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That’s Sort-of Not True

Does any other INTP out there have to fight the urge to conform to the INTP stereotypes?  By which I mean, once you learn what people think us to be, you are sort of attracted to that persona and unconsciously change to be that way? 

For instance, so many of the INTP stereotypes applied to me (like leaving clean laundry in the basket instead of putting it away) that it was a small jump for me to apply the other stereotypes (the INTP is driven by logic to the exclusion of emotions).

But at the time I became interested in (read that “obsessed with”) MBTI, I was already starting to mature as a human being, and I was starting to develop my inferior Fe. Finding out about the stereotype actually set me back a little because it gave me an excuse not to try so hard.

Which lead me to the realization that most of the MBTI stereotypes actually show us at our most selfish and least mature. As an INTP, I had a reason to be lazy, because my personality type is known for it. I had a reason not to finish something once I grew tired of it, because that’s what all INTPs did. I had a reason to brush people off even if they needed me, because, hey, I’m an introvert’s introvert, and people just don’t understand me.

Basically, it became all about me. My personality. My life.

Except that’s really not how it’s supposed to be. I should have used MBTI to help me overcome my shortcomings. Laziness and not finishing what you start are not things to brag about. They’re faults that need correcting. Being an introvert is not a fault, but using that as an excuse to cut people out of your life is just wrong.

So, to all INTPs (and any other types that stumble across this), remember that we’re supposed to be growing and maturing. The world does not revolve around any one individual. We’re meant to help others, to show kindness and to be gracious. No matter how much we have to struggle, I am fully convinced it’s worth it to struggle against those self-centered stereotypes.

And you know how hard it is to fully convince an INTP of anything.

I am a forty year old mother of two. I have a pair of degrees from a reasonably well-respected university. I am sometimes almost a mature, responsible, well-adjusted human being.

But tonight I am laying here in bed, on the cusp of an emotional breakdown (the good kind, I suppose) over a damn television show.

I honestly think this was the last episode. Maybe someday they’ll do a one-off special when the boys are on up in their years a bit. Maybe. But the symmetry of tonight’s episode compels me to believe that this was intended to be the extraordinary bookend on a truly exquisite series. Where else can they go from here? Sherlock was always described cleverly as “not a detective show, but a show about a detective.” And I believe our detective has reached his zenith. Sherlock has come to the end of his character arc. To attempt to go beyond this point would be superfluous, I think, and detract from the journey we’ve taken with him thus far.

Our boy has come a long way from “Caring is not an advantage.” He has a life full of friends and family - people who love him and people he loves. The list isn’t short. And I think what we saw tonight was the last of his emotional barriers coming crashing down around him - the climax, as it were, of his story.

I admit, I’ve always shipped Sherlolly (there are well over 150,000 words on the subject under my name on fanfiction sites as proof), but shipper goggles aside, I still truly believe that Sherlock meant it when he told Molly that he loved her - well, the second time, anyway:) The realization took him by surprise, certainly, but it was real. Sherlock Holmes is not only capable of love, he *does* love.

At its heart, the show has always been about Sherlock being in or falling in love. Filial/paternal with his parents, Mycroft and, lately, Eurus. Fraternal with John, Lestrade et al, and romantic with Irene Adler and then, my sweet Molly, who sees him, loves him in return and *matters*.

I didn’t need to see them ride off into the sunset together. The show runners gave me enough. They gave me Molly’s smile.

Sorry. I just have an absurd number of feelings running through me right now and nowhere else to vent them. I have been absurdly crying on and off as I’ve been writing this.

God, how I’ve loved this show. What an amazing ride.

“Straight people are banned from watching Yuri On Ice”


I’m not going anywhere, honey ;)

I will not be intimidated or bullied out of this fandom, or any fandom, based on my sexual orientation by anyone. I’m sure you don’t want that for yourself, and I don’t want that for you either. Banning and wishing death on people based on how they were born is a childish and violent act that is all too familiar, and you don’t get a pass just because you’re on Tumblr. Try to be a mature and decent human being and not the toxic pro-bully shit that this website promotes.



This moment… the first time Amy holds Sheldon’s hand is one of the most beautiful Shamy scenes ever. One of my favorites; so meaninful cause they were letting us now Amy was going to stay, Sheldon and Amy were an endgame, Amy was meant to be the one that will make Sheldon Cooper fall in love, have hippy dippy feels, be affectionate, mature, a better human being capable of accepting his feelings and emotions: Sheldon’s heart belongs to Amy and just Amy and that’s the most beautiful thing in the world…… And now they’re having Harry Potter themed coitus, which is even better cause I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan….


It applies to everything. So I’m paying it here. I’ve seen so many logical and well written posts today, eye opening ones. But what this all come down to is ultimately, faith.

I have faith that what I feel and know about this situation is more than meets the eye. I have eyes, I’m smart, and I know how and what I feel as do, from what I’ve seen, all fans have, and are. We are all amazing people, educated women, kind. Generous. It goes on. And I have faith that we’ll see the endgame (coughSamandCaitcough) eventually.

Faith in what I’ve seen over the months that I started shipping isn’t just shits and giggles or stringing fans along for them, cause that would be really messed up it if was, because I firmly believe that SC would/are an amazing couple, two humble and mature human beings who share so many interests and, faith that they’re genuinely good people in an industry that tries to take control.

Y'all choose where you wanna lay your faith on. Nobody can convince you or not. It’s only you who can decide whether you think its worth it to stick this out or not.

Me? I’m sticking it out. I’m staying until I feel like it. And if I’m wrong about everything, if everything I’ve seen and heard and what my gut tells me is wrong..then at least I met and will continue to meet some pretty damn amazing, intellectual, and downright awesome ladies on here who have been verra welcoming since the start. So I ship on. I fangirl on, and I’ll enjoy the hell out of it on the lido deck, in the water, or wherever.

Ship on you rockin’ ladies, ship the fuck on.

PPS( sorry if this post felt serious, but I just wanted to share this little epiphany, one could say.)

Special shout out to all the lovelies who found a better understanding of themselves through Star Trek and keep proving why Star Trek was so good for what it did back in it’s day (even with its problem).

And here is too Star Trek Discovery and the hope it keeps up with pushing the message of humanity maturing and being able to accept everyone no matter what <3