matty moroun


Jury duty, day two. Lunch consisting of three eggs, two sausage, two bacon, gyro meat, hashbrowns, and rye toast at my favorite place in Greektown, the Plaka Cafe. I should have also had a cocktail. Matty Moroun is Detroit’s cartoonish super villain billionaire. He owns 80 per cent of the disused and dilapidated real estate in town (including the Michigan Central Depot, world’s most glorious eyesore and dipshit URBEX mecca) but refuses to either raze or secure any of it. He also owns the inefficient and crumbling Ambassador Bridge to Canada and lobbied to have a state constitutional amendment put on the ballot last year that stated no other bridges could ever be built by anyone except him. Thankfully the billions he spent on blatantly false political ads had no effect and the amendment was soundly defeated. Fuck Matty Moroun indeed.