Luxurious boxer shorts.

Our boxer shorts are made from the finest cotton shirting materials such as those from Riva, DJ Anderson, and many others.

The detailing includes: Seamless back for comfort, handmade buttonholes, hand finished side seams, hand embroidered initials.

Available as made to order. Size and pricing information located in the menu.


Summer casual sportscoat. A soft constructed sportscoat with no canvas chestpiece, a perfect summer casual sportscoat. Made with blue linen.

Available in bespoke and Ready to Wear. See prices and sizing for information


This is the all-time absolute best French bespoke tailoring deal around:

Jean Rotin, an elderly bespoke tailor, living in Marseilles, working alone, and close to retirement, charges only €1100 CMT for a three-piece suit such as this one, worn by

A two-piece suit costs only €800 CMT. So a jacket must cost even less, making this a truly bespoke offering for the cost of a ready to wear a jacket. It’s a no-brainer… Judging from seeing this suit up close, the work is very nice. Definitely something worth taking the train or airplane down to Marseilles three times for.

You have to go to Italy to still find tailors charging such low rates. I’ve never heard of a rate this low in France so far.

Jean Rotin: 04 91 34 08 65

PS. The gentleman in the picture above is a well known forum member who has recently launched an online store to sell lovely handcrafted Neapolitan goods, catering to the French iGent clientele. Here is the tumblr page, where we rejoice in seeing that they are making Matuozzo shirts and Ciardi suits available MTO. Good luck with this exciting new business venture guys!

Summer proposal - an unstructured blue linen jacket with a white cotton shirt.

I will be posting a few summer jackets in the upcoming days. These are available as bespoke and ready to wear.