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CODE RED {part 9 of EXPIRED}

You had been living in the house for a couple of days and Namjoon kept to himself. He didn’t leave his room much, he kept relatively quiet at dinner, and only really spoke to keep the guys informed of their mission for the next day. The rest of the guys seemed to look between you and Namjoon in confusion. I thought you two were getting along? Jimin asked and you put your head in your hands. You didn’t think you had done anything, but you also could see him explaining his story and thought maybe you had asked too much from him when you wanted to know about his story. Nonetheless you found yourself trying to push yourself into Namjoon’s line of vision. You would wave at him, tell him good morning, you even made him his coffee and the most you would get is a confused nod of gratitude before he would take the mug and leave.  

Did I do something wrong? You practiced in the reflection of your mirror, you were ready to confront him, taking a breath to leave your room, when a siren could be heard. Looking up at the ceiling, you were in a state of complete confusion when Namjoon’s door swung open.

What the hell are you doing just standing there? He asked like rapid fire and you held up your hands in defense.

Idon’tknowwhatsgoingon! You spoke quickly not even giving yourself time to breathe and Namjoon rolled his eyes dramatically. Okay, no need to roll your eyes so far into your damn skull! You yelled and Jin walked out of his room.

Namjoon, grab the kit. Yoongi! OUT OF YOUR ROOM! Y/N, come with me. Jin started giving orders and he outstretched his hand. Namjoon the kit off the wall, and snatched your hand.

I got her. She’s MY responsibility. He muttered and Jin rolled his eyes.

If we don’t fucking move, she won’t be anyone’s responsibility. Yoongi mumbled as he left his room, his laptop, cell phone, and headphones, all on his person like some extension of his body. You firmly held Namjoon’s hand as you looked at him.

What is this? You asked and Namjoon looked down at you.

First, we get into the safe guard, then we can talk. He replied, which left your stomach churning. Namjoon pulled you down from the third floor all the way into the basement. You recalled how Jimin said that this area was used for storage and he was not kidding, there were boxes of random belongings, labelled with various names, and you had to be extra careful not to trip as Namjoon gracefully guided you around the boxes. He looked like a snake on the prowl as he made his way through the maze of boxes. Then you approached a wall. Thinking you were done moving, you put on the brakes, but Namjoon looked at you with a glare. While keeping eye contact, he knocked on the wall and it turned.

What the fuck? You asked in a hushed tone and Namjoon pulled you through the newly discovered doorway. It led to a dark hallway, that Namjoon quickly dragged you through. Jesus, what are we on, a fucking marathon? You asked and Yoongi chuckled from behind you. Namjoon simply glared and you went quiet. Finally at the end of the hallway, there was a door with a keypad. Punching in a code, he entered the room.

It was brightly lit from the lights above, the guys all sat in there with a myriad of other people. It was a large open room with multiple doors. Jimin saw you walk in and smiled.

Yah! Guys, over here. He called and Namjoon walked over. The kit he had been carrying was now laid on the ground, but his hand lingered as he held yours. Jimin pointed at the two of your joined hands, Namjoon looked down and immediately dropped yours. You frowned a little at the loss of contact before looking at the group.

What the hell is all of this? You asked in a quiet tone and Hobi laughed.

Ah, I forgot this is your first time with a break-in. He responded and your eyes went wild with fear.

A break-in?! You asked and Hobi laughed a little more.

Not the type of break-in you are used to, it means that a government official has found the grounds. None of us are allowed to be alive, so we can’t really act like we just live here. He explained and your eyes squinted with confusion.

So government officials come every once and a while and then they find an abandoned town and leave like it’s no big deal? You asked and you heard a hearty laughter from behind you. Turning you saw a tall man, his auburn hair and piercing blue eyes had you in a bit of a trance as you stared up at him.

Looks like you guys have a pretty smart new member. The man said in a deep but warmhearted voice. You continued to give him a confused look. Ah, you must think I am so rude. Matthew. He said and outstretched his hand. There was a new kind of churning in your stomach that made you not want to shake his hand, but you could hear your mother’s scolding in your ear that you must shake his hand. Slowly putting your hand in his, he flipped your palm and kissed the back of your hand.

Uhm, Y/– You were about to introduce yourself, when Hobi cut in.

Hop off, Matty. He spat and took your hand from his. Hobi rubbed the back of your hand with a handkerchief from his pocket, like you had just been touched by a carrier of every germ possible. You giggled at the motion and Hobi gave you a small smile. Matthew looked at you skeptically and then at Hobi.

Where’s your little posse? What are you calling yourselves now? The misfit musketeers? He jeered and you looked at him with disgust. You were about to interject.

Eh, I think we’ll just stick with group one. Hobi replied and you smiled at him. Hobi was slowly becoming the king of comebacks and you felt your heart swell with pride as Matthew looked at him with anger.

Oh, whatever. Matthew rolled his eyes, but then Namjoon tapped his shoulder.

We are going through roll-call. Since you’re the leader of the group, I suggest you wrangle up your group. Namjoon said in a professional tone.

Bye Matty Patty Poo! Hobi called in a sing song way and you found yourself laughing at the absurdity.

Everyone is here. Namjoon said and you pulled on his arm.

So can you explain what’s going on? How does a government official leave an entirely abandoned town? You asked and Namjoon looked at you with confusion.

It’s not entirely abandoned. He looked around and then sighed. We have volunteers. They stay up and answer doors. We hope that they won’t be killed and we tell them not to show the officials their time limits, but they try to make it seem like the grounds are completely normal. Namjoon murmured. You felt your breathing begin to quicken as you thought about it.

That’s like a suicide mission! You exclaimed and Namjoon nodded.

Some of the volunteers have lived long lives. They want to protect the Society beyond all costs. They are willing to die. He murmured and you tried to calm your breathing. He stood next to you and rubbed circles into your back.

How many of them are there? You asked and Namjoon stopped his motion. It was like you were realizing how cut throat this Society was and you were now seeing the dark side of this rather utopian place.

We have about 100 people stay up there. They open the door if the officials knock, but they know their rights. But we want them to cooperate with the officials so they will leave. He murmured and you nodded. Trying to take deep breaths as you looked around the room. You saw groups of people huddled together, some were crying and some were stone faced. Namjoon followed your gaze and tsked. They are grieving before we know if anything has happened. He mumbled and you looked at the crying face of a woman, one of her family members was a volunteer and she was terrified he would be dead when she went back up to the town.

How long do we wait? You asked, your voice much smaller than before. Namjoon looked at his watched.

We will be here for at least an hour, but we have surveillance to tell us when the officials leave the compound. He replied and you nodded. Sitting down on the cold ground, you brought your knees up to your chest. Namjoon sat down next to you, not that you noticed him there. You had completely forgotten about confronting him, now you were falling into your own thoughts.

As you sat there, you thought about how no matter where you went now, you were never truly safe. This Society that you thought was protecting you, had to protect itself, people sacrificed their lives, and you were now a part of it. You sighed as you rested your head on your knees, feeling the light circles that Namjoon gently massaged into your back.

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"Are you leaving again... really? Without saying goodbye?" Matt whined, blocking the exit in his purple robe. It was about three am, and Matt was awoken by the moving of Tord downstairs and decided to see what was happening. (Matt-the-handsome )

Tord shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot, looking down at the floorboards. He could look Matt in the eye. “I’m sorry…I know its late I didnt mean to wake you up.” He mumbled, checking the time and sidestepping, trying yo pass the ginger up. “I goo ta go Matty poo, we can talk in the morning okay?”