whom he knows as Louis) down to the Underworld. As he had unfolded her note, the familiar scent of clementine arose from the scratchy paper and made his eyes pinprick with tears of longing. In her beautiful curvy handwriting, she explains how she doesn’t want a big party this year. That she wishes for the contrary, actually. She wants the whole palace to only themselves so they can take a long walk through all of its expanse and talk about everything that’s happened in the time they’ve been apart. She writes that she loves the parties he throws her, but for this return she just wants some quality time with no one else but him.

And so that’s exactly what he does. When the day arrives, he sends all of his servants out of the castle walls, leaving the place feeling hollow. He sits on his throne waiting for her, fidgeting helplessly. It’s a tall, black steel and celestial bronze number with red garnet and imperial topaz strewn in with the metal. It’s meant to be intimidating and fearful and, well, godly, and he couldn’t love it more. Harry usually feels right at home in the cushioned seat, but at the moment, he feels puny in its shadow; all do to the concoction of giddiness and nerves that stem from Y/N’s return.

He focuses himself on smoothing out the wrinkles in his black silk toga and on messing with the gold emblem that rests on the fabric above his shoulder, right where the back and front of the toga connect. The cherished possession was forged by Poseidon’s Cyclopes at the bottom of the sea, hence why it tends to have flashes of blue in certain lighting. He picks at the ruby eyes incrusted into the ghastly imprint of a skull, tracing the laurel wreaths around its head. His concentration then moves to his hair, which he had cut a couple of weeks back. He hadn’t said a word to Y/N about it in their letters because he wanted it to be surprise. He was sure she would like it because he feels that it fits him pretty well, but now as he sits here with nothing but his thoughts as company, he begins to worry. What if she thought he looked odd? She did really love his long hair– could never stop complimenting the perfect curls that liked to form across his shoulders…

Harry rises abruptly, toes curling against the worn leather of his sandals. His anxiety is going through the roof because he hasn’t seen Persephone in so long and he doesn’t want their first encounter of her return to be awkward. He quickly paces towards the closest mirror in the throne room, footsteps echoing, loud and empty, across the large room. Squaring his broad shoulders, he cocks his head slightly and finger-combs the fluffy, messy curls into place. He curses under his breath as one ringlet keeps curling weirdly in front of his ear and works on taming it, wishing he had some of that new jelly stuff Apollo uses.

He’s so engrossed in his hair that he doesn’t hear the large doors creaking open across the throne room. A single door cracks just the slightest and in slips the figure of a woman, the lights from the giant candle chandelier reflecting off the golden wreath atop her head. The big onyx jewel in the middle of the crown signifies her as queen of the Underworld, the gilded plants at the sides confirming her identity as the goddess of spring. She stands absolutely still at the door, leaning against it’s ginormous frame and watching the young man across the room mumble curses and fiddle with his short curls.

She knows his figure well– too well. It doesn’t take much to give away it’s Harry. The way he stands with his shoulders broad, the silk material of his toga hugging the taunt muscles of his back. The way he’s propped more on one leg than the other do to a back injury from taming his hell hound, Cerberus. The way his tan skin glints like copper, pulled tight over fit arms. Contrary to popular belief, Harry’s skin isn’t pale (underground kingdoms don’t exactly get the best sunlight) but rather a healthy golden tint. She’s not sure why, but she doesn’t question it; it’s a great look on him.

Out of everything, however, the one characteristic that stands out most of all is the way he gives off a certain cold aura that draws her own warm one towards him, as well as the way that every shadow created across the room seems to naturally obey his will, bending over him to cast a dark stain across his silhouette.

Y/N can feel his hollowness crawl across the room, sweeping over her like the waves of a relentless sea. There have been stories that the sheer strength of Harry’s presence has driven mortals to take their own lives do to the desolation he gives off. Being the ruler of death and destruction isn’t exactly a happy job and it’s burden had definitely taken its toll on him, but he had managed to find a way to stifle the vacancy.

That’s where Persephone came in. Her role as the goddess of spring meant that she was, quite literally, the physical embodiment of life and warmth, and thus his polar opposite. It was she that brought the proper seasons around for the mortals to do their harvesting in order to survive, and so it was she that could counteract the darkness Hades resonated.

And right now, she was about to take on the second role again and she couldn’t be happier.

Y/N allows the door to shut behind her, the loud sound of the two pieces of stone sliding into one another booming across the huge, quiet throne room.

Harry’s body freezes up, a sheen of ice materializing across his already cold blood. He can feel his black heart lodging into his throat, his nerves going haywire at her presence. He locks his gaze on her through the mirror, her body somewhat smaller across the large expanse of the walls. His emerald eyes twinkle unearthly, putting the shine of any actual emeralds to shame. One of his titles isn’t “the god of wealth and jewels” for nothing.

Hades turns slowly on his heels, facing Y/N fully. As he takes in her appearance, he can’t help the small, childish laugh that releases from his throat. She looks absolutely breathtaking, a pure white dress flaring out around her body, the shimmering fabric hugging her upper arms as delicate golden chains lay across the tops of her shoulders. A certain glow seems to swell around her, so warm and buttery it makes the candles seem dim. And all Harry can think is, there she is, all beautiful and stunning and all mine.

His feet are moving before he’s even stopped admiring her, walking briskly in her direction. Each step seems to shake the ground, the indescribable mixture of emotions that churns within him finding an outlet in every bound he takes. Y/N takes off too, walking with a certain grace to her that makes his heart melt. They meet in the middle of the room, both slightly out of breath and smiling like fools. He reaches a ring-clad hand out to her, cupping her jaw and swiping his thumb across her supple cheek. Electricity sizzles through their point of contact, the hairs on the back of his neck standing up to the tips. Every cell in his body is screaming to feel her’s, the slight touch setting forward a chain reaction of sensations coursing through his veins.

To his sudden surprise, she lunges first, wrapping her arms around his neck and squeezing the living daylights out of him. His arms unfreeze from their shock, instinctively wrapping around her waist, face burrowing into the slope of her neck and he takes a deep breath, eyes watering with happiness as the scent of sun and flowers and just life fills his drowning lungs. They tumble back a few feet, giggling like children as Harry spins her around, dress whooshing happily through the air. She cups his face, kissing his forehead softly and he can feel her gentle smile spread across his skin.

He sets her on the ground carefully, pulling her into his strong chest and kissing the top of her head lovingly. “I’ve missed you so much, Y/N. So, so much.”

“Me too.” Her voice is, for the kick of the joke, like the first breath of spring – it refreshes him, filling every crevice of his body with light.

Harry pulls back, leaning down to prop their foreheads together, staring into her caring eyes and grinning like an idiot. His dimples pop into place and she laughs, reaching up to poke at them playfully.

“You cut your hair!” She exclaims in awe, running her hands through the short locks and twisting them around her fingers. “It looks amazing, Har. Handsome as ever.”

“Y'think so? Was scared you wouldn’t like it…” He mumbles shyly, looking away in embarrassment.

“You look as incredible as any celestial being ever could.” Y/N nudges his shoulder, kissing his cheek.

He blushes (because that’s the perfect thing for the god of the deceased to do) and grabs her hands, intertwining their fingers together. “So you wanted to have a heartfelt chat with me, is that it? That’s why you turned down ambrosia squares?”

Y/N returns his jesting smirk, nodding her head. “Yes, that’s why. But also, it’s because I wanted some alone time with you and I want to be able to–” she leans into his ear, her words causing a shiver down his spine–“scream and have no one hear me.”

Harry immediately stiffens up, staring at her with wide eyes because she’s rarely the most needy in the relationship, and having her practically jump into his pants as soon as she sees him is a new experience for him. She gazes up at him with hooded eyes, slipping the left sleeve of her dress further down her arm. She presses forward, lips latching to Harry’s like he’s a lifeline.

“Already?” He murmurs against her mouth, feeling her hands grasping wildly at his groin and he hisses quietly at her eagerness. “You’ve barely been here five minutes, love. A bit shameful, don’t y'think? And also, I thought–”

He gets cut off by Y/N sliding her tongue down his throat, her teeny whines causing his knees to disintegrate. “Bet you’ve only gotten bigger than before. Longer, thicker– fuck, just thinking about it makes me wanna come.”

Harry pulls away, gently detaching her from him and looking down at her with slight confusion because it’s all so sudden and unexpected.

“Are you sure you want to do this now? I thought we could wait a bit, y'know? Do something romantic, like a big feast for two and then walk through your gardens for a bit! Bathe afterwards and just let natural instincts take their course.” He hates himself for being such a sap with her but he can’t help it. And her letter had suggested she wanted this type of welcome so he had been looking forward to it.

“Harry, I love you and I absolutely want to do all of those things,” Y/N stares directly into his face with the biggest doe-eyes he’s ever seen, chewing at the corner of her mouth as her eyes flicker to his reddened lips and he can sense how desperate she is. “But I’ve been horny from the second I set foot on the first stair of the palace. I just can’t hold off. I just…I want you to fuck me, Har. Right here, right now. Please?”

He blinks at her for a couple of seconds, weighing in what she’s saying. He decides to go with it, fingers sliding the golden chains from her shoulders as she continues clutch his neck. “Alright, kitten. I understand.”

He stops when the dress is about to expose her chest. “You sure?”


Harry grins coyly, poking fun at her. “Like I said, s'really only been, like, five minutes. No shame, hm?”

“Not at all, considering you haven’t been in me in barely six months.” She quips back sarcastically, shoving one hand up his toga all of the sudden and squeezing him hard, revering in his breathy whimper, which she stifles with her mouth.

“Now take me.” She whispers into the heavy kiss, reaching up to pop the emblem open so that she could pull down his toga to where it pools at his banded waist.

And that’s exactly what Harry does. He takes her right then and there, in front of his throne, with both of her wrists pinned down to the cold marble floor, her dress hiked up her creamy thighs and her breasts swelling out of her garment, crowns discarded besides an alter. He throws her legs around his hips, bucking into her roughly as she gives small gasps of pleasure, his cock pulsing against her softness. He’s bent over her, whispering dirty promises into her ear as he pinches her clit, grinning triumphantly into her neck.

“Tha’s my girl, yeah? Baby’s been gone and hasn’t had a good fucking in months, hm? Wants Daddy to take her right here? Want me to fuck a new sense into you, darling?” Harry’s voice is low and strained as he works on keeping himself from coming, all of those weeks of using his hand being nothing compared to her warmth and tightness. “Fuck, it’s been ages. You’re…you’re so good for me.”

Harry means that in every sense of the thought. Y/N’s good for him because she brings out the best qualities in his death-ridden heart, and she’s good for him in a sensual fashion, breaking him down molecule by molecule and stripping him of his sanity. She’s his complete opposite and he wouldn’t have the same spark with any other person.

Y/N wriggles her wrists in his hold, whining as she arches her back to be closer to him, wanting to be enveloped by his whole body. Harry releases her hands, which immediately go to his shoulders as his arms wrap under her lower back. She snakes her arms across them and down his back, digging her nails into the tight muscles under his toga, throwing her head back and letting out a loud, cracked moan. “Harry, I’m– fuck, you’re amazing.”

Harry licks a stripe up her throat, kissing at her chin as her legs spasm against his hips. “Such a good girl for me, Y/N. Such a tight, sweet little thing…Missed you s'much– missed this so much.”

“F…Fuck me,” she whispers, her voice feathery and desperate.

Harry reaches above her, hands wrapping around the thick legs of his throne, the solid celestial bronze nailed down into the floor so that the chair works as a reinforcement. He pulls upward, arms flexing alluringly as he thrusts hard into Y/N, causing her to scream out.

“Want– to– make–you–feel–so good.” Harry grits out with every slam, head dropping down to allow him to peck chaste kisses onto her swollen lips. The sweat is making his eyes bleary and causing curls to stick to his forehead, but he doesn’t care. She’s here, pliant and slick and begging him for it and nothing else is important other than her.

A meek whine comes from Y/N, her head turning to give Harry access to her neck. He sucks the skin into his mouth, teething until he sees mauve and purple bruises blossom across her delicate throat. He’s panting against her jaw, small choking sounds scratching his throat raw as his thighs clench with every thrust.

“Did you…?” Hades swallows thickly, his sentence cut off by his mouth falling open as she gives a hard squeeze around his length. “Gods, jus’ like that, pet. Squeeze me nice and snug– tha’s it, kitten. So good for me, hm?”

Y/N nods vigorously, hands diving into the hair along his neck and she yanks him closer, noses nudging and breathing mingling. “So big, H. You’re so fucking big and it’s been so long and–”

Harry quiets her with one of his hands, his thumb sliding into the dip of her rough tongue. His gaze is trained on her face, watching as her eyes lull shut as she moans wetly around the digit.

“Suck for me. Can you do that?” Hades mumbles, biting onto his lower lip with fervor as she wraps her plump lips around the circumference of his finger.

“Mmm…” Y/N hums groggily and he can feel the tug of his skin in her mouth as she sucks excitedly, eyes fluttering open all wide and innocent.

“Shit, Y/N, just– just fuck me.” He whimpers brokenly, licking up her jaw to nibble at her left earlobe.

“Feels incredible…” She glubs over his thumb, tiny hiccups of pleasure bouncing against the far walls of the room with every hard slam Harry gives his hips. One of her hands fumbles with the one in her mouth, tugging at it weakly.

He lets her take it, watching as she presses it to her right breast, taking the same wet thumb and passing it over her nipple a couple of times. The shutter that racks her spine leaves her feeling lightheaded and airy, and she gives an encouraging hum. Harry adapts to her request, releasing his hard hold on the leg of the throne and using both hands to cup her chest, bringing them together and giving a long lap to each pebbled nipple. He uses his forefinger along with his thumb, tweaking the tiny nubs and staring at her, mesmerized by the face of sheer rapture her features mold into.

Hades leans down, pressing his warm, wet lips to her ear, his exhales causing her skin to grow red with need. “Did you touch yourself?”

Persephone hesitates for a second, and then nods bashfully.

He grins, humming with amusement. “How often?”

“Almost every night…” Her answer is soft and wistful, as if recalling a fond memory.

He teethes the curve of the shell of her ear, blowing on the wet patch it leaves. “Me too.”

She gasps gently as he gives a hard push and doesn’t relent back, keeping her on edge. The worn marble ground bites at his knees as he remains stationary, buried to the hilt inside her. His fingers pinch the buds of her breasts harder, his body in love with the way she thrashes against him.

“Sometimes I couldn’t sleep,” he continues, voice sultry and low, like blood-red velvet. “I would toss and turn all night, finally just laying on my stomach and staring at the tall headboard, all hot and hard. There would be nights where my hand just wasn’t good enough, so I’d grind my hips into the mattress, holding your pillow close so I could smell you as I did my best to come.”

Y/N’s breathing has gotten faster, her hips wiggling from side to side to try and pry her own pleasure from his unrelenting cock. He won’t move and she can feel him twitching inside her and she needs him to keep fucking her. But he won’t– he’s getting off way more from torturing her with his words.

“Harry, please. Wanna come…” Her eyes are swelling with tears from how destressed she’s grown, her hands grabbing his sharp jaw in her palms so she can force him to see how wrecked she is.

He simply smirks, ignoring her pleading. “Sometimes it would hit me while I was bathing. Those didn’t take as long though– the warm water helped a lot. I’d just rub one out nice and quick, leaning against the cold wall and gasping out your name, imagining your pretty little mouth taking me all the way in.”

Y/N is a shaking disaster, her hands hugging him to her so hard he was sure she was unknowingly tapping into her godly strength. Her gaze is set on the extravagant chandelier above them, all of the multicolored jewels embedded around different curved rails reflecting a kaleidoscope of shades onto their connected bodies. The flames of the candles on the source of light seem to grow dimmer, her eyesight getting more and more blurry by the second as she feels her release bubbling and churning at the pit of her stomach, clawing at anything it can get, which includes her ability to see straight. The cold floor against her backside suddenly becomes prominent, the contrasting temperatures making her head swim with ecstasy.

“Tell me about it.” Harry wraps one of his arms fully under her lower back, the other reaching up to stroke his knuckles against her cheekbone. He cups his fingers under chin and jaw, thumbing over her cheek and lips, infatuated with the ruby redness of her skin.

“I…I don’t–” Persephone begins weakly, shaking her head faster because she knows if she talks about it, she’ll implode entirely.

“Tell me, Y/N. Tell me how you fucked yourself with me in mind.” Hades slowly begins to push his hips back and forth again, euphoria inflating her muscles and causing her to yawp. “Just tell me and I’ll fuck you so hard, you won’t even remember what you said.”

She swallows heavily, mouth slightly agape with shallow inhales and exhales. Her eyes refuse to meet his, focusing on the intricate designs of the wall instead. “I…I used my fingers–”

He interrupts spontaneously, turning her head forward so that their eyes are level. “Look at me. Want you looking at me when you confess all of the naughty things you did.”

She just nods her head docilely, chewing on her bottom lip as he begins to speed up, toga draping down his body loosely with his hair flopping around and his tan skin simmering to the touch. He breathes in deeply, opening them with leisure. The look behind them is predatory with nothing but sheer lust.

“Go on, then. What’d my baby girl do without me beside her?”

“I used my fingers.” Y/N repeats quietly, eyes rolling back into her head as Harry suckles along the subtle dip of her collarbones. “And I–fuck, I…rubbed myself.”

He nods encouragingly, moving to bite down on her lower lip, pulling it away and allowing it to snap back into place. “You miss my mouth on you?”

She digs her nails harder into his back muscles, feeling them flex under her fingertips. “Yes. Wanted you doing it…”

“I’ll do one better.” Harry leans back onto his heels, grinding his hips so that his cock slicks in and out of her fast and hard. He places one arm behind him for balance, using the hand on the other to slap Y/N’s dripping clit. Her reaction is immediate, body arching off the ground as he forces her legs to stay down. He slaps faster, pinching every now and then and letting his head fall back, neck vein protruding across his clammy skin.

“Little longer, peach. Warm little cunt gonna make me come so hard. Gonna take all of me in there and love every drop, yeah?” Harry gives a particularly hard smack to her folds, grunting heavily as she cries out excitedly.

It doesn’t take long at all for her to release, body slumping into the cold, shiny ground with her brain floating around high above the ceiling with the chandelier. Harry coaxes her through it, falling forward again so that his forearms are on either side of her head as he presses his nose to the underside of her jaw, pooling light kisses and mumbling encouragement. His hair tickles her cheeks, the smell of cinnamon and sandalwood evading her nose and causing her to melt.

“Tha’s my girl. Squeeze fo’ me– little more, sweetheart, c'mon. Daddy’s got you.”

He rides out his own orgasm, gasping and mewling lightly as he feels his balls tightening and then release in a flush of warmth. He gasps out as he feels the first ribbon of come spurt out thickly, trickling into her steadily as he continues to fuck her limp body.

“Oh, Gods, I’m–oooh, fucking hell!” His eyes squeeze shut as his whole face crinkles in pleasure, a hand fisting her hair as his hips jerk spastically against her’s.

He slides the other hand under the backside of one of her knees, hiking it up until it’s at the level of her navel, opening her up fully to be filled completely. He sports a tiny, wistful smile, drunk off his climax as he nips across her chin and with each word, he thrusts the last couple of times. “So– fucking– hot.”

Harry pulls out slowly, hearing her whimper quietly at the sudden emptiness. He sees himself spilling out of Y/N and begins chuckling as if he were high off his ass, giggling against her chin and blinking up at her with shining, watery green irises, the tiny specks of gold winking like stars. “So full of me. Won’t be able to get me out of your veins for days. Y'smell like me already…”

He sneaks two fingers between her thighs, bringing them up to his mouth and licking at her dripping release. “So sweet fo’ me.”

“Need–” she swallows, moistening the sandpaper that is her throat and blinking the black spots from her sight. “Need a cool bath. And you and wine and cuddles.”

And who was he to deny her that? He pushes himself up onto wobbly feet, gaining stability soon enough. He adjusts his toga, clipping the emblem back together and tugging it loose around his legs. The sweat had really done a number on the silk cloth. Leaning down, he slides his arms under her back and legs, scooping her up bridal style. She wishes she could move, but she literally cannot feel her legs and she quite likes being a right “damsel in distress” for a little bit if it gets Harry to carry her up a flight of stairs and into a tub.

“You’re burning up and I don’t think it has to do with your godliness…” Harry coons playfully, voice echoing around the bathing chamber as he slips the soft shimmering fabric of her sleeves down her sweaty arms, kissing each of her shoulders gently. He buries his face in her neck as he eases her out of the dress fully, large hands coasting down her arms and around her waist to cup her bottom. He gives it a good squeeze, breaking into laughter when she gives a sudden jump. “Hundreds of years old and still got it.”

Y/N shoves his shoulder, glaring daggers at him as he shrugs it off like it’s nothing, attempting to hide his shit-eating grin. She dips into the cool, bubbling water of the obsidian tub, sinking down up to her nose.

Harry leans his shoulder against the chamber wall, a small, fond smile warming his lips. She stares up at him, blowing bubbles into the water and wiggling her eyebrows childishly.

He chuckles lightly. “Gods, I missed you. Don’t think I can express it enough.”

Y/N floats over and sits on the stone step that circles the inside circumstance of the small pool, patting the water next to her in a signal for him to join her.

“Can’t seem to stop getting me naked, can ya, love?” He unlaces his sandals, toeing them off as he undoes the golden rope around his waist that holds his toga to his body. He pulls the garment over his head, tossing it in the general direction of a marble bench.

He descends into the churning water, going under and paddling towards her. His head breaks the surface, hair matted to his neck and head, covering his face completely. Y/N pushes it back, revealing the silly face he’s making underneath. She draws him closer, sponging her lips to his nose and giggling as he scoops her into his lap, head cuddling against his strong chest.

Hades’ chin rests atop Persephone’s wet hair as he caresses her back, feeling his heart swell in his chest. The couple sit there for a while, naked bodies pressed together, yet there is nothing sexual about it anymore. It’s innocent and sweet, filled with stories about their time apart and splash fights and Harry’s stupid jokes that Y/N rolls her eyes at but secretly loves. And Harry sits there, staring down at her laughing face with her nose scrunched up and her teeth showing and he knows he would never stop loving her.

Not in a thousand years, which he freely has to spare.


A/N: ahhhHHHHHH HADES HARRY IS MY FAVORITE THING. I hope you guys like this! I haven’t been writing much lately and I apologize for that but I’m trying to get back into a routine of it :-) thank you so much for reading and for your patience and support and feel free to drop by my inbox with opinions❤️☺️

- Andrea :)

Daisy Tattoo

One shot

Harry walked in to the room, his knuckles sore and bleeding from just punching the kid who tried to trip him. His body covered with tattoos, piercings and all black attire, along with his tall and broad build didn’t help when he walked into the room. Everyone coward back.

Then he saw her, and his facial expression softened. The girl he had a crush on for years, but never had the courage to go up to, scared of getting rejected. She dropped her bag, and he saw it as his chance.
“Hey, you uh, dropped this…”

She shook her head nervously, taking in his appearance. He looked mean, looked like he could hurt her, and she took a step back. Her soft brown curls fell in front of her face as she hesitantly reached for the bag. “Thank you.” She mumbled, gently taking it. Her fingers brushed against his hand.

Harry’s face turned sad, realizing her reaction already. He knew he shouldn’t have gone up to her.
“I’m not going to hurt you. I just wanted to hand you your bag.” He said quietly before turning around to walk out of the door. He felt a bit hurt, because he had thought maybe she would be different and not judge based off of his appearance.

Her face fell. “Wait.” She stiffened, following behind him. She gently touched his back, insisting he turn to face her. “Thank you. For my, uh, bag.”

Harry stiffened as she touched him, turning around.
“It’s not a problem.” He said quietly, smiling slightly before walking out the door. He knew he would see her again later in the day.

She let her hand stay in the air for a moment before letting it drop to her side. She had messed things up.
She made her way to her next class, taking her seat near the back of the class, and she pulled out her notebook.


Harry felt weird. He knew that he shouldn’t be upset with her reaction, that he was kind of scary but he wanted her to like him. He didn’t think he was ugly, and maybe he was a bit mean to some people but he was nice to her. Even tried to pick up her bag for her. He wanted to get to know her. So he walked to his next class, coming in a bit late after smoking a cigarette and sat in the only free seat, which happened to be next to her.

She didn’t look up when he came in. She continued to draw a small, terrible sketch of an octopus on a small sheet of notebook paper, pushing her glasses up on her face. The faint smell of cigarettes lingered next to her, and she glanced up, seeing Harry. She cocked her head slightly.

“I didn’t know you were in this class.” She said softly, biting her lip gently.

Harry looked up at her slowly. Why was she talking to him?

“I don’t, usually. But I got in trouble so.” He shrugged, twirling the pencil in his hand. His other hand took his phone out of his pocket, and played on it quietly.

She nodded, looking down at his phone, then up at his face. Why has she never noticed him before? He was attractive. His eyelashes fanned across his cheeks while he stared down his phone. She had hurt his feelings, which meant he wasn’t as bad as she thought he originally was. He had feelings. That’s a start.

“Can I help you?” He smirked, looking at her. She was blatantly staring at him, and he loves it. He loved being the center of her attention, wanted it more. She was quiet, innocent and that’s what he liked about her.

She blushed immediately, looking at him still. “Your phone number would be nice.” She blurted out, not meaning to have said it out loud. Her cheeks went darker and she shook her head.

“I mean your phone is nice.” She rushed in an attempt to cover up what she had said. She looked back at her paper, continuing to nervously scribble.

Harry’s eyes widened and he chuckled. So she thought he was attractive? That was definitely a good thing.

“Are you sure? You have the same phone as me…” He trailed off motioning to the phone on her desk. But to shave her embarrassment, he continued “you can have my number if you’d like. I wouldn’t mind having yours either.”

She hesitantly nodded, taking her phone into her hand. “You want my phone number?”

“If you’d give it to me.” He said quietly, smiling at her. He wanted it VERY badly but he didn’t want to seem desperate.

She smiled at him, holding out her hand, and she set her phone on his desk. “I’ll just put mine in, if that’s alright?” She put hers in, her contact name popping up as “Y/N💖”

“Sure.” He responded, taking her phone and putting in ‘Harry’ as his contact name. Handing back her phone, their hands touched again and a spark went though them. “Shit sorry!”

She gasped slightly, nearly dropping his phone. “It’s okay.” She mumbled, suddenly feeling nervous. She slid her phone into the back pocket of her skinny jeans and she looked back down at her notepad.

Harry smiled at her, looking at her doodles.
“So you’re an artist, are ha?” He teased gently.

She laughed quietly, pushing her glasses up her nose. “Not really.” She didn’t talk much, but she didn’t want to be rude and ignore him completely. “I just doodle when I’m bored.” The drawings on the page were beautiful; small flowers covered almost every spot, except for a dark scribble where she had previously been drawing.

“Well I wish I could doodle as well as that.” He said in awe. It truly was gorgeous. “I can barely draw a stick figure.”

“For not being able to draw, you have a lot of tattoos.” She said softly, taking her lip between her teeth.

Harry got a bit self conscious at that, pulling down his sleeves. Did she think they were ugly?

“I um… I like art. And they all have meanings so.” He said quietly

She noticed him cover his arms and she uncomfortable did the same, tugging at her sleeves. “I love tattoos.” She said honestly, smiling gently. “I only have one though.”

“Really? Where is it?” He asked curiously. She didn’t seem like the type to like tattoos.

“It’s, uh..” She played with her sleeve a bit. “It’s under my breast.” She mumbled, blushing slightly.

Harry’s imagination went wild at that, wanting to see it right this minute. But he didn’t say that, of course.
“Oh, nice. What is it of?”

“Flowers.” She said, looking down at her hands. “It’s a red rose and a black rose.”

“You must really like flowers.” He grinned, gesturing to her paper. “I have a rose as well, but it’s black and white.” He said, pulling up his sleeve to show his rose.

She grinned. “I got them for my aunt. She liked flowers. What’s the meaning behind your rose?”

“Beauty. That there is still beauty in life, even when things are really ugly.” He said, tracing the tattoo gently, remembering how he explained to most other people how he just thought it looked cool. But he had told her the truth.

Her breath hitched in her throat as his finger traced the small flower. She ached for that feeling on her own flowers. She looked into his eyes, smiling gently. “I like that. A lot.”

“Thanks.” I smile. “If you ever felt like it, you could design me a flower tattoo. I’ve wanted to get some more.” He said. He aches for her to touch his skin, to draw and color in designs on him.

“Would you really let me?” She asked quietly, looking down at her paper. Her hands skimmed the pages, flipping to a specific page she had dog eared.

“Okay, promise me you won’t think I’m insane for thinking this, but this would look wonderful on your skin.” It was a small daisy, but all of the petals had fallen off and they had began to wilt. She blushed. “It’s not very good, but.. it would look nice.”

“Of course. I think it would look great. ” he smiled. He wanted a part of her on his skin. Even if their friendship or relationship, went no where. Because she was a part of his thoughts for a long time. “You’re welcome to draw on me any time.”

“How about today?” She blurted out, but not regretting it this time. “If that’s okay, I mean. Like. Yeah. Is that alright?” She fidgeted with her sleeves, blushing. “You could just take the bus home with me.” She said with a small laugh, embarrassed that she didn’t drive.

“I’d love that. But we can just take my car.” He smiled, inside his stomach was going nuts with butterflies. He was going to feel her draw and touch her skin, for probably a while. And he wanted nothing more.

She laughed. “I forgot most teens drive.” She said with a nod. She looked over at the clock, Gathering her things. “I have to go to my locker. I’m not sure where your car is.”

“I’ll just come with you.” He smiled. He already knew were her locker was but she didn’t have to know that. He was too excited right now.
“I can carry your bag if you want?”

She suddenly became slightly nervous. What would people think of her if they saw her walking with him? She was a straight A student, never having even kissed a boy, and now she was going to have Harry at her house. Most likely alone in her room.

“I got it, it’s fine.” She stood up as the bell rang, carrying her bag, and she struggled slightly to carry her textbooks.

Harry felt her mood shift and became self conscious as well.
“Um, if you don’t want to be seen with me, it’s fine. I’ll just go to my car. It’s at the back of the lot. The black Range Rover.” He said uncomfortable, walking out the door.

She paused, immediately feeling bad. “Harry.” She said quietly, hoping he heard her.

“Yes?” He stopped and looked at her expectantly.

“Please walk with me.” She said softly, fidgeting. “And carry my book?” She held it out to him, smiling.

Harry smirked and grabbed her book bag, walking out next to her. People were staring but he just glared at them, moving closer to her.

She moved closer to him, their sides touching slightly, and she walked with him to her locker. The boy next to her locker shoved her slightly, mumbling something about her being in the way 'as always, stupid Girl.’ and she ignored it, opening her locker.

“Excuse me? What the fuck did you just say? And did you just touch her?” Harry grunted, pushing Her behind him gently.

She gasped quietly, grabbing the back of his jacket. “Let it be, love.” She said calmly. The guy chuckled. “Fuck off, yeah?” He walked away, and she grabbed Harry’s arm so he didn’t move. “It’s alright. He does it every day.”

“Does he? He won’t anymore.” Harry said, angry that anyone would touch a girl, let alone her like that. “I’m walking you to your classes from now own.” He said. “Now are you ready?”

She blushed heavily, loving the attention he was giving her. She put her things away, grabbing her small cardigan, and she put it on, though it was nearly snowing outside. “Yeah, I’m ready.” She said with a nod.

“C'mon.” He said, putting his arm around her shoulders. She walked with him, leaning into his body as they stepped outside, feeling the cold air hit her skin.

He walked over to his car, people avoiding being in their path and opened the passenger door for her, helping her in. “There we go, love.” He smiled at her lightly before running over to the drivers side and getting in.

She buckled her belt, smiling to herself. She checked her phone, sending a quick text to her mom. 'Don’t be alarmed, a boy is coming over for school work.’

Harry drove out of the parking lot quickly. “Where am I going, darling?”

“75 east street.” She said softly, blushing at the name. “Do you know where that is at?”

“Yeah, I don’t like too far from there.” He smiled gently. The drive was quiet, but comfortably quiet. The soft music from the radio in the background. He pulled up the her house and shut off the car. “Here we are.”

She smiled, climbing out of his car, and she walked to him. “Alright, so my mom is home. She’s nice, but she might talk to you a lot.” She walked them to the door, opening it quietly. “Mom, I’m home, I brought a friend.”

I walk in and smile at your mom. “It’s nice to meet you, miss. I’m Harry.”

She was at first taken back by your appearance, drying the dish in her hand, but she grinned at your politeness. “Hi, I’m Clara.” She held out her hand, holding the dish and throwing the towel over her shoulder. “I can trust you two with the door shut, correct? Dinner will be ready at 6 if you’d like to stay.” She smiled at how her mom reacted, and she nodded. “Yeah, mom. We’re just gonna work on school work.”

He was relieved that she didn’t freak out and judge him solely based on his appearance. He waved goodbye as She lead him to her room. He walked in slowly and looked around, impressed. “You have a nice room.”

She smiled, shutting the door behind him. “Thank you.” Small lights were around her room, leaving the small bedroom with a reddish light. Drawings and posters covered the walls, and she motioned to the bed. “You can sit if you’d like. Do you have an idea where you’d get it?” She blushed, hoping it was somewhere covered by clothing.

“Maybe some flowers on my shoulder or arm. What do you think?” He asked. He just knew he wanted a tattoo designed by her.

“Uh, I was actually thinking your hip.” She said, sitting on the edge of her mattress.

“Yeah? I like that. Doodle away.” He smiled, tugging his shirt up a bit. The thought of her hands on his hip and lower stomach making his stomach clench, but he controlled himself.

She grabbed a sharpie pen from her bedside table and took the cap off. “I was thinking a bit lower, like near the bone more.” She said softly, her fingers touching his skin carefully. She gently pushed the waist of his jeans down an inch and smiled. “Yeah, here.” Slowly, she started to draw a small flower.

Harry shivered a bit, her hands we’re warm and the sharpie was cold. But it felt good, comforting to him. He closed his eyes at first, enjoying the feeling before opening them and watching her draw. She was cute, her tongue sticking out and eyebrows furrowed as she concentrated.
“It’s looking good.”

“You’re looking good.” She said calmly, feeling relaxed. She paused, realizing what she said. “Sorry.” She said, chuckling. “Thank you, though. Daisies are my favorite flower.”

“Well thank you.” He smirked, but he knew what she meant. “You’re very talented you know? Most people can’t draw for shit.”

She blushed. “Thank you. My aunt taught me to draw when I was really young, and I continued after she passed away.” She shrugged, continuing to carefully taint his skin with her jet black marker.

“She did an amazing job.” He murmured. “I think it will be my favorite tattoo.” He said truthfully.

She smiled brightly, glancing up at him. “I’m all finished.”

He looked down and smiled. “Holy shit… It’s amazing.” He was in awe of it. It looked lifelike, like a real daisy was pressed to his hip. “I’m going to get it tattooed on when I leave.” He said still staring at it. “Do you have any more you think would look good?”

She blushed heavily. “Uh, I could think of something. Do you have a different spot?”

“Everywhere is a free spot if it’s not inked.” He said. “Hey, could I see yours?” Harry asked, remembering she had one.

She immediately paused, frowning a bit. “Do, uh, do you want to see a picture of it?” She asked, blushing. “Or the actual thing?”

“Actual thing, if that’s alright.” He said, hoping she would show him. God, he wanted to see more of her so badly.

She nodded, standing up. “Yeah.. that’s fine.” Carefully, she lifted up her shirt, the pink of her bra peeking out. She lifted the bra, part of her breast showing. “I got it last May.”

Harry cursed internally, seeing her body which made him excited. “It’s gorgeous, he murmured, leaning forward so he could get a better look.

She watched him carefully. "Thank you.” She whispered, her body buzzing as he got closer.

“Can I touch it?” He asked quietly, not wanting to scare her but desperately wanting to touch it.

“Please do.” She whispered. She let her eyes close, her long curls falling in front of her face.

He gently touched her tattoo, his other hand resting on her hip so he could pull her closer. His fingers gently touched and traced the flowers. “Gorgeous…” He murmured. Not only talking about the tattoo.

She felt her skin tingle. “Harry..” She whispered, her eyes barely open as she looked down at him.

“Yeah?” He smirked, fingers tracing her skin gently. He knew she was enjoying it, and he sure as hell was.

“I’ve never kissed anyone.” She said quietly.

He stood up, turning her to face him. His hands caressed her cheeks, thumb smoothing over her cheekbone lightly.
“Do you want to?”

She nodded, feeling his touch on her ribs though it was already gone. “Yes.”

He leaned in slowly, ghosting his lips over hers, before connecting their lips gently. Pulling away, he pecked them a few times before molding his lips to hers a bit deeper.
She carefully kissed back, one of her hands moving to his hip, the other holding his bicep as their lips moved together.
He kissed her carefully, but deeply, putting his feelings into the kiss. Slowly dragging his tongue over her bottom lip to ask permission to taste her.

She pulled away gently, blushing. Her heart raced as she looked down. “I don’t know what to do.” She said.

“It’s easy, baby. Just copy what I do.” He said, nudging his nose against hers, coaxing her to kiss him again.

She pressed their lips back together, taking his bottom lip between her lip. He slipped his tongue into her mouth gently, swirling around her tongue, waiting for her to copy his movements. She let out a soft moan involuntarily, mimicking what Harry did, moving the hand from his arm to his shoulder.

One of his hands moved from her face to wrap around her waist, pulling her closer when he heard her little moan, their tongues playing gently. She pulled away slightly, her eyes staring into his. Her hand ran through his curls, biting her lip.

“You taste good, petal.” He said quietly, resting out the new nickname. She tasted like spun sugar, his favorite thing. She blushed heavily. “Thank you.” She hesitantly pulled him closer to her. “Is it bad that I want more than kissing?” She nervously asked.

“No, not at all.” He smiled, sitting down and tugging her on top of his lap so she was straddling him. “What do you want, baby?” Harry asked, kissing her neck.

She carefully moved her hair, gasping slightly. “Th-that.” She mumbled. “That feels really nice.”

“Like this?” He smirked against her neck, trailing light kissed up and down the smooth skin of her neck. She made a soft noise, her hips moving against his accidentally. “Y-yes.”

“Shit..” He groaned as her hips rolled into his. He kept kissing until he found the spot that made her shiver, licking it gently before sucking on it, marking her up gently.
She let out a quiet moan, feeling her skin heat up. “Harry, I don’t like being on top.”

“That’s not a problem.” He said smugly, flipping them over so that he hovered on top of her.
“Is that better baby?” He teased, grinding his hips into hers.

She gasped, her eyes falling closed as she nodded. “Kiss me.” She mumbled, pulling his shirt so his body was pressed to hers. He leaned down and kissed her hard, tongue exploring her mouth. He moaned as her hands rugged on his hair, and he pulled away from her.

“You’re so fùcking beautiful, you know that?” He panted before diving right back in to kiss her again.
She let out a soft groan, moving her mouth to his neck, carefully sucking on the skin. Her hand tangled in his loose curls as she left small marks on his skin.

“That’s it angel. Just like that.” He groaned softly, grinding his hips into hers gently. It felt so good, he’d been wanting this for a while.

She continued before she let out another soft moan, her head falling back against the pillow. “Harry.” She moaned out, her eyes opening to look at him.
“What baby?” He smirked against her skin. “Tell me what you want.”
“You.” She mumbled, attempting to raise his shirt from his body.

“You sure?” He asked as he let her pull his shirt off. “We don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“Not.. not all the way.” She said quietly. “I don’t really know what there is to do.”

“I’ve got something in mind. Trust me, okay?” He asked, his hands playing with the button of her pants.
She nodded, watching him. She propped herself up on her elbows.

He slid her pants down her legs, kissing her stomach softly. His hands reached into her panties, fingers rubbing small circles on her clit gently.
“How’s this feel?”

She let her eyes close, her breath falling from her lips in small pants. “Mm.” She mumbled, moaning.

His other hand trailed up to her breasts, squeezing lightly. He kissed up her body, planting wet kisses all over her chest. Harry moved the cup of her bra down and took one of her nipples into his mouth, teasing it lightly.
She moaned at the pleasure flowing through her body, something she had never felt before. Her hand stayed tangled in his hair, the other hand gripping hard at the sheet.

He released her breast, moving his mouth to the other one. “How does it feel baby girl?”
She was unable to speak, pleasure coursing through her. Small moans escaped her mouth as she felt her body heat up, realizing she was close.

“Don’t cum yet baby, we haven’t even gotten to the best part.” He teased, sliding down her body and taking off her panties slowly. He looked up at her as he slowly licked a stripe up her heat, before his tongue went to play with her clit.

Her thighs shook as he continued, causing her to cry out in pleasure. “Harry.” She moaned, her hand tugging hard at his hair. “Oh my god.” Her body arching slightly.

He hummed against her, loving the taste as he kicked up her again before attaching his lips to her clit, sucking lightly while his tongue swirled around it, making her whimper.
She let out a soft moan of his name as she came, her body lifting from the bed as she attempted to close her legs.

Harry let her ride out her orgasm, her hips bucking into his face and legs closing around his head, but he loved it. Pulling his mouth away when she got too sensitive, he crawled back up to her face, caressing her cheeks gently. “How did that feel, baby?”

She hummed in response, turning onto her side and she hid her face. “Good.” She said, embarrassed. No one had ever seen her naked before, and everything had happened so suddenly.

“Hey, hey it’s alright. You don’t need to be embarrassed. You’re gorgeous.” He soothed her gently, kissing her cheeks.

Callie smiled, her nose scrunching. “Tell me the meaning of this tattoo.” She said, pointing to a random one on his arm.

She pointed to the small A on his arm. “It’s for my mum. He first name starts for an A.” He smiled at her. She looked gorgeous, flushed cheeks and swollen lips. He could get used to this view.

She smiled. “That’s really sweet. What about that one?"She pointed to the bird cage.
"It’s about not letting life cage you in.”

She leaned into his body, her bra slightly risen so her tattoo was visible. “What does yours mean, petal?” He ask, tracing it again slowly.

She slightly froze, her head resting against his chest. “Uh.. well, my aunt really liked flowers.” She said quietly, my voice quivering a bit. “And, uh, well roses are used to show beauty. She was beautiful until the end.” She mumbled, tears welling in her eyes.

“Oh, baby.” He frowned, his fingers brushing under her eyes to catch the tears. “I’m sure she was. I bet she was gorgeous, and if she had anything to do with how you are, she was incredible.”

“She was my best friend.” Callie said quietly, her hair falling around her. “She designed the tattoo when I was a kid, but she wasn’t allowed to get it.”
“So you got it for her.” He finished. He laid down next to her, pulling on her pants in case someone walked in. “That’s a beautiful message.”

She smiled sadly, nodding. “She wanted it more than anything.” She pulled her shirt down and handed him his shirt, and lied back down.

“You’re a real sweetheart, you know that?” He turned his head to look at her, admiring her beautiful face, and soul.

(Co written with @yourfavoriteshirt )
Galaxy Lube
By Organization for Transformative Works

Zayn accidentally sends his nudes to Professor Horan, whom he may or may not be in love with.

Written By:  brokenstereotype

oneshot + university/au + student!teacher

Note: Good god. I’m choking on how fantastic this was, wrapped in a neat stack. I want more. I need the date. I need Zayn to be courted and be the cheesy rom-com movie boyfriend he is destined to be.

You people are killing me with your canon inserts. Fuck. I see all.

:: stutter

- Kendra

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Fanfic Fridays

fire for a heart by brainwaves:  Louis and Harry meet in a club. In the beginning, everything that could go wrong does go wrong. (12,161 words, Larry, AU, enemies to friends to lovers, pining, fluff and angst, mild smut, b!Harry, mature)

Cool for Cats by rockinaintnowalkinthepark:  There’s Louis, there’s Harry, and there’s the lovingly and fittingly named Trash-Cat (formerly known as Lucifer). (23,763 words, Larry, AU, drug use, asexual relationship, not rated)

please don’t be in love with someone else by wildestdreams:  The one where Harry and Louis are neighbors and there’s a lot of overthinking, misunderstandings, Backstreet Boys sing alongs, embarrassing moments in the hallway, and pining. They somehow still make it work. (18,419 words, Larry, AU, pining, fluff, light angst, b!Louis, explict)

It all comes out in the wash by Conscious_ramblings:  Harry and Louis are flatmates at uni. In the month they have lived in halls, Harry has found lacy underwear in his laundry four times. At first he thought it was an innocent mistake. The second time he was just confused. The third time he started to sense a pattern. And when Louis walks in on him just after he discovers the fourth pair, well that’s when everything changes. (3,347 words, Larry, AU, pwp, lingerie, fluff, explicit)

we’re still going, eight in the morning by nooelgallagher, yoursongonmyheart: The one where Harry owns a bakery, Louis is a radio DJ, and Niall and Liam roll their eyes at their incessant flirting. (31,939 words, Larry, AU, fluff and smut, phone sex, masturbation, light D/s, explicit)

gadgets and gizmos a plenty by scagnetism: The one where Louis has a yard sard…sale. (1,889 words, Larry, AU, fluff, humor, not rated)

The Shirt You Hate by isthatyoularry:  At thirty years old, Louis is past halfway to becoming a billionaire, and he needs to find the one. He literally stumbles upon his university sweetheart. (15,890 words, Larry, AU, love/hate, banter, side Sophiam, mature)

never gonna dance again by togetherwecouldbealright:  Louis is a spy and Harry is a dancer. The only real thing they know is each other. (55,629 words, Larry, AU, fluff, smut, angst, b!Harry, dancer!Harry, spy!Louis, side Sophiam, side Niall/Barbara, mature)
Darling, Watch Me Gasp
By Organization for Transformative Works

Niall has been warned a thousand times not to go near him, but something tells him that Zayn maybe isn’t as bad as he seems, and he can’t help but melt every time the leather-clad bastard gives him one of his rare smiles.

Or Niall is a good boy from Ireland and should be listening to his best friend and staying away from boys like Zayn, but apparently his sanity has gone out the window. Zayn sleeps with anything he finds beautiful and is a little too honest for his own good. Harry takes far too many drugs to escape the badness in the world. Louis just wants to love Harry. And Liam just wants to strangle them all.

Written By: Phillipa19

chaptered/wip + university/au + mature

Note: When your brain warns you that you should stay away from wip fics. But your heart tells you that this is the best friends with benefits you’ve ever read and the drama is going to make you cry. /shot/

- Kendra
(When In Doubt) Break Boundaries
By Organization for Transformative Works

In a world of sharp angles and cold emotion, Zayn Malik sits right at the top. Hand-plucked out of university and thrown onto the literal catwalk, there’s a certain sense of pride that comes in owning the stage. It’s also a world where everything is set in black and white; no questions, no grey areas, no ‘rocking the boat’, as they say.

And of course, Simon has to ruin that. Because apparently emotionless is out and “vibey” is in. Apparently Niall Horan is “vibey”.

Zayn hates him.

Written By:  teaandtumblr

chaptered + modern/au + photographer!model

Note: YES!! I’ve been dying for a story with them starting at one far point on the map and making it all the way to the other end. Weaving flawlessly and not staying at one point for half of it. Brilliant. Also the foreshadowing in this made me gasp excessively. 

Their banter and constant character development. Man. It digs deep [into my chest where my heart once was]. I honestly haven’t felt so happy about an ending in so so long. 

:: color, life in technicolor ii, no way, tightroperun away with me

- Kendra
You'll Never Treat Yourself Right, Darling

After being in an abusive relationship Niall takes his son to London for a new start. Four years later everything was going all right until he runs into a certain Bradford man that turns his world upside down.

Written By: Ziall_LarryForever

chaptered + domestic/au + mpreg

Note: Okay. So I don’t ever read mpreg all that often but this story is just too damn good. Long and chaptered domestic Zayn&Niall abode for you to awe over. Filled with oodles of drama.

- Kendra
You're My Road Walking Me Home

After placing 4th on the X Factor, 16-year-old Niall Horan gets signed by Syco and finds his popularity rising constantly. 21-year-old ex-boxer Zayn Malik becomes his bodyguard and wants to keep their relationship strictly business, but that’s harder than expected when Niall turns out to be much less annoying and much cuter than he’d thought.

Written By: kissingziall

chaptered + life/au + famous!boxer

Note: WOW. You do not know how long I have been dying to post this. Pia is phenomenal. Please go do yourself a favor and read this, blissfully heart warming story.

- Kendra
Sweet Thunder and An Unromantic Hiatus
By Organization for Transformative Works

In which aspring superstar niall and aspiring artist zayn meet at a party, create a list, which becomes their ticket to fame, and fall in love along the way

Written By:  magesticturtles

oneshot + university/au + artist!musician

Note: Really, honestly, truly. I adore everything about this from the main concept to the smallest details. Once you get get midway it gets hilarious which I appreciate highly by the way.

- Kendra