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↣ Trumbo Movie Storyline:
The career of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo is halted by a witch hunt in the late 1940s when he defies the anti-communist HUAC committee and is blacklisted.

⇛ Movie Details :
Release Date : 2015-10-27
Category : Drama
Casts : David James Elliott, Alan Tudyk, John Goodman, Mark Harelik, Elle Fanning, Garrett Hines, Helen Mirren, Richard Portnow, Stephen Root, Bryan Cranston, Christian Berkel, Dean O'Gorman, Mattie Liptak, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Diane Lane, Michael Stuhlbarg, Roger Bart, James DuMont, John Getz, Louis C.K.
Duration : 124 minutes

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► Trumbo Movie Storyline
“ The career of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo is halted by a witch hunt in the late 1940s when he defies the anti-communist HUAC committee and is blacklisted. ”

► Trumbo Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-10-27
Casts : John Goodman, Mattie Liptak, Louis C.K., Richard Portnow, Stephen Root, James DuMont, Bryan Cranston, Roger Bart, Christian Berkel, Dean O'Gorman, Mark Harelik, John Getz, Alan Tudyk, Helen Mirren, David James Elliott, Diane Lane, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Michael Stuhlbarg, Elle Fanning, Garrett Hines

mattykinsel asked:

Maybe you or your followers could help me out with this? What's the problem with the wolf cull? Isn't population control good to keep everything in check? Like you wouldn't want overpopulation problems that would upset the balance of nature or whatever right? Idk my brothers family hunts a lot so I'm struggling to understand the other side of this argument.

Because Scientists say that it won’t save the caribou (that is the BC government’s justification for the cull)

Wolf cull will not save threatened Canadian caribou

This isn’t about overpopulation. The Wolves in BC are actually nearly endangered themselves. The BC government is saying its necessary to keep the BC Caribou alive (which are critically endangered), but they’re ignoring the fact that the wolves are not the cause of their decline. Things like loss of habitat due to resource development are. But The BC Liberals aren’t interested in actually getting to the root of the problem. Also we should never jump to killing things as a response to a problem.

From the article:

The Little Smoky caribou population, which had been crashing, stabilized — but did not grow. Yet Hervieux says that ending the wolf kills is not an option. “If predator management stopped, the caribou would be done,” even if industrial activity halted, he argues. He adds that it might take 30 years for the boreal forest to regrow to the point at which caribou would no longer be at a disadvantage.

The situation presents an ethical quandary, says Dan MacNulty, a wolf biologist at Utah State University in Logan. “What is better, killing off these wolves or watching these caribou blink out because of our appetite for cheap oil and gas?” he asks.

Conservationists in Alberta reluctantly supported the wolf kill programme when it began, says Carolyn Campbell, a conservation specialist at the Alberta Wilderness Association in Calgary. But her group later stopped its support for the programme because because drilling and logging continued, posing other threats to caribou. “It is a completely unethical approach to just declare a war on wolves when they are a symptom and not a root cause,” Campbell says.