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My hopes for SMC Dream/Naoko's vision

(Since everyone is doing this…and literally everyone in the smc fandom has different expectations for the new designs in season 4. But no one has been a voice I personally 100% agree with (everyone is slighty different) and I know this is pointless since Japanese animators do not read tumblr responses from any western fans but here it goes.)

Sailor Moon as visioned by Naoko Takeuchi, right from the beginning had a myriad of inspirations that inspired the creation of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and the Sailor V manga. Maybe it might be hard to notice at first but these inspirations become more apparent with each volume. There is most definitely a reason for everything she does.

So in order to talk about “my hopes” I need to tell you about Naoko’s. We are one in the same and I wouldn’t change a thing. She loves many things and all of the things she loves are present in Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon!

She loves fashion and was frequently inspired by Vogue and 90’s couture. Even some of the outfits were directly inspired from signature couture pieces! This is why proportions appear elongated and there’s a certain elegance and maturity to her designs. If you’ve ever seen a fashion designer make a sketch then you’ll know why.

She loved figure skating and the movement and elegance of dancing which is why everything has the caught-in-the-wind effect. You’ve probably noticed the skirts look a lot like the skirts figure skaters wear. That’s why the clothes are short and flowy so they can move around in them easily.

One of the most important inspirations for the message of Sailor Moon (SM) and the concept was her love for Astronomy and astrophotography. This probably explains the weightlessness of her designs or why there is a noticeable reduction in gravity in her drawings like everything is floating.

When times were stressful, she dreamed of one day, going up in space and looking back on Earth. She tells us we only have one Earth and to experience such a thing from that vantage point is a reminder of what true happiness must be like. A small reminder that we share more similarities in each other than we have differences.

She loved takarazuka (Japanese) style theater and this probably inspired some of the role-reversals you see in SM. This is why most of the villians are female. Also why Tuxedo Kamen plays a role similar to the damsel in distress or why he typically has powers normally associated with female characters. The key here is female empowerment. You get the sense of strength from this inspiration. This explains the guardian-aspect of the characters here.

Finally one of the last inspirations that drove her to become a mangaka was reading girls manga. She loved this concept and she was a big supporter of seeing more media produced for women by women in the future.

Remember this was at a time in the early 1990s where the Equal Employment Opportunity Law was passed which enabled women to go out into the world and work. She thought it was long overdue and that women needed to be involved in the industry.

So to sum up this short but very long article, when you start saying things like “I want the animators to change their proportions or I don’t think they should wear lip gloss.” What you are effectively saying is that you support the removal of something that makes Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon and so special to so many.

The proportions resemble fashion and add elegance/sophistication and give the girls a sleek maturity. Hence why they are styled with lip gloss to make a statement. It’s empowering. You’re effectively supporting the removal of something that makes them so powerful. It’s literally a fantasy and not meant to be taken literally. This is not real-life, it’s a work of fiction inspired by real life.

So yes, I hope the sequel of Sailor Moon Crystal takes these inspirations into account. I hope dream is dreamy, elegant, mature & elongated, stylized, empowering, flowy & weightless, caught-in-the-wind and an overall fantasy from a womans perspective.

In dream they are all 15 (some are older) and in stars they turn 16. I see no point in supporting super exaggerated anime expressions that make the girls appear younger when they are not at this point.

Sailor Moon is a story about a group of girls with tragic pasts who were forced to grow up quickly and fight for what they believe in at a very young age. Don’t try to change Sailor Moon, let them be who they are. Let them grow up in front of our eyes and be the strong and courageous women they were destined to become.

It’s a powerful message not easily digestible by a society that still views women as the exact opposite of all things Sailor Moon stands for. Sailor Moon never once acts masculine. She emodies everything feminine. She has the bows, the skirt, the make-up, the earrings, tiara and the flawless hair and she stands strong in the face of what seems to be impossible circumstances.

She makes us all believe the impossible has a chance in hell to become possible again. That we all stand a chance, even if the odds are against us. This is Naoko Takeuchi’s dream and this is my dream. So “#just let me dream” and “#take me to the stars

The moonlight is a messenger of Love.


Because I’m crazy about the Throne of Glass series and didn’t have time to do a full illustration of them… I created some buttons of each characters (but I think I must do Lysandra, Lochan and Abraxos too ? So much characters).

All the flowers have meanings! I tried to match the personality with the meaning of the flower. Here we go, in the order (left to right) :

Aelin (Red Camellia Japonica “Passion or Desire”) / Manon (Pomegranate Flower “Mature elegance”) / Aedion (Amaryllis “Pride, Splendid Beauty”)

Dorian (Saffron, Meadow “My happiest days are past”) / Chaol (Alstroemeria “Devotion, Loyalty”) / Rowan (Milkvetch “Your presence softens my pains”)

Elide (Almond, Flowering “Hope”) / Nehemia (Asphodel “My regrets follow you to the grave”) / Sorscha (Carnation, Pink “I will never forget you”)

The buttons and stickers are available on my Etsy store for preorders! I think I won’t sell them after that.


took a break from commission+portfolio work to do a redraw of an old trend I called ‘DC face headcanons’

every now and then I’d do this just for fun and to try and get out of Same Face Syndrome (which I am 100% guilty of). my thoughts and ideas for steph, cassie, and kara’s designs under the cut!

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Note: Like the BTS version this is on the suggestive side. Not smutty or nsfw but a little sexy as it is about lingerie. This is part 2 for GOT7. Seventeen will be done soon. If anyone is interested in it send me a request and I might make a picture post of what kind of underwear I can see them liking.


He`d probably be hella excited for it. However would try to stay calm. He`d be showing you a lot of different sets and pieces that he likes. I can see him being into simple and charming underwear. Something that compliments your curves. Not too revealing but not innocent either. A simple, mature style. Doesn`t have any color prefrence but you can never go wrong with black though.


He`s probably a little shy but would also be kind aexcited. He`d let you pick out things and would give little comments here and there. For prefrence I think he`d be a lot like JB, though I can se Mark liking colors. So maybe a few strong blues and reds would be directly in his lane.


Now jackson would be so giddy to go lingerie shopping with you. He`d search out tons of sets that he`d like to see on you. He would be the type to buy 5 completely different sets, explaining himself by saying everybody need a little change every now and then. He`d love sexy, elegant pieces in all kinds of colors. Stockings, corsets or nighties he`d be into it all.


I`m not saying jinyoung is kinky, but that`s exactly what I`m saying. He`d be calm though. He`d let you choose the things you like and would then suggest any other pieces he likes. Accessories would a turn on, big time. Especially into stockings. Would probably like somemthing revealing and sexy in a deep red on you.


He`d be a mix of Jackson as he`d be giddy about it, but in taste he`d be more like JB and Mark. He`d find things that he would find compliment your body type and probably chuckle whenever you were to blush or be shy. He`d like simple and lace underwear the best. Might be into light colors.

sorry not sorry for this gif


Surprisingly mature when shopping. Will show you what he likes but would ultimately let you choose. I think he`d love something fancy and cute, with bows and little frills, but not in a childish kind of way. Just something that has a little bambam in it.


He`d be a bit awkward at first but wouldn`t shy away from telling you what he likes when you ask. I can see him being quite good at matching is own and your taste. He may be the maknae but honestly I think he has a very mature taste. Something elegant and expensive looking would be a definit turn on.

Guys My Age (Pt.2)

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(Pt.1| Pt.2 | Pt.3)

Author’s Note: This is the second part of this fic, inspired by Hey Violet’s Guys My Age! Thank you for those who love the first part. I’m very grateful and humbled of and by your support. As I have noted in the first part, this is not entirely like the song. Hope you enjoy it! I’m sorry if Percival Graves is also OOC here lol. Feedbacks are welcome!

Rated: M

Word Count: 2722 (Sorry if it’s really long)

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After the first day of the investigation was over, you were heading back to your apartment by your own, without anybody accompanying in a cold, snowy evening. The clock hovering by the street showed how late it was. As an Auror, who had done good job of delivering new task from your boss, Percival Graves, and fearful work of investigating these dark wizards, especially they were possibly Grindelwald’s followers, which was to be feared as the rate of being endangered along with your people and setting up a war between No-Majs and wizards were considerably high.

Today’s work had only touched the surface, which was fortunate for the present moment as it hadn’t gone too dangerous but you couldn’t risk to be harmed just because you didn’t build up your guard, which was high level of awareness. So, despite how exhausted you were to your spine, you had to endure of being aware of your environment, at least for this state.

Once you had arrived in your apartment, you rushed to your bedroom and checked out outside’s view to make sure of everything alright. When you lied yourself on your bed, you began thinking about your ex again and his letter. In the time of running your mission, you were distracted from the thoughts of him but now, you were not occupied by any activity.

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Momo’s Guide to the Stylist Arena

Here’s how you get those tasty grilled fish… and Starlight Coins. Use Ctrl+F to find the arena theme you need. 

Christmas Reunion
Pure, Simple, Warm. 
Minor bonus: Cute, Lively.

Fire in the Winter
Lively, Cute, Warm.
Minor bonus: Sexy, Gorgeous

Summer Party
Pure, Simple, Cool
MInor bonus: Lively, Cute

Summer Story
Elegance, Simple, Cool
Minor bonus: Pure, Cute

Spring Outing
Lively, Cute, Simple
Minor bonus: Pure, Cool

Where is Spring
Lively, Cute
Minor bonus: Simple, Cool

Beach Party
Sexy, Cute, Cool
Minor bonus: Lively, Simple

Ongoing Sports
Lively, Pure
Minor bonus: Cute, Simple, Cool

Office Star
Elegance, Mature, Simple
Minor bonus: Sexy, Cool

Great Detective
Elegance, Mature, Simple
Minor bonus: Pure, Warm

Growing Lady
Elegance, Mature, Pure
Minor bonus: Simple, Warm

The Queen
Elegance, Mature, Sexy
Minor bonus: Gorgeous, Cool

Imperial Ball
Gorgeous, Elegance, Sexy
Minor bonus: Mature, Warm

Golden Odeum
Gorgeous, Elegance, Mature
Minor bonus: Sexy, Warm

Fairytale Garden
Gorgeous, Elegance, Cute
Minor bonus: Pure, Cool

Delicate Beauty (SPECIAL THEME: Classical Chinese & Modern China)
Elegance, Pure, Simple
Minor bonus: Cute, Cool

Peerless Beauty (SPECIAL THEME: Classical Chinese & Modern China)
Gorgeous, Elegance, Pure
Minor bonus: Mature, Warm

PRODUCE101 FINAL – Thoughts and Overwhelming Emotions

It took me literally two whole days to force myself to sit down and start writing about Produce 101′s last and final episode. If you’ve read my previous blog posts about Produce 101, you might know who my biases were. And even though I knew that not all of my favorites will make it into the final boy group, I was still pretty shocked about last Friday’s results. I can’t believe I’m in such pain – just because of a stupid survival program. Well, yes, I am – and that’s why I was not able to share anything about my personal feelings yet. Anyway, here’s what my happy but also broken self thinks about this so-called mess.

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This is what WANNA ONE should have looked like – in my opinion.

I’ve mentioned in my previous article that I do not believe that everyone I want to will make it into the group. Let’s try to be realistic: All those countless fans of the show have different opinions. Some hate trainees who are loved by others (and vice versa).

The one I loved probably the most was Kang Daniel. Please, I even wrote a whole post just about his limitless sexiness.  Of course it was him I want to see a center of WANNA ONE.

Originally posted by miinct

But when BoA announced his first place, I couldn’t really focus. I was so bothered about the fact that so many other names weren’t mentioned yet – and there was just only one single member-slot, and one of my biases left.

Three trainees of Produce 101 had my die-hard support – and there was only one of them I was really really worried about – and that was Yoon Jisung. When BoA finally made clear that Jisung was part of the group, I started screaming like crazy. My baby did it! And all worries went away in an instant.

Originally posted by softjvngkook

Although I’ve wanted every single one of the PLEDIS’ trainees to join WANNA ONE, I was completely aware of the fact that neither Dongho nor Minki wouldn’t make it. I also believed – despite his incredible skills – that Samuel wouldn’t be able to be a member the final group.

Samuel should have been part of WANNA ONE – definitely. But his decreasing popularity left enough doubt in my mind… and my unsettling feeling about this trainee was right.

My guts were also right about Dongho and Minki – but what the hell… Jonghyun!? NO FUCKING WAY! When BoA revealed his 14th rank, I started to cry like the worst piece of fan girl shit. 

Originally posted by minsbugi

Is this a joke? How can someone who was number one recently drop to rank 14? I never – NEVER – thought that Jonghyun wouldn’t be part of Produce 101′s boy group. I was quite sure about Dongho and Minki’s failure, and I felt slightly uneasy about Minhyun – but NEVER about Jonghyun.

I felt so numb after realizing that Minhyun was the only member of NU’EST who made it into WANNA ONE – even though my ultimate bias turned out to be center – I wasn’t happy at all. I should have been happy, right? Daniel got the position I’ve wanted for him – but I couldn’t celebrate.

Originally posted by m1nhyun

Now there are three other things that worry me AFTER Produce 101′s final.

The last and final member who joined WANNA ONE was Han Sungwoon. I am a fan – of course I’m a fan! I freaking love HOTSHOT! Everyone should love HOTSHOT! And that’s why I didn’t want him to be part of this new group. Don’t get me wrong! I was so happy for him because he is without any doubt one of those guys who deserved it the most – thanks to his ambition, insane skills and hard work.

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But since his HOTSHOT buddy Noh Taehyun had to leave the show, I thought it would be better if also Sungwoon would just drop out as well, and go back to supporting his original group. Through Produce 101 both trainees received a lot of attention – which was good publicity for their company and boy group.

Originally posted by kimmoongyu

Now Sungwoon won’t be able to be part of HOTSHOT for over one and a half years. Does this mean they will start to promote without him? Or do they have to wait for Sungwoon to return? Maybe they’ll disband anyway. Who knows…

Just worse seems to be this current NU’EST situation. Only Minhyun turned out to be part of WANNA ONE. What does this mean? I thought that at least Jonghyun would be able to join him. And that meant that three members of NU’EST were left: Aron (if you don’t know him, please check him out – he’s hot as fuck), Baekho aka Dongho and Ren aka Minki. Sounds like a pretty cool sub-unit, right? 

Originally posted by kpopulr

We have the oldest member and rapper, the main vocalist, and the maknae. I would have been able to live with that. But with only Minhyun in WANNA ONE – who won’t be able to do any kind of promotion with NU’EST until the end of 2018 – there’s not really a chance for NU’EST to form a proper sub-unit or to promote without leaving a member out, right?

I still can’t get over the fact that Jonghyun is not the leader of this new group. It literally breaks my heart – and this was also the reason why I wasn’t able to write anything about this topic until now. My heart and soul needed time to realize what’s going on.

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Every time I’ve opened Tumblr, I started to cry because way too many of you shared passionate posts about Jonghyun and the disappointment of the loss of his leader position of WANNA ONE. I can’t believe that this affects me so much – but yes, it does!

Poor Jonghyun, of course. But what about Minhyun

I try to be as honest as possible – and please, don’t get me wrong. I am happy that Minhyun received so much love from national producers. But I think it would have been better if he didn’t join WANNA ONE. Things would be much easier that way.

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The third and last fact that worries me the most is the current member line up of WANNA ONE.

I like every single one of them. However, the age gaps between all those trainees and future idols aren’t exactly small. Come on! Look at Jisung who is already 26. 

Originally posted by candorfangirlphilosophy

But it’s not only a variety of ages that bothers me – it’s more their different images.

While Guanlin is with his 15 years the maknae of WANNA ONE, he still looks pretty mature and would fit a masculine concept very well. The same goes for Woojin, who is only 17.

Originally posted by solapretty

However, I am not sure what to do with Jihoon, Jinyoung and Daehwi. Well, I know that it was extremely obvious that Jihoon is going to join the final group. But I still can get rid of this “unfitting” feeling.

With Daniel as center I think that WANNA ONE will have a more sexy and mature concept instead of a boyish and cute one.

Originally posted by kimdcnghyun

Okay, okay… Daehwi can still spread a certain mature and elegant vibe which he proved during Never. Even Jinyoung showed in the final episode as center of Hands On Me that he is able to slightly pull off the sexy side of himself. But what about Jihoon?

Originally posted by softjvngkook

This is only my personal opinion. If you see things differently, I totally respect that. I’m just some old bitch who experienced various boy and girl group debuts over a decade of being into K-Pop. 

But Jihoon didn’t suit the Boy in Luv concept, and he didn’t fit into the Get Ugly group. As beautiful and good looking and of course talented he might be, he still looks like a grade schooler – even though he is older than Daehwi, Guanlin, Woojin and Jinyoung

This is not his fault of course. No one can blame him for his innocent appearance. Girls even love it, and that’s why he placed second! But next to all the other members of WANNA ONE… I’m not sure how the final concept of this group will look like.

Originally posted by winkdeep

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he is able to pull off a mature image – which I would love to see. Daehwi is almost able to do it while Jinyoung is not so bad at acting all sexy, elegant and stuff. I am only really worried about Jihoon. I just want to say: Come on, boy… prove this ahjumma wrong!

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Yesterday, Brave Entertainment announced that Kim Samuel will debut solo soon (I thought he already did, but okay…) which is in my opinion a really bad idea. Brave – with its usual badass and mature concepts – would be easily able to form a fantastic boy group. 

For example BIGSTAR are freaking dope – btw good job for putting them on ice, Brave Brothers. As main dancer of a boy group, Samuel would easily stand out. A solo career seems a little bit too risky if you ask me.

Originally posted by ohgwangsuks

Final words… I am happy for every single one who got into WANNA ONE. Not all of my biases made it – and that’s okay. I think it’s rather ridiculous to bash Mnet or Koreans for this final member line up. Think about it… is it really Mnet’s fault? Is it really the voters’ fault?

Fact is – being sad, disappointed or angry doesn’t help. The pain of seeing your favorite trainee lose will go away soon. And that’s why I finally kicked my own ass to write this down – to end this topic. Produce 101 Season 2 is over! Deal with it! It won’t come back! The 11 trainees who will debut are fixed. All we can do is support WANNA ONE – with or without your bias.

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If I Could Age The Elements...

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) | Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) | Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The water signs would be children. They are happy, bright and naive. With great optimism and want to be around others, the water signs take on the side of a child that thinks all will be good and family means everything. Children have great emotion they sometimes find hard to express, like the water signs.

The air signs would be teenagers. They have that cold, argumentative attitude that comes with anybody’s teenage years. Air signs enjoy the unique and questioning that of which they know, as well as sharing their knowledge; a lot like a teenager would talk on subjects they are new to with great confidence.

The fire signs would be young adults. They have rebellion, high aspirations and a want to experience life. Young adults are just discovering life and its independence, and fire signs represent that want to go try all the things they were not allowed to before. The fire burns within the impulsive young adults.

The earth signs would be the elderly. They have knowledge and experience like no other. You’d think they’d been done every path on this Earth with the way they seem to always have the best advice. Just like the elderly they have a comforting maturity and soft elegance. The earth stability is within the elderly.