As luck would have it, a friend of mine decided to sell off his Masters of the Universe Classics collection less than a year after I decided to go all in on the line. This was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up as the entire collection was still in package, including the white mailer boxes! I purchased the whole collection, 76 figures in all, including some multi-packs, giants and beasts. Highlights include Shadow Weaver, Fisto, Teela, Sorceress, Kobra Khan, Whiplash, Tri-Klops, Beastman and Scareglow. Pictured are the figures I was missing from my collection.


Masters of the Universe Classics - Sir Laser Lot

since P-Cock is buried under the landslide of Marvel Universe figs that just dropped his way, I figured i’d help out by reviewing this lesser known knight of Eternia. Sir Laser Lot is a character created by Geoff Johns for the MOTU classics line of figures,as part of a special contest. This figure is not one of the ones featured as part of the club Eternia subscription, and is available exclusively through

Let’s start out with the detail. Sir laser lot has alot of great detail, from the his helmet, complete with laser feather, down to his awesome boots! He also sports a vest armor piece that contains his magical gem which allows him to make hard light constructs (similar to green lantern)

the figure is the standard MOTUC buck, if you used to collecting these figures you’ll know what to expect. His articulation consist of Head, shoulders, elbow, hands, abs, waist, T-hips, knee and ankle. nothing new, but also nothing less.

He also comes packaged with a bevy of additional weapons, a laser mace, laser sword and a laser shield. all of which should be a welcome addition to any MOTU fans arsenal.

So, the big question of everyone’s mind is of course, can I recommend this figure? If you’re an hardcore collector of MOTUC’s then you’ve probably already bought this figure, and if you’re on the fence then you’re probably alot like me. I LOVE the MOTUC line of figures for all of the great new sculpts it offers on classic figures I loved from the TV show. In recent years it’s branched out alot into a sort of expanded universe and now, with this figure, is a completely original creation.

While I like the figure and I like Geoff Johns I have a hard time recommending this figure to anyone who is only in this line for the characters they know and love. It’s a hard sell on a figure I have no nostalgic ties to.

Until next time, happy hunting and keep checking back for more reviews, previews, and toy news from Plastic Explosion!

“the Princess is in another castle” - J Man



Not only is DuckTales Remastered available to download today, but my SDCC 2013 exclusives arrived as well. It’s like mini-Christmas!

Here’s some pics I took as I was unboxing my newest swag. The Batman ‘66 Batusi TV set is staying sealed, but the rest is getting opened up and probably before the night is through.

Right now though, I’m cracking open a Blue Light Lime and getting my DuckTales on.