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hello! if you're taking prompts... souharu + saying "i love you" for the first time?

This one got a little out of hand.  Also it’s a little gross how fluffy it ended up haha.  In which Rin meddles in his friends’ relationships, Sousuke sucks at communicating, and they’re all pretty weird.   

It’s a little unfortunate how terrible Rin is at holding his liquor, Sousuke thinks, as he tugs his friend down the street, back toward their hotel.  Getting a celebratory drink after Rin and Haru’s swimming tournament had seemed like a good idea at the time, but he’s slowly starting to regret it.

“Sousuke….!  I wanna stay longer!” Rin slurs, swaying to the side precariously.  “I was making friends.”

“You already have plenty of friends,” Sousuke grunts, covertly dragging him back from walking directly into the street.  

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