mature human beings

One of the funniest things my brain does is give me strong protective feelings for people who are larger, stronger, and generally more competent than I am.

Me: *is small and weak*

Friend: *is a fully mature human being, is also a foot taller than me*

Me: I will protect you.

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What do you think everyone needs to know?

Here are a few things that I have found useful knowing. I’m glad I have learned these things over the years. Obviously this list isn’t for everyone and I’m not saying every single person needs to know how to do every single thing on this list (cooking and budgeting would probably be priority). However, I think if your goal is to become a very well-rounded, experienced, knowledgeable person, it may be of some use to know how to do these things.

My old roommate asked me this same question once and I said “cook, do laundry, iron, sew (very basic), and budget”. She stared at me after realizing she didn’t know how to do any of it and said “oh well I’ll just hire people for all of that”. Sure that’s all good and well, whatever floats your boat but I truly believe that each person should be a self sufficient, functioning, mature human being (at least by the time you graduate college)

Of course I don’t expect everyone to cook a 5 course meal, iron a collared shirt properly, or sew a quilt. Also I realize this list is mostly for girls. I do believe both girls and guys need to be fully functioning mature self-sufficient people, however when’s the last time you saw a guy sew? Doesn’t mean he shouldn’t know how to do it…just guys don’t typically think “hmm there’s a hole in this shirt, let me sew it up”…it usually just ends up in the trash

Before graduating high school:

  1. How to make your own lunch. Stop having your mom make and pack it for you. Along the same lines, if your mom wakes you up every morning…get an alarm clock
  2. Please know proper grammar. College professors won’t find it cute that you don’t know the difference between your and you’re, or there, their, and they’re 
  3. How to cook a few basic meals so when you go to college you don’t starve (my old roommate once asked me if you cook pasta directly in the jar the sauce comes in, or if you cook it first somewhere else, then put the sauce on top…she was 19…don’t be this person)
  4. How to handle yourself on social media. Don’t be that girl barely wearing any clothes, posting pictures of you drinking underage on social media. Colleges, graduate schools, and jobs will look at your social media and I promise you don’t look cool drinking alcohol at 19. 
  5. Know your manners. This is something that should be taught from such a young age, but so many people forget it. Please be polite, respectful, and kind to others especially those in the restaurant or commercial industry or authority figures. Also, learn to put your phone down once in awhile. Especially during dinner or when you’re hanging out with friends. What’s on your phone will still be there when you pick it up again, but we only get so many meaningful interactions to talk, listen, or learn with people we care about. 
  6. How to sew and iron. Your grandma isn’t always going to be there for you; especially when you go to college (I’m not talking about hardcore on a sewing machine, but know how to sew up a hole or fix a button). My middle school required a home economics class and I’m so glad it did.
  7. Know how to do your own laundry, clean, and make your bed
  8. Have some work experience. At least 1-2 years whether it’s babysitting, an internship, volunteering, or an official paid job
  9. Learn how to manage money. Save some, and learn how to budget so when/if you go to college you’re not broke
  10. Know how to do a basic car check (oil, tire pressure, know what the service lights mean, know what to do incase of an emergency or flat tire) (AAA is key)
  11. Know how to use basic tools…dad won’t be with you in your apartment when you need to fix something. I’ll admit I’m still working on these last two…luckily I have a boyfriend that does them for me but I think if you’re a girl living on your own or with roommates they are necessary to know. 

Before graduating college:

  1. How to write a killer resume, CV, and cover letter. Also how to respectfully ask for a recommendation letter. And how to professionally handle yourself in an interview or work situation. 
  2. How to manage your time and try not to procrastinate. It’s really important to have some healthy habits, workout regularly, and make time for yourself 
  3. Know how to dress for an interview and the differences between business casual and business professional (let me know if you need to know the difference). 
  4. Know how to walk in heels. Wear flats or 1-2 inches for job interviews and save everything else for Friday night. But don’t be that girl stumbling around because her heels are too tall. Likewise, don’t be that girl who complains about how bad her feet hurt because that’s just annoying. Don’t wear the shoes if you can’t walk in them for at least an hour, I dont care how cute they are. 
  5. Know how to dress for your body type and your age. Crop tops are cute and fun freshman year, but after that it’s time to get a more mature wardrobe. My personal rule for going out is you can accentuate one part of your body, but only one, or else it’s too much (obviously there are some exceptions…short shorts and a crop top isn’t one of them). Again this is just my personal rule…I’m not here to tell girls how to dress. If a crop top and short shorts make you feel cute and confident then go for it girl! Who am I to make fashion rules?
  6.  Likewise, have clothes that fit you properly, a basic everyday wardrobe (let me know if you need tips for a basic wardrobe and I can type that up). Also, have a few business outfits for interviews and professional jobs, as well as a go to black dress and a go to pair of jeans
  7. How to prepare for an interview; have a list of questions to ask at the end, and always bring a notepad and pen with you
  8. How to handle yourself during a night out. Once you graduate college it isn’t 5 drinks at a bar every other night…you have commitments and responsibilities. Learn how to have 1-2 drinks or say no to going out. You can’t show up to your job late and hungover
  9. Know how to be prepared. If I am carrying my large handbag, at all times I will have: bandaids, gel blister pads, girl things, hair ties, hand sanitizer, a lighter, a pen, a notepad, a snack, a Tide stick, tylenol, a water bottle, chapstick, a portable charger, ear phones, and more…

Before getting married:

  1. Have a good red, a good white, and a good champagne that you can always rely on
  2. Learn how to think about someone else. I feel like in college people are very self centered and unless you’re in a long term mature relationship you probably don’t understand this but…when you’re with another person you have to take into account their ideas, opinions, and feelings. It’s not all about you and your happiness isn’t the only thing that matters now. You have to communicate, compromise, and understand. 
  3. Know how to make a few basic cocktails…just because 
  4. I would say learn how to host a dinner party but that sounds very housewife-y and I know a lot of people are against that term…but if you plan on regularly having friends over for dinner or parties…learn to multitask while cooking and have a go to menu or dessert recipe 
  5. Be financially independent (this isn’t for everyone, but a priority for me. I want to be able to support myself if I ever had to alone, and not rely on my husband)

Before having a baby:

  1. The post nursing/pre-med in me feels obligated to say CPR and basic infant/child first aid
  2. Basic prenatal care, importance of prenatal vitamins, risk factors/things not to do during pregnancy (obviously no alcohol, limited caffeine, no raw fish, no lunch meats, no soft cheeses, etc.). You have to go to regular prenatal checkups and your doctor will tell you all this but…just an FYI. 
  3. Have some experience with kids whether it’s working at a daycare or babysitting your sisters kids. Babies are a lot of work and you really need experience. Take a pregnancy class if you’re very inexperienced. I’ve been working with babies/kids for 10 years and it’s great experience and has taught me so much for when I decide to have my own someday
  4. Know basic childcare…you know…basic things to keep a baby safe and alive
    1. Put babies to sleep on their backs with no blankets or toys in the crib. Know the risk factors for SIDS and how to prevent it
    2. Babies stay in a rear facing car seat until they’re 2 years old or at the highest weight and height the car seat allows
    3. Don’t begin to feed your baby solid foods until 6-8 months (foods like yogurt, baby oatmeal, and puréed veggies may start as early as 4 months). Babies shouldn’t have red meat, sugar, or cows milk until 1 year old.
    4. When you begin to feed a baby solid foods, you always start with vegetables. If you introduce fruits first, babies will be accustomed to the sweetness and probably won’t adapt well to veggies 

Hope this was helpful. Sorry it was long. Also I didn’t mean for it to sound housewife-y with the cleaning and cooking and sewing. I think girls and guys equally need a basic understanding of most of these things and these are the things I’m just really glad I’ve learned over the years!


If you believe James is gay, and therefore would have no interest in women whatsoever, that’s completely okay.

If you believe Jessie prefers women over men, that’s completely okay too.

If you believe Jessie and James in general wouldn’t have a good relationship, that’s okay.

If you believe that both characters are at least somewhat straight, and they would make an adorable couple, that’s okay as well.


If you believe that Jessie and James have no chance at a romantic relationship at all, and decide to shit on Rocketshipping and Rocketshippers in general, that is by all means, not okay.

We, as mature human beings, should be able to respect one another’s opinions, especially over something as trivial as cartoon characters.

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I'm so effing mad! Westallen got two proposals and Olicity is still not even back together. It's not fair!

(I just got back from the gym and was making dinner when I got this email and I stopped everything to climb my sweaty ass up the stairs to sit down and answer this.)

It’s not fair?

You’re right, it’s not fair. 

To Westallen.

Wait! Hang on, that’s not right. It might not be fair to them if they had similar journeys to compare, but they are so radically different that to even put them in the same sentence is ridiculous.

I can’t speak for Westallen, I don’t watch The Flash, but I can speak for Olicity:

I don’t agree, lovely anon. I think it’s needed and it’s worth it.

Listen, the reason I love Arrow (and part of why I stopped watching The Flash) is that it’s dark as fuck and it doesn’t shy away from it. It is still a CW show so it’s not, like, HBO/Netflix/Cinemax levels of dark, but it’s still far more gritty and dark than the other shows. This means we’re dealing with a main character who has serious and severe mental and emotional shit to deal with, which has been the main point of his entire journey all this time. 

Oliver can’t have the life he wants because he still believes he doesn’t deserve it. He is still on the path towards realizing he does deserve it. The other shows are different, in many ways, but this is one of the main reason why Oliver and Felicity aren’t together (yet). It’s also the main reason why when they finally do get back together, when Oliver realizes he is worthy, when they understand each other better, when Felicity has gone through her own island, when they learn to forgive, when they learn to communicate and relate to each other and open up to each other… it will stick. It won’t be easy, but it will stick.

Arrow is frustrating beyond belief for about eleventy billion reasons, but the main thing - the main goddamn thing - that I love about it is that it’s satisfying. Not all of it, not everything, because this is still a CW show and it’s on a network that won’t let me see some damn side-boob or Amell’s muscular ass or hear the word ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’ every once in a while, but emotionally? In the grand scheme? For me, it’s so much more satisfying than the other shows and that’s why I’m super okay going through absolute hell to get to the other side. Season 5 has been incredibly trying, but I trust the overall arc, I really do.

Also, even if Oliver and Felicity had stayed together, it wouldn’t have lasted. They weren’t ready, which is why they broke up. The story we’re seeing now is their journey back to each other as far more stable and mature human beings who will also have the unique ability to say they can understand each other’s positions a little bit better. They had to go through all of the shit they’ve been through to get to a point where they will get back together, and stay together. 

Love is not a cure-all, love does not fix anything, love does not take broken people and magically heal them. It shows us parts of ourselves that we didn’t know were there, or parts that we deliberately ignored, parts that we need to face in order to become a better version of ourselves. Just because Oliver and Felicity love each other doesn’t mean they were ready to be together at that point. But, now? Now, they are getting there, slowly but surely.

And if you don’t think we’ll all fucking die when it finally happens, you’re wrong.

I lost my point a bunch of words ago, so long story short:

We’re going to get another proposal and engagement, and it will be fucking amazing because we’ve been through goddamn hell to get here so fret not, anon. 

Our journey is just a bit longer than theirs, and in my humble opinion, it will make the payoff so much better.

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The dads reactions to you wearing their clothes

🥃 Robert is currently in the bathroom, to “powder his nose”, so it’s just you, Neil and Robert’s leather jacket. You’re not sure why he left it, since you could count the times you’ve seen him without it on one hand, but you already learnt the lesson not to question Robert’s motives long ago and you’re not going to start doing it now. Sipping on your juice, you find yourself looking at where Robert had hung it over his chair, and can’t help but reach out and take it in your hand. It’s heavier than you imagined, probably because there are knives in every pocket, and, as you lift it to your nose, smells like Robert, his cologne and the faint scent of dog. Before you even know why you’re doing it, you’ve slipped into it. It doesn’t fit you, but you imagine your coolness level just multiplied by 9000. Neil shoots you an amused look and subtly nods towards the bathroom. You look up and find Robert just standing there, frozen, his eyes even darker than usually, hungry. You open your mouth to apologise, but he cuts you off before you can even get a word out. “Put the drinks on my tab, Neil, we’re leaving.” He grabs your arm and hoists you on your feet, dragging you along behind him.

🍸 You had spent the night on Joseph’s yacht, for the first time since Amanda’s graduation party. It’s far too early to be awake, but the bed next to you is empty, so Joseph must be up already. Grumbling, you blindly search for your clothes and take the first thing you can get your hands on. You only realise that it’s not your shirt when you open your eyes and see blue fabric instead of what you’d worn yesterday. Well, Joseph’s cardigan fits you alright, and in all the time you’ve known him he’s never actually worn it, so you doubt he’ll mind and keep it on. You find Joseph leaning against the railing, staring out at the water. “It’s Saturday,” you complain. “Why are you awake?” Joseph turns his head. The moment he sees you, his eyes widen and he blushes. Self-consciously, you fumble with the sleeves. “It was the first thing I found. If you want, I can get changed…” Joseph immediately shakes his head with such ferocity you worry he might get dizzy. “No!” He walks over to you and wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you flush against his chest. “It looks… nice on you. Very nice. Keep it on…” He kisses you deeply and gently nudges you back towards the stairs leading below deck.

☕ An outdoor concert had sounded like an awesome idea, but your brain only caught up to the fact it was far too cold to be outside without a jacket when it was already too late. You wrap your arms around yourself and shiver; even your teeth are chattering. But unlike you, Mat doesn’t seem to notice the cold; he’s standing with a small group of old friends, his tattoos on display as he isn’t wearing his jacket. You look over to the piece of clothing in question and shiver. It looks so inviting and warm, and you find yourself taking it and putting it on without further thought. Even here, with smokers and the scents of nature around you, it still smells like coffee and sugar, a combination that makes you bury your face in the hoodie. “Sorry for taking this long, Y/N… Y/N?” With a yelp you nearly jump out of your skin, completely taken off guard. Mat holds up his hands, his face caught somewhere between guilt and being flustered; his cheeks are a deep pink and he can’t seem to take his eyes off you. “Sorry, baby, didn’t mean to scare you. Why… um… why are you wearing my jacket?”
“I was cold.” Mat steps closer and wraps an arm around you. You immediately borrow into his side, seeking his body heat. “You don’t mind, do you?” Mat shakes his head. “No. I… I don’t mind. It… it suits you.” From where your face is buried in his neck,  you can feel him blush.

🌹 Damien and you had planned on going to the cinema after his shift ended, but something required him to do overtime and now you’re in his manor, waiting. You’d already gone through his private book collection, checked on that one gargoyle you accidentally damaged and strolled through his garden – you’re bored. So, naturally, like any other rational, mature human being, you start playing dress-up. Damien’s clothes don’t fit you, but you make do; you struggle with the buttons and you have absolutely no idea how to get the ruffles of the collar to look right, but the end product could be worse. You do a little spin in front of the mirror, twirling like you’d seen models do on TV. Not looking where you are going, you let out an ‘oof’ when you hit something solid: Damien. “I can explain,” you begin, but Damien’s frown makes you trail off. Damien reaches up and starts fiddling with your collar, adjusts your cape and properly re-does the buttons. “There, my love, now everything is like it’s supposed to be.” He turns you around so you can look at yourself in the mirror again. “Though it would, of course, be even better if the clothes were custom-fitted to reflect your unique physique. If you’d like, I can take you to my tailor, so we can get you Victorian-era clothes of your own.” You take his hand in yours, your other coming up to play with his hair. “How do I look?” He smiles and leans down to kiss your forehead. “Absolutely stunning, darling.”

🎣 You have no idea why you agreed to going fishing with Brian again after that disastrous first time, but one thing you were certain of: Never again. Sitting near the fire Brian had made to help you warm up, you pout and wrap your arms around your naked torso. Brian, that bastard, just gave you an amused look and finishes wringing out your shirt. “I told you not to lean over that much.” You resolutely ignore him. “Still cold?” You nod and he pulls off his shirt, giving it to you. It soaked up much of Brian’s body heat and instantly makes you feel warmer. Sure, it’s too big on you, but that only makes it better at keeping you warm, like a little tent with a hole for your head at the top. It probably looks silly, but you doubt Brian cares. You look at him and pause, surprised to see him so… flustered. “Brian?” He jumps a little, as if he was lost in thoughts, and clears his throat, his blush deepening. “Ah, sorry, Y/N, I was… distracted.”
“By?” You catch him stare at you; the moment he notices you caught him, he averts his gaze. By now, his face is as red as a tomato. “Brian?” You wiggle your eyebrows and give him a pointed look.
He splutters. Instead of giving you a verbal reply, he leans over and cups your face in his paw-like hands. “You know exactly why, Y/N.” Before you can continue teasing him, he’s already kissing you.

👟 “Bro, have you seen my—“ Craig trails off as he walks into the bedroom. His skin is still glistening from the shower he just took in preparation for his morning run. The only thing that missing is his shirt. The very shirt you’re wearing. He crosses his arms in front of his chest and raises his eyebrow. “Bro, did you steal my shirt?” You act like you didn’t hear him and roll on your stomach, burying your face in his pillow and letting out a long, sleepy sigh. You hear footsteps, then, Craig sits down on the bed next to you, giving your butt a little poke. “Bro, you know that’s my favourite shirt. Can you please give it to me?” You make a noise that’s not really a no, but definitely not a yes either. “Bro. You had to get up and sneak into the bathroom while I was showering to steal it.”
You turn your head just enough so that your voice isn’t muffled by the pillow. “I strongly deny your accusations, bro. I didn’t steal your shirt.”
“What would you call it, then?”
“Borrowing. Sharing is caring, ever heard of it?”
He rolls his eyes and nudges you until you’re lying on your back and he is looming over you. You pull him down for a kiss and wrap your arms around his neck. “M-mh. Any reason you borrowed that shirt and not any other one?”
You grin and kiss him again, longer and deeper than the first time. “I know a better way to start the day than jogging, bro,” you say, and he laughs against your lips.

📖 Last night is a mess of shouting, bright lights, violence and Hugo. You wake up with a groan, your head pounding with what a hangover, and roll on your back. It takes your eyes some time to get used to the light, but once you do, you turn to your side, expecting to find Hugo lying next to you, still asleep after the big wrestling match you two went to yesterday. But the sheets are pulled back and Hugo is nowhere to be seen. Instead, you can smell bacon; your stomach growls and you realise you will have to stand up if you want anything to eat. Slowly, you get out of bed. You get dressed in the first thing you can find on the floor, which turns out to be Hugo’s yellow wrestling shirt. The floor is cold under your naked feet so you just hurry downstairs to the kitchen. Hugo is standing in front of the stove, his back turned to you. “Hey, babe.” You yawn and rub your eyes, which makes you miss Hugo turn around. You do not miss, however, the sound of something falling on the ground. You drop your hands. Hugo is staring at you, his mouth, honest-to-god, hanging open. “Um, babe? Earth to Hugo?” You grin. “Like what you see?”
He startles and blushes. Clearing his throat, he takes a moment to compose himself, then crosses the distance between you two, effortlessly lifting you into his arms. “A lot,” he whispers against your lips. Your back hits the counter and you wrap your arms around him, softly moaning into the kiss.
“Get a room.” Hugo doesn’t draw back immediately, but kisses you again and only then turns to acknowledge his son.

I may be some kind of filthy animal person, but at least I don’t think it’s okay to openly mock and belittle people on the internet for having an identity or belief system that I don’t buy into :)

Kaisoo Analysis | Kaisoo Origins

I was inspired to do this post after I researched for something online. I was honestly curious about how people started shipping Kaisoo, since I never saw a specific moment that made people ship them together. Because, everything has a start, right? So, giving this thought a shot, I started to research…

And I found this on fykaisoo (apparently, someone had the same doubt as me!):

I put the link of the answer above, but if you’re lazy to click at it or you don’t know what predebut they talked about, I’ll put them here because I’m a masochist and I love Kaisoo too much to let it go.  

I really don’t know why people started shipping Kaisoo romantically after these pictures came out… sarcastic laugh

This picture only confirms what Jongin said on EXO Second Box DVD about him and Kyungsoo going to take a coffee and hang out together.

Full gifset here.

The iconic Kaisoo pose again (Kyungsoo with his cheek close to Jongin’s). 

 No comment needed on this one, honestly.

Fykaisoo’s post has another pictures/gifs that show some moments of them in MAMA Era.

Some moments of Kaisoo being clingy with each other. Not only Jongin being clingy with Kyungsoo, but the other way around, as well. What is super important, if you consider Kyungsoo’s personality as someone who doesn’t like people touching him.

This moment is very important to me because it was after Jongin suffered an injury. You can see Kyungsoo carrying him and his face looks so determined… I don’t know how to explain this, I just think that’s very deep.

This is another moment I appreciate tenderly. Some members of EXO-K are talking to the camera, but Jongin and Kyungsoo are missing. It’s almost imperceptible, but, if you look closely, you can see Kyungsoo having his throat massaged by Jongin. When Kyungsoo spots the camera, he reacts with surprise and tries to hide. Not very successful, I would say.

Everything I just saw made me take some conclusions that I wanted to share here that maybe will sound obvious for a lot of people:

  1. Kaisoo was always reaaaaally close, since predebut days no shit, Sherlock;
  2. They didn’t have a start point, like one moment in front of the cameras, in a showcase or concert. They just had this awesome relationship since the beginning and, when people realised this, some of them started to ship them together;
  3. Right after their debut, Kyungsoo and Jongin still touched each other a lot in public places, but not because they were forced to (I think). For me, it was a habit, that they kept doing it lightly for a time;
  4. They were always there with each other, taking care of each other and making sure that the other was alright. I put some other moments I found online to illustrate this:

Kyungsoo opening the water bottle and giving it to Jongin instead of drinking it first. 

I didn’t find the video of this moment, but it’s basically Jongin with a hot pack on his hand. Sehun wanted it because it was pretty cold. Jongin wanted to share his hot pack with Kyungsoo instead, but he refused. He was feeling cold as well, but he preferred to see Jongin with the hot pack instead of taking it from him! 

I just stay mad when some people say that Kaisoo is planned by SM or they fake their friendship or whatever. I mean, those people don’t know them at all! I know and agree that some fans exaggerate a lot about some of their moments, but it’s a normal thing to do. A lot of shippers of other couples do the same thing and, believe me, it’s normal. But say that everything Kaisoo does is fake? 

Their interactions changed a lot through the years, it’s a fact. But that’s why Do Kyungsoo and Kim Jongin matured as human beings and they’re a lot busier than they used to be. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like each other anymore or that they’re not together anymore (as friends, or lovers, whatever you decide to call them).

I swear that I tried to imagine just for fun they going to take a coffee and take selcas there because SM obliged them to and this idea is one of the most ridiculous things I ever thought in my life.

Kaisoo has this huge quantity of shippers because the sincere way they build their relationship every day, with every interaction. Shipping them as brothers, best friends or even lovers don’t change the fact that they really appreciate each other’s company and are really fond of each other.

And honestly, knowing this in my heart, even if they don’t date, makes me really proud to be a Kaisoo shipper.


Credits here. If even a Baekhyun’s friend admitted that Jongin and Kyungsoo were close, who am I to say otherwise, right? Or maybe he was paid for SM to say that, because Kaisoo makes part of “SM’s fake couples”! That’s something we’ll never know.

Tbh, I think it’s rather embarrassing…to suggest that Daryl is Sophia’s equal. Seems like if you are so proud of his journey…he’d have gotten somewhere farther by now. Wondering how those folks justify that?

Because I respect Daryl as being a fully mature human being - a man, if you will.

So since Switched at Birth’s finale and all of the episodes being up on Netflix, I’ve started watching from the beginning (also I missed some of season one the first time around) and hey! Switched at Birth is great! Considering I know one other person who watches it, I thought I would do a rec post.

Switched at Birth (YES, THE TITLE IS AWFUL. IT’S A COUGAR TOWN SITUATION) is a five season show that aired on ABC Family/Freeform, about CAN YOU GUESS WHAT. Two teen girls from Kansas City, working class Daphne Vasquez, raised by a single Latina mom, and Bay Kennish, daughter of super rich and white parents, discover at age 16 they were switched at birth. Their families decide to live together in Bay’s giant fancy house so they can all get to know each other. What follows is a show less about the switch, and more about a bunch of well-meaning human beings just trying to do their best. 

  • I’d never rec a show based purely on “It has representation of x and x and x” because that tells you nothing about the actual quality of a show. That said, Switched at Birth is defined by how it is about Deaf culture. Daphne is Deaf, and as a result there’s a big cast of Deaf and Hard of Hearing supporting characters largely centered around Daphne’s high school, where Bay also ends up attending. 
  • All these characters are played by Deaf/HoH actors, including MARLEE MATLIN. Many scenes take place in ASL with subtitles, there is an all-ASL episode early in S2. The show has a great deal of consideration and respect for the culture it’s depicting, and after a few early missteps kind of gets right down in it re: examining this culture from it’s own perspective and ableism and audism being bullshit. 
  • Bay and Daphne are THE BEST and their relationship with each other is ALL-TIME. Bay starts out as a spoiled brat, and becomes this amazing, selfless, loyal person who is still kind of awkward, Daphne begins a little too “perfect differently abled person!” but that gets broken down and her character becomes firey and ambitious and prone to big plans and equally big mistakes in a way I can only describe as Classic Gryffindor. They go from Reluctant Roommates who Dislike Each Other to Friends, Kind Of to Sisters to Best Friends and Soulmates and I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! So much time is devoted to their personal passions and dreams and ambitions.
  • In general, there is some amazing, sloooow-build character work going on on this show that’s as good as anything I’ve seen on prestige TV. People come to like and understand each other, then backslide, then fight, then make up like mature human beings, and stumble their way towards understanding. It makes where they all end up so rewarding and earned. Every relationship is specific and lived-in and unique. 
  • The parents are all great, fully-formed characters in their own right. Equal weight is given to their stories and arcs as their kids’.
  • Do u like to ship good het? Can I interest you in the star-crossed love of Bay, and Daphne’s childhood best friend Emmett, otherwise known as “Deaf James Dean”? Riding around on a motorcycle doing illegal street art and learning to navigate their language barrier? 

And I mean, it’s not perfect and subject to the over-earnestness and faults of it’s early 2010s ABC Family origins, and man are there some arcs that are just duds, but it’s absolutely worth checking out. Please come love the Kennish-Vasquez family with me. They won a Peabody Award!!!

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I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't like RTTE. The art style just throws me off, especially with Toothless, and the seasons seem really rushed to me. As if they're trying to fill in the five year gap in between the movies super quickly

There are many people who don’t like the show and speak candidly about their emotions about it on tumblr. I see critical or negative commentary on RTTE a lot on tumblr. You are definitely not alone and I hope you can find groups of individuals with whom you can share your emotions and experiences so that you don’t feel alone anymore! There is nothing wrong with liking or disliking a show - that’s okay - and I want to encourage you with the fact you’re not alone in your opinion.

I have seen in the fandom a split of about equal numbers between people who dislike the show greatly, people who don’t have much respect for the show but still watch and find some amusement, and people who find great joy in it. I am in the last camp. I have talked to friends from all these perspectives and I have discovered the following phenomenon: people who love the show feel like they are in the minority and are trying to find positivity amongst negativity; people who dislike the show feel like they are the minority and are trying to find like-minded people who don’t obsess over RTTE. It appears that there is actually no “minority opinion,” but it’s just that the fandom has many different perspectives, and that, depending upon the groups you interact with the most, you may find one opinion dominating over the other in that limited circle.

I do not want to imply that the fandom is “broken” because people have different perspectives. That is not the case! We do not have to have “factions” simply because we have different ideas! We are still a community who has things we love in common. In truth, the fact that people have different minds over different things is what makes fandom a good thing! Groupthink doesn’t allow for fascinating and nuanced discussion, and by talking to others of different perspectives, we can have some really fun dialogue. I would be so bored in this fandom if I didn’t see other people with different perspectives than my own. There’s also something huge to be said that it’s important for us to be able to interact with opinions that are different than ours without letting it get to us - if we just clustered ourselves in a small room with people who only thought like us, we would be very stinted in our growth as mature human beings.

However, I do all ask individuals in the fandom to do our best to respect everyone’s opinions in the community. We should all be able to be kind to one another and respect one another’s emotions while at the same time acknowledging that people may have different perspectives. My personal request is that people consider speaking in a constructively critical tone rather than what may be perceived as negative whining; the latter does impact the community negatively and will sap out the enjoyment of others. Of course ranting and raving can be a way to release your own emotions and find positivity with like-minded people (I do it, too, in PMs with friends!), but I do ask people to consider where the best location for those sorts of rants may be. It is ultimately your choice how you engage in your personal discussions with RTTE; just bear in mind that whatever you do, it reaches out beyond more than you! <3

All in all, let’s just continue being the awesome dragon nerds we are, having fun and enjoying the things we do love, and connecting in the areas of commonality and creativity we have. The fandom is all good for its variety of perspectives, peoples, and opinions! 

So you’re not alone, friend, and you’re fine believing as you do. <3 I hold no ill will at all for your opinion, don’t think it’s odd, and don’t think you’re necessarily wrong.

However, I do please ask that you don’t send negativity to me. With all kindness, this was not at all the message I wished to receive in my own personal inbox. I don’t want to make you feel bad, but I do hope you understand I don’t want any anti-RTTE sentiment here on my personal blog. As you may be well aware given my posts over the last week, months, and years, I am very much an astute lover of RTTE. Just as you might not want to receive hoards of messages in your inbox that are pro-RTTE because it bothers you, so I also don’t want to receive hoards of messages where people speak poorly of something I want to enjoy because that would bother me. Since this is my blog I use for my own personal recreation, I want to use my blog to speak cheerily about what I love about RTTE. I want to build a positive community around my blog that talks happily about RTTE and all materials in the HTTYD canon. This is a pro-RTTE blog, so I am not going to negatively discuss the show with you. Sorry that I am not the best person to talk to you about your qualms!

I please ask individuals not to send negative comments about the show to my inbox.

But please, always feel free to interact with me for what we both love in common! :D

I do not wish to silence you, friend, or say that your opinion is any less than mine. It is not a lesser opinion and you have every right to your emotions and perspective and vocalizations of those beliefs. It is simply not my desire on my blog with my personal free time to engage in negative discussion. I hope you understand! Take care and have a wonderful day! <3