matty yu

Souyo will forever be my OTP

Okay so I was hosting a P4 panel at Metacon this past weekend. Now it was in no way a big panel as not a lot of people showed but it was fun none the less.

I know Souyo is a pretty popular ship in the fandom but I didn’t realize just how popular till then. I was cosplaying Yosuke and during the panel I was dared by Kanji to wear a dress. Which I did. ;) One of the guys wanted Yu/Souji to hold me brital style, which we did. From what I herd/saw everyone squealed and gathered around, I was so nervous I couldn’t really tell XD

Now something to know about the Yu/Souji cosplayer I did this with is that his opinion on Souyo is that he “can’t see it”. I know everyone has their own ships and I respect that. I am in no way bashing him. I was actually really happy he agreed to do something as small as that! But what I noticed was this:

Pretty much all the guys that were there seemed just as excited about it as the girls. Also it was a guy that asked in the first place. So in my opinion I think he was just way too straight to see it. Not that I have any problem with it! I honestly just could care less. I just found it a little strange that he seemed to be the only one who didn’t seem to “get it”. He in no way ever said he didn’t like it or that it was wrong just that he couldn’t “see it”. So here is my main point after much rambling XD

I’ll be honest I watched the anime before I even played the game and I shipped them just cause of the group date cafe scene. I thought it was funny and so cute! You know ship it just cause.

Once I played the game however everything changed. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first started Yosuke’s social link. Even his interaction outside of it caught me completely off guard. I knew alot of people shipped them but I didn’t understand WHY.

Playing the game it is so obvious this boy develop a strong connection with the protagonist not even in a romantic way at frist. I mean you get to literally watch as he slowly falls for the protag while struggling with his sexuality and insecurities. He even seemed ready to admit to it untill Kanji’s shandow showed up and through him for a loop. Their interactions go far beyond normal friends from what I have gathered from playing.

Now I have to let it be known that I have never played golden so everything I refer to about the original P4 game. With all that said, I really love Souyo for it’s depth. I have played almost all the social links and none have come even close to how much chemistry there is in Souyo. At lest in my eyes. To me Souyo is a perfect couple that I honestly really look up too.

Now my rambling is done. Sorry it’s so long! I just had to write out this shit. XD It may not make sense and I am sorry as I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words. But thanks for reading this if you made it this far!