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Make Him Want to Sin by QuickedWeen (9.5k)

The stranger’s sharp gaze landed on him immediately, the eye contact shattering through Harry’s defenses. For the first time in his life, Harry had an instantaneous reaction to someone. The man stared him down at him with interest, like he wanted to take Harry apart and put him back together again, piece by piece. Harry wanted that more than anything, and he wanted it right now. It took every ounce of strength he had ever possessed to not drop down to his knees instinctively.

All from one glance.

Harry is a curatorial assistant at the London Museum of Natural History, on the day of the big annual gala he catches a glimpse of someone unexpected.

Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Nick Grimshaw, Niall Horan, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Lottie Tomlinson, Tommy Napolitano, Dan Deakin
Additional Tags: Lust at First Sight, Flirting, Sexual Tension, Museums, Fundraisers, Jealous Harry, Curator Harry, Trustee Louis, Office Sex, Sneaking Around, Dirty Talk
I Need Somebody (to Love Me Blue) - beautifulou - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: beautifulou (aka me)

Chapters: 1/?

Fandom: One Direction (Band)

Rating: Not Rated

Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Gemma Styles, Zayn Malik, Nick Grimshaw

Additional Tags: First fic so idk what to tag um?, Infantilism, Age Play, Smut, Angst, Fluff, Light BDSM, Daddy Kink, Bottom Harry, Top Louis, Baby Harry, Daddy Louis, Porn With Plot, Alternate Universe - High School, harry is really needy, Domestic Fluff, Dom/sub, Not an American AU but idk the correct british terms for like high school and shit so, Alternate Universe, Soulmates, really nervous about posting here bc all these writers are aMAZING, so… please be nice to me, Threesome - M/M/M, at some point probs

Summary: Harry tugged on his daddy’s hand, admiring the tattoos that littered his wrist, “daddy, are you awake?”

Louis smiled with his eyes closed, feeling someone’s fingers try to pry open his eyelid, “no.”

The curly haired little giggled from his spot beside his daddy, and kissed his nose. His cheeks felt like they were burning from the inside out. His daddy always made him blush.

“Hiiii, daddy!”

“Hey, baby,” Louis’ groggy, morning voice greeted, “I just had the weirdest dream that a small, little monster was tugging at my face.”

“Not a monster! Was me,” Harry launched himself at his daddy’s chest, and cuddled deep against him.

A perfect place for the trail of kisses 💋💏👅
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anonymous asked:

Why do some fans think that being sexually attracted to one of the boys is like the worst sin one can commit? This is such a childish and prudish way of thinking.

Because it’s something women have long been shamed for, being attracted to any male who they’re a fan of. So  a Beatles fan as a woman would be mocked, a female football fan is mocked, female fans of serious actors are mocked. So because women being attracted to men is apparently the worst thing in the world and shows they’re incapable of being “true” fans of a thing, Larries/tinhats mock female fans for being “disgusting heterosexuals” who don’t know how to keep themselves contained.

That’s why tinhatting is so useful, because you can graphically describe in casual posts, headcannons, fanfic, fanart, all the different ways you do fantasize these men you’re attracted to are having sex, but you can be all, no, it’s not for me, that would be pathetic, I’m fantasizing about him with another man, so it’s both true LGBTQIA activism and shows I’m super mature and evolved, unlike those tweenie heterosexual girls who talk about how cute these men are. Wanting them for another man in graphic buttplug/balls deep/eating ass posts just shows I’m here to be a true enlightened fan because it’s not for me, it’s obviously me still hoping they’re performing their sexualities for my benefit, but not specifically with me, which is really enlightened and mature of me.
Thing's He's Okay With
By Organization for Transformative Works

Niall Horan didn’t have friends, and he was okay with that. 

Niall Horan was quiet and shy, and he was okay with that too. 

Niall Horan was avoided by almost everyone, and once again, he was okay with that. 

But Niall Horan was in love with the heartless, drug-addicted and most popular kid in school Zayn Malik, but he wasn’t okay with that.

Written By:  ModernJesus

chaptered + highschool/au + angst

Note: Niall seeing Zayn for what he truly is always hits me in the right spot (because real life), also the ending made me sob a little. It’s truly satisfying and that is SO HARD to find now. 

:: dotted lines, battle scars, sleep alone

- Kendra


Harry is the photographer for the school news paper, Louis is the  Captain of the Soccer team. Harry has never been able to understand why the schools star jock hates him. He is constantly at the mercy of Louis’ ridicule, desperate to avoid the humiliation. So why is it that sparks begin to fly when Harry is assigned to photograph the Soccer team for their big upcoming tournament…

Author: rockitrocket


the best honestly -D

fic; Can’t Shake You Out

Summary: Harry leans slightly forward with a warm smile and says, “Crazy, isn’t it? That we’ve lived in the same building for three years and haven’t met before now. I feel like I would’ve noticed you.”
“Well, I am quite noticeable,” Louis jokes weakly, grabbing his glass again, but not taking a drink. “But yeah, I know what you mean. We’re obviously not good enough neighbors.”
Or the one where Harry and Louis have lived in the same building for three years but just meet now and bond over their crazy neighbors. 
Word Count: 8.4k
A/N: The title comes from Love Drunk by Little Mix. also the idea for this au is all thanks to littlespoonstyles and i love her and she’s amazing. 

on ao3 here!

walk my days on a wire

Harry hums, staring at his hands in his lap, and Louis can still feel their smoothness, how solid they were in between his own. “Do you think it’s the same for us? Are we here only because of the likeliness of our jobs? Of our lives?”
“We’re here because we have inventive managers,” Louis says, giving Harry’s leg a little nudge with his knee, but all that’s going around in his head is, I think I’d be in the same spot in every possible universe.

or, when actor Louis Tomlinson used to daydream about dating Harry Styles, this is not what he had in mind.

H/L. Mature. 38k. Complete.

Fanfic Fridays

baby, you’re my only reason by zouisclimax: Harry’s famous and Louis’ a big fan.or, “you’re a celebrity and you just broke up and i tweeted you a selfie and said "date me” and you thought i was serious?“ au. (6,605 words, Larry, AU, drunk!tweeting, famous!Harry, non-famous!Louis, b!Louis, explicit)

gonna take you everywhere (and never ask who you are) by defloweringlou:  Louis Tomlinson is the merc with a mouth and Harry Styles is the famous web slinger. (17,703 words, Larry, AU, Spideypool, mild smut, humor, mature)

I Will Never Rust by stylez:  Harry wants to suck more than just Louis’ blood but Louis refuses to sleep with Count Dickula. (38,062 words, Larry, AU, vampire!Harry, fratboy!Harry, b!Louis, mentions of Lirry, side Ziall, side Sophiam, explicit)

You’re Not Perfect, But I Don’t Care by ambiglouis:  The one where Harry, Liam, Niall, and Josh are in a punk rock band and Zayn drags Louis along with him to watch them play at a pub. Louis pretty much wants nothing to do with the hooligans. That is before Harry pushes him into a bathroom stall and drops down to his knees in front of him after the gig. Louis is more than persuaded to go back his flat for more. What happens after isn’t what he expected, but then again, Harry isn’t at all what he expected either. (27,395 words, Larry, AU, punk!Harry, porn with feelings, not rated)

i’ll make this feel like home by g_uttertrash: It’s St. Patrick’s Day at the house in Greater Gloomingshire….in September.(Liam’s "secret” is revealed, Zayn returns, Niall eats some cupcakes, while Harry and Louis both have to face the past - and the future.) (42,228 words, Larry, AU, light angst, fluff, b!Harry, supernatural, part 7 of domestic monsters series, mature)

set alight my veins by whiskeyinthejar: Harry’s quiet and shy and does all his homework. Louis drives motorbikes and never turns up to school. Their respective friends think they’d be a cute couple. (11,206 words, Larry, AU, punk!Louis, nerdy!Harry, blind dates, side Ziam, mature)
Darling, Watch Me Gasp
By Organization for Transformative Works

Niall has been warned a thousand times not to go near him, but something tells him that Zayn maybe isn’t as bad as he seems, and he can’t help but melt every time the leather-clad bastard gives him one of his rare smiles.

Or Niall is a good boy from Ireland and should be listening to his best friend and staying away from boys like Zayn, but apparently his sanity has gone out the window. Zayn sleeps with anything he finds beautiful and is a little too honest for his own good. Harry takes far too many drugs to escape the badness in the world. Louis just wants to love Harry. And Liam just wants to strangle them all.

Written By: Phillipa19

chaptered/wip + university/au + mature

Note: When your brain warns you that you should stay away from wip fics. But your heart tells you that this is the best friends with benefits you’ve ever read and the drama is going to make you cry. /shot/

- Kendra
A Thousand Miles From Comfort

By quixoticvisions

It wasn’t like Louis was Lindsay Lohan or Justin Beiber. He’d had one fucking meltdown and a handful of public drunken accidents. And now he could never screw up ever again. He hit the STOP button on the treadmill and matched his pace as it slowed to a stop.

“It’s not break time yet!” Harry told Louis, tapping his watch with a stern expression. “Come on, you were doing so well! Don’t quit now! Ten more minutes and then you can have a break!”

“I don’t want to be here anymore,” Louis spat. “It’s not anything you did, okay? I just… I don’t know. I can’t do this. I hate playing the stupid media game. That’s what all of this is! There’s no point.”

In which Louis is a closeted gay actor and a recovering addict with a troubled past. Harry is the personal trainer who helps him get his life back in shape.

With Liam as Louis’ childhood best friend, Zayn as a famous R&B artist, and Niall as a fanboy.

Chaptered, Completed, Ao3, Mature, Must-Read

Gods & Monsters

Title: Gods & Monsters

Author: Velvetoscar (mizzwilde)

Rating: Mature

Ship: Harry Styles / Louis Tomlinson

Summary: The instructions were simple: seduce and destroy Harry Styles. Not once did they discuss the option of Louis actually falling in love. So, naturally, that’s exactly what he did.

Why you should read it:

  • This is my first recommendation, because I’m going to lay my bias out on the table right now. At the moment, this is my absolute favorite fic. The plot is one of my guilty pleasures, very Cruel Intentions-esque, but man does it deliver. Variations of this plot have been tried so much you would think it would be exhausted by now, but then this masterpiece comes along. Am I exaggerating? Never. It’s honestly that good.
  • Because behind every great fic is a great ensemble cast! I have never been more emotionally invested in a group of characters. It’s impossible to read this and root for one person. You just can’t do it. They’re all so multidimensional, so real. I want to scoop up every single character and protect them from their shitty world. 
  • Liam!!! This shouldn’t detract from the main characters, because Harry and Louis are both phenomenal characters. Liam though. Liam is my favorite character, not just in this story but out of everything I’ve read. I didn’t expect to care about him, because (spoiler) he’s a baddie, but is he?? Is he?? I don’t want to say too much, because I don’t want to spoil anything, but with Liam being behind every twist and turn I expected to hate him more and more for tormenting our wonderful lead couple. The exact opposite happened and I think that in itself is a testament to how well-written this story is. 

Why you shouldn’t read it:

  • This is not fluff. There are plenty of lighthearted moments courtesy of the wonderfully spacey Zayn and our faithful ball of sunshine, Niall, but the subject might be a little dark for some people. It’s not heavy on angst to the point of absurdity though, so if you’re not firm against angst, just give it a try.
  • You might think Liam is a horrible person. I’ve read other readers comment on how unlikable Liam was and how they didn’t understand why he was written that way. From my shameless drooling over Liam, obviously I disagree, but I know it can be difficult to stray from the “safe” archetypes the boys usually have. That being said, take that as a warning so you can read with an open mind. Give up preconceived character expectations and you’ll appreciate the story for what it is. 
  • At 20 chapters it’s a bit long. I could have gone on for 20 more, but I digress.  If you’re not the type of person who can just settle down with a mass of story, this might not be one you can immediately jump into. If that’s the case, save it for a trip, save it for a sick day.
(When In Doubt) Break Boundaries
By Organization for Transformative Works

In a world of sharp angles and cold emotion, Zayn Malik sits right at the top. Hand-plucked out of university and thrown onto the literal catwalk, there’s a certain sense of pride that comes in owning the stage. It’s also a world where everything is set in black and white; no questions, no grey areas, no ‘rocking the boat’, as they say.

And of course, Simon has to ruin that. Because apparently emotionless is out and “vibey” is in. Apparently Niall Horan is “vibey”.

Zayn hates him.

Written By:  teaandtumblr

chaptered + modern/au + photographer!model

Note: YES!! I’ve been dying for a story with them starting at one far point on the map and making it all the way to the other end. Weaving flawlessly and not staying at one point for half of it. Brilliant. Also the foreshadowing in this made me gasp excessively. 

Their banter and constant character development. Man. It digs deep [into my chest where my heart once was]. I honestly haven’t felt so happy about an ending in so so long. 

:: color, life in technicolor ii, no way, tightroperun away with me

- Kendra

Fanfic Fridays

A Thousand Miles From Comfort by littlelouishiccups: In which Louis is a closeted gay actor and a recovering addict with a troubled past. Harry is the personal trainer who helps him get his life back in shape.With Liam as Louis’ childhood best friend, Zayn as a famous R&B artist, and Niall as a fanboy.(aka the trainer au) (74,132 words, Larry, AU, famous!Louis, recovery, past alcohol/substance abuse, side Ziam, side Niall/Barbara, explicit)

King and Lionheart by stylinsoncity:  Louis can’t remember a time when he didn’t hate being an omega. But maybe he just needed Harry to come along and make him his. (46,142 words, Larry, AU, A/B/O dynamics, omega!Louis, alpha!Harry, angst, mpreg, explicit)

a gentlemen’s arrangement by bottomlinsons:  Harry has been in the countryside, Louis has been trapped in town awaiting the London season, and three months apart is far, far too long. (Regency AU) (5,205 words, Larry, AU, period homophobia, romance, fluff, pwp, explicit)

Love me blue by paynegerous: Louis Tomlinson loves milky tea, a strong contour, the Paris skyline, and Harry Styles. Just not necessarily in that order.(Or, Harry’s a supermodel, Louis’s a make-up artist, and the sky is the fucking limit.) (79,495 words, Larry, AU, fluff and angst, lots of side pairings, mature)

throw me in the deep end by decadent: He’s a respectable captain who doesn’t go around bedding his crew, although when certain members of his crew decide to land on his bed themselves, it’s a bit of a tough choice. So it’s a struggle, really.Or, the one where Harry is a very ferocious pirate captain and Louis is a mighty scoundrel in need of some good dicking. (5,914 words, Larry, AU, size kink, dirty talk, b!Louis, barebacking, mature)

Eight Cakes and Two Eulogies (Make A Happy Marriage) by yesllliam:  The Honourable Louis Tomlinson, heir to the Earldom of Colbury and the multi-billion pound family business, RLA Enterprises, often feels under pressure to conform to the expectations of those around him. The 30 year old, nerdy and rather homely physicist part of himself feels he ought to be getting married and carrying on the family line – as does his formidable Grandmother. The only problem is, after his last disastrous relationship, seven years ago, he has little desire to get intimate with another woman, let alone marry one. Of course, Harry, his famous actor of a best friend, always likes to pip in that he is free to marry him and while Louis loves him to pieces, the joke is getting a bit old now. (128,753 words, Larry, AU, fluff and angst, past Elounor, pining, side Zerrie, side Sophiam, mature)

Magic by dolce_piccante:  AU. Girl!Direction. Harry and Louis go to Disney for a wonderful holiday filled with familiar characters, fireworks, and some Magic Kingdom magic. (3,670 words, Larry, AU, girl!Direction, fluff, marriage proposal, general)

Autumn At My Window by TheCellarDoor: A canon-compliant AU, in which Harry and Louis are both in the band and have been sharing flats and hotel rooms for nearly five years, but never made the leap past ‘friends who are too close for comfort’.Featuring a lot of pining, Louis’ addiction to Harry’s scent, and a whole lot of sexual tension that might just snap loose when they decide to spend some time together all on their own. (20,400 words, Larry, canon compliant, angst, pining, fluff, friends to lovers, mature)