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11 Alternative Music Photographers You Should Follow Right Away

(Photo by Thomas Falcone)

We have dedicated a lot of blog space over the last two years to helping make you, the reader, a better music photographer. Those efforts will no doubt continue in the future as we believe the role of education in someone’s life is one that lasts from the cradle to the grave, but today we are turning our focus from the ins and outs of the industry to those who are currently setting the standard for professionalism. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of photographers covering the world of alternative music right now, and in time we hope to highlight as many of them as we possible can. Right now however, we want to focus on 10 people with unique perspectives on the current music scene that we feel everyone should know and follow online. You can learn from them, or you can just enjoy their work. Either way, please support these hard working people:

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