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letmestargaze36  asked:

2p boyfriend Canada headcanons please I love the one you did for Allen

2P!Canada BF Headcanons

  • wot
  • i’m sorry
  • did
  • did someone say maTT HECKIN’ WILLIAMS???
  • HE UR BOI???
  • U R S ???
  • A A A A A A A A A A  A A A A A
  • is paul bunyun only a thing in minnesota?? sorry canada :,)
  • this heckin’ loser is such a sap for you
  • he loves disney movies and will cuddle up on the couch with you for hours on end marathoning
  • he is tol and will reach the things on the shelves for you if you’re smol
  • ???? if you’re toller than him???
  • ?????
  • ?????????????
  • how u do that
  • he will love you regardless
  • loves to spoon
  • loves to flop onto you
  • he’s a whiny baby
  • a big ol’ canadian man-child
  • but he does it internally
  • huff n’ puff™
  • he’ll build you a house, not blow it down
  • actually he’ll fix your car
  • and your sink
  • all of it shirtless
  • ;)))))
  • dang boi he ripped
  • he’ll invite you to stay in his cabin in Canada bc he’s a Quebec bby
  • then he’ll chop wood for a fire in the forest behind his lil house
  • it’s snowy
  • you’re inside making some hot chocolate or coffee or tea or whatever you like and literally just steaming some maple syrup with a dash of milk for him
  • what the fuck matt
  • you savage beast
  • this primitive being will also make u pancakes at 2AM dang
  • shirtless^
  • his lil scruffy beard and grumpy face all the time
  • he’s so cute
  • you might not have a mattress when you’re together tho tbh ;)
  • his majestic hair, too???
  • mattpunzel???
  • he will let you play with it
  • in fact he’ll do a lot of seemingly out-of-his-comfort-zone things for you
  • he also gives great hugs, but he’s a lil awkward awh
  • goes camping 25/8
  • “let’s go outside” “babe we are outside”
  • he’s outdoorsy and will love you even more if you are too
  • if you aren’t tho that’s chill, he’ll build a tree house and you can be lazy in
  • there while he adds a deck extention and obstacle course
  • d a d d y
  • ^ tbh he has that kink but is too shy too admit whoops
  • swanky dank truck
  • jk it’s old af but still p sexy
  • he also has approximately 13 million cds shoved in there
  • help
  • him and Al fight/mess around a lot so be prepared to help him not take over hte city
  • he’s also pretty antisocial so you should do him a solid and take him out sometimes
  • his favourite spots in the city are cute and quaint places no one will judge or be disturbed
  • libraries, book shops, cafes; etc
  • he is also badass i am just naming cute things i’m sorry help
  • no mercy in his rink
  • n o n e
  • okay a little if you aren’t good at skating/hockey
  • he will teach you it’s okay
  • go to his games pls he will love the support and motivation even if he doesn’t tell you face to face
  • his family is a little wooo so if you can handle it you can stay
  • sexy french ;)) honhonhon
  • he’s a nature hoe don’t try and stop him from bringing in 24 animals under his flannel
  • “can we k-” “no mattie” “:(”
  • he’s a disney princess but super protective
  • he will destroy any sign of danger all whilst making sure you’re protected from the cold
  • not the best at expressing love verbally but say the word and he’s there with your favourite flower and a butterfly knife (no intent to actually stab someone don’t worry maybe he’ll just cut off the thorns from a rose or a man’s fingers)
  • matt williams everybody
once upon a relient K show

matt thiessen gave me a shout out (on stage) to let everyone in chattanooga know that they were playing jefferson aero plane because i’d requested it the night before.

“we’re gonna play four new ones and then a really old one for our friend, anna, who’s in the crowd tonight.” *cue cheesin’ smile*

God knows me better than i know me, and He let matt thiessen call me a friend in front of the boy who once broke my heart, and the girl who waltzed in and won his affections. never underestimate my Jesus.