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This was a work on progress, and I HAVE 2 WOUNDED FINGERS BECAUSE OF THIS AND I REGRET NOTHING KJLRFNKLV I wanted to draw Sangwoo but I don’t want more blood lol (I still need my fingers to study ;;)

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shout out to Sonja who got dumped by her boyfriend of 4 years (!!!) for another guy, but who still found it in her to unconditionally support him and, after one slip into ugliness, sincerely apologized to isak and continued being there for even by giving totally rad advice to his new partner.
like, what level of maturity. what a boss.


Is there an AU where the bros discover the fandom on AO3 yet? No? Well….

It has to be Gladio who discovers it all first, because he’s bored, and he ran out of books to read on the trip. The first thing he clicks on is the fic with his name and also mentions Cup Noodles in the tags because fuck yeah, he loves himself and Cup Noodles, damn this is gonna be a good one.

“The Flavor of Love” by Illuso. He regrets his life immediately, because this is a fic about him just…. fucking a cup of noodles. So the rest of the guys sees him dying in the back seat of the Regalia, muttering something about how the idea behind the story was enough to give him Starscourge, and Prompto’s curiosity gets the better of him, and he decides to look up this “Archive of Our Own” on his phone.

Of course, the MT!Prompto hashtag is what catches his eye and the life drains out of him, because what have the guys read about him? So he clicks the most promising one, with the description saying “tons and tons of character backstory”. It’s “Heavy Metals” by LadyProto, and wayyy too long for Prompto to read in full. He skips to the last chapter, skims it, and– “What the fuck.”

“Quicksilver followed Ardyn to the throne, scuttling cockroach-like in the wake of his footsteps.” He blinks for a minute then locks the screen on his phone.

“Not a cockroach, not a cockroach,” Prompto mutters to himself in a silent prayer, obviously scarred by the image and terrified that this would even be a thing. “Wasn’t made to be a cockroach.”

Noctis didn’t care at first, but now that Prompto is whispering to himself, in a fetal position, and muttering something about cocks, he absolutely had to see what this was all about. Now he’s sitting there all smug, because the top fanfic, with the most kudos is a Prompto Argentum/Noctis Lucis Caelum fic: “once more, like it’s our last” by bellpickle. He isn’t even done the first chapter, and it’s a short chapter, and his smirk is already wiped clean and he’s reading the whole damn thing like no tomorrow. 

So a few minutes later, and the boys still haven’t grown the fuck up, and Ignis stops the car to tell them to get out, because Prompto won’t stop rocking himself back and forth in his seat, the future King of Lucis is giving his phone water damage by literally crying on it, and Gladio is still trying to reassure himself that there’s no wrong way to love Cup Noodles. 

The moment they step out of the car, these kids explode on their squad mom.

“Ignis, he-he doesn’t want to marry me. I’m gonna die, he’s gonna die, we’re all gonna die, and he doesn’t want to marry me.”

“Iggy, please take tangerines out of your recipes. I never want to see a tangerine ever again. I’m begging you.”

“Ig, would you still love me if I fucked a cup of noodles?”

Ignis deadpans, and figures the best solution is to give them a fic that would un-traumatize them. Antidotes are made from the poison, after all. Ever the mature one, he takes out his phone, dodges the angst tag like a boss, avoids any Rape/Non-Con warnings like he does with daemons at night, and filters out anything rated Mature or worse, because these three are anything but mature.

He decides on “Running Down a Dream” by @tenshinokorin because thank the Astrals it’s rated T, and has the heaven-sent “time wasting nonsense” tag, because that’s definitely what is going on right now. And it’s 28 chapters, and if they don’t stop internally dying by the end of the 28th, he swears he’s going to cut into their finances and use up some curatives.

Ignis sits them all down by the road, bedtime story style, and it went by exactly as Ignis expected. Prompto is still laughing about the oodles of noodles chapter and it’s only helped Gladio to recover from the Cup Noodles fic. Noctis fell asleep, a cheeky smile plastered to his face, right after the chapter where he gets his magical first kiss with Prompto. No one expected him to stay awake until the very end anyways. Then they reach chapter 22, and it’s all about  Ignis’ deepest and darkest phobia. Ignis trails off after a couple paragraphs, wakes Noctis up, and proceeds to sit in the back of the Regalia downing can after can of Ebony and hoping the all the energy he’s drinking would buzz the images of leeches (and the entirety of this day, along with the many MPreg tags) straight out of his memory. :D

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How do you know if you're in love or not. I know she makes my heart melt and every time I think of her I can't help but blush and smile. How can I differentiate from liking someone or loving them? Also how should I figure out if she already has a girlfriend?

Kyoya: A budding romance, hm~?

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Tamaki: Ah, love! A beautiful princess has stolen your heart, has she? Does she take your breath away with a glance? Do you find yourself daydreaming about her? Do you want to spend time with her and protect her and support her? Do you want to give her the finest clothes money can buy? Do you -

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Twins:  *interrupting Tamaki*  want to smooch her~?

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Haruhi: What are you guys, five? Real, mature.

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Kaoru: But seriously, that sounds like how you react to Haruhi, boss.

Tamaki: What?! That is different, that’s a…familial love! Why wouldn’t I think that way about my precious daughter?

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Kyoya: You do tend to spend more of you waking hours in dreams, rather than reality. Although I believe Hikaru is guilty of this occasionally, as well.

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Hikaru:  WHAT?!?!  I don’t think of Haruhi like that?  She’s our toy, nothing else!  Yeah it’s fun to mess with her, and dress her up as a girl, but that’s totally unrelated… 

Kaoru: Very convincing, Hika.  

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Tamaki:  Mother, those nasty perverts are insinuating horrible things about me and my baby girl!  AND HIKARU IS THE WORST OF ALL!!!!  *brain melting; gross sobbing*

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Kyoya:  There, there, Tamaki.  You had to face this one day… 

Honey: Sorry, it looks like Tama-chan and the others are distracted. But to find out if someone has a girlfriend or boyfriend, you should just ask! Isn’t that right, Takashi?

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Mori: *nods*

Honey: It sounds like you like her enough to try, so you’ll have time to work out your feelings as you hang out together more!

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Haruhi: That’s pretty insightful, Honey-senpai. And apologies anon for the others. I’m not sure why you’d want their input anyway, they’re pretty clueless when it comes to that kind of thing…

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Honey and Mori: *looks at Haruhi in disbelief*

Haruhi: Hm? Did I say something?

Honey: …No, nothing, Haru-chan! Anyway, good luck, Anon!

One of my favorite kinds of rusame is when they’re cute nerds who sneak out from under their bosses’ noses like (im)mature idiots and disappear off the radar to go vacationing and cuddle. Like Alfred would totally be the guy to climb up a tree (ladder would be too easy) and tap at Ivan’s window at night and they’d sneak off to de-stress, and Ivan would casually rearrange Alfred’s schedule so they’d have a week to themselves.

I love how mature Rapmon is. He took Bobby’s diss, responded like a boss and dropped it. People need to understand rappers diss each other all the time and it’s just a part of the hip hop culture. Your oppas aren’t going to kill each other, they’re just testing each other’s true skill because competition brings out the best in people.