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Finnish Classical Music

On the 6th of December 1917 Finland declared independence and naturally, in 2017, we celebrate our 100 years of independence. (If you’re interested, I suggest you go read a little about Finnish history; it’s quite interesting, especially in the light of the Russian revolutions and the Second World War.) Because of this special occasion I thought I’d share some Finnish classical music!

Finnish art music is rather a young phenomenon: we didn’t really see many composers until the XIX century. However we have a long tradition of folk music which I find quite unique as well. If you’re interested in that, feel free to explore! The influence of traditional sung poetry (as found in Kalevala, our national epic) has influenced most composers throughout the 1800s and 1900s.

Bernhard Henrik Crusell (1775–1838) is regarded as the first Finnish composer though Finland was still a part of Sweden until 1809 when we became an autonomous part of Russia. He mostly composed chamber music. I personally don’t know much about his music and have only played one of his pieces as he is mostly known for composing for wind instruments. His most performed piece is a sinfonia concertante for clarinet, french horn and bassoon from 1808.

Fredrik Pacius (1809–1891) is also known as the “father of Finnish music” despite being of German origin. He lived most of his life in Finland and is known for composing the Finnish national anthem Maamme, “Our land”. He also composed the first Finnish opera, Kaarle-kuninkaan metsästys. The Finnish National Opera, however, was only founded in 1911.

Robert Kajanus (1856–1933) was mostly known as a conductor, especially as a brilliant interpreter of SIbelius’ music, but he was also a composer of the romantic period. Nowadays his music isn’t performed much except for the pieces Suomalainen rapsodia, “Finnish rhapsody” and Aino, a sinfonic poem. AIno is a very popular girl’s name in Finland and it’s thought that Elias Lönnrot who assembled Kalevala came up with it when he accidentally wrote the adjective aino (old form of ”only”) with a capital A.

Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) is undoubtedly the most famous and adored Finnish composer of all time. He is not only known for his seven symphonies but also his Kalevala-inspired symphonic poems such as Kullervo, Satu, Lemminkäinen, Finlandia, Pohjolan tytär, Tapiola. Many Finns want the Finlandia hymn to be our national anthem, and it truly is a beautiful song – however it wasn’t meant to be sung in Sibelius’ opinion, and the famous lyrics about breaking free from the Russian oppression were written by poet V. A. Koskenniemi as late as 1940 when the Winter War against Russia ended. Sibelius approved of this version. He also composed one of my favourite string quartets, Voces Intimae, as well as some tear-jerkingly beautiful choir pieces like Sydämeni laulu (”The song of my heart”) and Sortunut ääni (”Broken voice”). He must, however, be most famous for his violin concerto in d minor as well as the orchestral pieces Valse triste and the Karelia suite. I sincerely recommend finding a list of his works and listening to all of them. Sibelius is often described as a brilliant descriptor of the Finnish mental landscape and nature and I truly believe he has managed to capture something truly Finnish in his work.

Oskar Merikanto (1868–1924) is known for his solo songs and a piano piece called Valse lente.

Selim Palmgren (1878–1951) was a famous concert pianist who composed mainly for piano and male choir. He was considered Finland’s best piano composer and his works were influenced by impressionism as well as late romanticism. He is most famous for his five piano concertos.

Toivo Kuula (1883–1918) was Sibelius’ first student. As a student he became known for his chamber music works, a violin sonata and a piano trio, since not much chamber music had been written in Finland at the time. His style was inspired by late romanticism, impressionism as well as folk music, which, combined, made for a interesting style which got a lot of people interested in his music. Nowadays he is known for his orchestra and choir pieces, lieds and a popular wedding march that he wrote for his friends. Kuula died in a shooting at the end of the Finnish civil war in 1918.

Leevi Madetoja (1887–1947) was the most notable romantic composer after Sibelius who taught him and admired his work. Madetoja’s work was very much influenced by his time spent in Paris. His main works are his three symphonies as well as his operas called Pohjalaisia and Juha. He is also known as a choir music composer.

Aarre Merikanto (1893–1958), the son of Oskar Merikanto, was one of the first Finnish modernists. His style was seen as all too radical, which made him conform to a more old-fashioned style in the 1930s. He also destroyed a lot of his previous work at this time, but a lot of it was restored by a student of his. Merikanto is known for an opera, again called Juha, a symphony as well as violin and cello concertos.

Erik Bergman (1911–2006) is one of the most notable post-war composer in Finland. He was a modernist that used the twelve-tone technique as well as serialism and aleatorism as well as improvisation is his works. He is known for orchestral works such as Aubade, Arctica and Musica marina though he wrote for a plethora of different types of ensembles.

Joonas Kokkonen (1921–1996) was a central character in the rise of Finnish opera in the 1970s with his opera Viimeiset kiusaukset (”The last temptations”), that has been performed internationally as well, for example in the Metropolitan opera in 1983. He was a student of Aarre Merikanto and composed, in addition to the opera, symphonies, chamber music and a cello concerto.

Einojuhani Rautavaara (1926–2016) has to be the most famous modern Finnish composer both nationally and internationally. He sadly passed away last year and his death was all over the media, which I think tells that he was very much respected. Rautavaara had multiple different phases: he began as a neuclassicist but moved towards serialism and avantgardism in the 1950s and 1960s. This style was at its peak in Rautavaara’s fourth symphony, Arabescata. After this phase his style started shifting towards neoromanticism and tonality. Throughout his career Rautavaara was fascinated with mysticism, religions and the metaphysical. His works include symphonies, concertos, chamber music, lieds, choir music as well as operas such as Vincent (as in van Gogh), Aleksis Kivi (after the Finnish national novelist) and Rasputin. I personally find his 1972 piece Cantus Arcticus one of his most fascinating. I strongly recommend you listen to Rautavaara’s music if you aren’t familiar with it already!

Aulis Sallinen (1935–) is one of the most internationally well-known modern Finnish composers. He is known for his operas, Punainen viiva (”The red line”), Kuningas lähtee Ranskaan (”The king leaves for France”) and Kuningas Lear (”King Lear”), among others. I personally know him best as the composer of folk music-inspired piece Aspekteja Peltoniemen Hintriikin surumarssista which is the title of his third string quartet published in 1969.

Paavo Heininen (1938–) is one of the Finnish modernists and also Aarre Merikanto’s student. His work is often divided into a twelve-tone technique and a post-serial period. He is mostly known as an orchestral composer with his six symphonies and multiple concertos such as Autrefois for flute from 2008.

Kaija Saariaho (1952–) is one of if not the internationally best-known Finnish composer of our time. In her youth she was part of the Korvat auki (”Ears open”) organization the mission of which was to bring the lates art music to Finland and make it known to the Finnish audience. It is typical of Saariaho to use electronic sound combined with acoustic sound. She is known for her vocal and chamber music, large orchestral works as well as her four operas, the first of which, L’Amour de loin from 2000, was performed at the Metropolitan opera in December 2016. It was the first time an opera composed by a woman was performed there and the performance received amazing reviews.

Magnus Lindberg (1958–) is another Korvat auki composer. He is a modernist that uses a lot of complicated rhythmics. His works Kraft, Kinetics-Marea-Joy and Cantigas are, in my opinion, one of the finest modern Finnish classical pieces. He has composed works for the Berlin Philharmonic and has been invited to compose for and conduct the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Lindberg is definitely a composer you should get to know!

Lotta Wennäkoski (1970–) might be a familiar name: her work Flounce was performed at the Last Night of the Proms this year! I myself have done a first performance of an orchestral piece of hers and have had the chance to discuss with her in music theory class. Her way of finding new colours from each instrument is really interesting and to me, she is another very important composer of our time.

This list cannot be complete. Here are some names I would’ve liked to talk more about, but simply don’t have the time to: Armas Järnefelt, Uuno Klami, Jouni Kaupainen, Armas Launis, Ilkka Kuusisto, Jaakko Kuusisto, Olli kortekangas, Max Savikangas, Jukka Tiensuu, Veli-Matti Puumala (his piece Rope was a wonderful experience for a young me!), Minna Leinonen (she was my music theory teacher for a year and thanks to her I fell in love with modern music).

Some Finnish musicians & conductors

Opera singers: Karita Mattila, Jorma Hynninen,

Conductors: Esa-Pekka Salonen (also a composer), Leif Segerstam (also a very productive composer), Hannu Lintu, Jukka-Pekka Saraste, Susanna Mälkki (notable female conductor!), Osmo Vänskä, Jorma Panula, Mikko Franck, Anna-Maria Helsing, Santtu-Matias Rouvali, John Storgårds, Klaus Mäkelä (born in 1996 and already has an impressive career as a conductor and cellist),

Ensembles: Kamus Quartet, Meta4 (string quartet),

Soloists: Pekka Kuusisto (violinist; winner of the Sibelius competition in 1995 at the age of 19, performed at Proms in 2015), Jonathan Roozeman (young cellist born in 1997 already making a fantastic international career)

If you have something that should absolutely be added to list list, feel free to do so!


“The one thing I realized that the most important thing to me outside of the creation of my own art and not thinking about anything else when I’m doing that, is the cultivation of our fan base and the extension of it and making it feel like every kid in there is justified in believing that we are their band.”

Imagine you and your son visit Isla Nublar and you find out that your high school sweetheart is the raptors trainer

Owen Grady x Reader

Part 2 here

You had just arrived in Isla Nublar with your 6 year old son Matty. You were much more excited than him, to be honest,  he wasn’t excited, at all. But you thought it would be a great idea to clear your minds and have fun. You were recently divorced and that hadn’t been a good time for you and especially for your child.
Little Matty was holding your hand too hard. He was a little afraid and really nervous because the dinosaurs. On the way to your room, you tried to calm him.
“Hey, they informed me that the park is totally safe. And besides, I’m here, it will be all right…”
“How can you be so sure?” He looked at you hesitant.
“Because I’m your mother, I know things!” You smiled at him.
“I don’t know…”
“Well, we’ll only see what you want…the scariest can stay out of our plans. What do you say?”
“Okay, I guess is okay. We can go to…the…petting zoo?”
“Great ideia! Baby animals are awesome!” You said super happy.
After you settle in hotel room, you changed clothes and quickly went there. The Gentle Giants Petting Zoo was located by the Visitor’s Center, so you didn’t had to walk too much.
You saw a lot of tiny triceratops, they were all so cute. The zoo keepers were feeding them with shoots and leaves.
“Do they eat this everyday?” You asked.
“Yeah, and they also consume around 10kg of hay, ferns, corn…oh and even small trees.” Mary, the zoo keeper answered.
“That’s very interesting. They’re so small but already eat a lot. Can we pet him?”
“Of course, come on in!”
You pushed Matty and stood 50 cm from the triceratops. You gave a little rub under his frill.
“Do you wanna try to ride him?” You asked to Matty.
“Hmm…yeah!” He really wanted to go.
You rode the triceratops around the enclosure, it was so fun. Your son was so happy so you grabbed your camera and started filming a short video.
“Matty say hi!” He looked at your camera and started to wave. “Are you having fun?”
“Yeah, this is amaze balls!”
“Who taught you that?”
“Uncle Simon.”
“Oh, of course! Hey, tell me… where are we?”
“At the petting zoo!”
“Yeah! But this is not a regular zoo, right?”
“No, is cooler!”
“And what are we riding?”
“Baby triceratops. They’re the best.” You turned the camera to you.
“Matty is right, they’re really friendly! Oh and we are in Jurassic World! YAAAY!”
Suddenly you hear an alarm ringing, then someone talking on a loudspeaker.
“Warning, this is not a test, all the attractions are closed from now. All visitors must go to the main street as soon as possible.”
You quickly jumped off the triceratops, grabbed your little boy’s hand and followed the orders. All the people were running, you had no idea of the gravity of the situation, but you knew something was going wrong. At one point you couldn’t run anymore and stopped for a few seconds to rest. Many people were bumping into you, and from one moment to the next, Matty let out your hand. You were desperately trying to find him in the crowd. But he was too small, it was impossible.
“Matty, where are you? Baby?” You screamed, but no sign of him.
You knew you couldn’t stay still, you had to find your son. So you ran to the entrance of the control room where was a security guard there and could help you. You showed him a photo of Matty, and he told you that they would look for him. He said that you should go to a safe place, because what was coming was too dangerous. As soon as he said that, you saw in the sky a dark cloud, it looked like smoke, but it faded as they approached. It was a band of pterosaurs and they were going down, picking up everything with their large beaks that appeared in front of them. You could not think of anything else apart from your son.
Not far away, Matty was fine, but very scared. He walked away from the crowd, and was on a bumpy road. He sat there on the floor waiting for someone. After a few minutes, a man on a motorcycle passed by him, but he only noticed that Matty was there a few meters ahead. Quickly turned back.
“Hey kid, what are you doing here all alone?” That man asked in a raspy and worried voice.
“I got lost from my mom. I can’t find her.” Matty said whining.
“I’m gonna find your mom. You can go with me, I’m Owen, the raptors trainer.” Owen said smiling. He picked up Matty and put him on the motorcycle. As was only a helmet, Owen placed it on Matty’s head. While he was driving, Owen was talking to distract him.
“So, tell me, how’s your mom? Her hair, eyes…”
“She’s really beautiful. Her hair is curly and brown. Her eyes are big and green!”
“And what’s her shirt color?”
“She’s with a blue dress.”
“Oh..okay! So it will be very easy to find her! Thank you fella, your help was very important. How old are you?”
“I’m 6 and ¾.”
“Woow, very precise! And you’re enjoying the park? Is your first time here?”
“Hm kinda….Yes it’s our first time, mom really wanted to go!”
“And how about you?”
“Not really…I don’t really like dinosaurs, they are scary.”
“Whaat? For real mate? Are you afraid of them? Well that’s because you don’t know my raptors, they’re super…lovely.”
“Are you afraid of something?” Matty asked him curious.
“Nah…yes. But you have to keep it in secret, okay?”
“I hate clowns.”
“My mom hates clowns too!”
“Well, I don’t feel so bad now.I have an old friend who also was very afraid of clowns.” Owen said as he thought in his high school sweetheart. She was exactly like Matty described her mom, but it should be only a big coincidence.
“And how about your dad? He’s here too?”
“Nope…he’s working.”
“I see…We’re almost there.”
When they got there, everything was a totally chaos. There were still many pterosaurs, then Owen took Matty to the control room and left him there.
“Where’s my mom?” Matty asked tremulous.
“We’re gonna find her, I promise you. But I have to leave you here for a few minutes. I’ll come back!” Owen said and bent down to tranquilize Matty. He took off his watch from his wrist and handed it to him.
“Can you read time?” Matty nodeed. “I’m gonna give you my watch. I’ll be back in 10 minutes.” Owen said and hug him.
Owen went to get a gun and ran to the confusion. There he met Claire, who saved him from being killed by an angry pterosaurs. They fought to end it. But the worst was yet to come, because the Indominus Rex, the most dangerous dinosaur ever, had escaped.
“Oh Owen, thank God you’re okay!” Claire said and kissed Owen. Behind Claire, Owen saw a woman on her back with a blue dress and curly hair. He quickly tried go to her but a pterosaurs got in the way and he lost her of sight.
“Damn it!” Owen cursed and Claire looked at him extremely confused.
“What’s happening?” She asked.
“I found a kid lost in the woods and I promise him that I was going to find her mom.”
“Oh my…but he’s okay? Where he is?”
“In the control room, he’s perfectly fine, just a little bit scared.” Owen said looking around.
“Don’t worry Owen, I’m gonna send someone to take care of him.”
“He’s with Vivian.”
“But still… she’s working, I’m gonna talk to someone.” Claire grabbed her phone and started to make some calls.
Owen disappeared and started to search for you. You were next to a restaurant which was very destroyed. A pterosaurs tried to attack you, but you fought him. You had small injuries on your forehead and arms. But that didn’t hurt, you just felt pain in your heart. You were exhausted and just wanted your son back.
You were with your head down and hands on your knees, staring at your feet when you saw someone stoping right in front of you.
“Are you okay miss?” A male voice asked you, but you didn’t answered and not even looked at him. “Are you Matty’s mom?”
As soon as you heard your son’s name, you looked up. The sun was blinding you, but Owen saw immediately who you were.
“(Y/N)? Is that you?” He questioned gaping.

Part 1. I already wrote the part 2, but I’ll only post it in a few days. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I guess I’m losing my inspiration, I’m sorry for that. I hope you like it xx

Canada X Reader

(It’s certainly not my best work, sorry about that, but i didn’t know what else to do with it so here it is~~~)

Mattie: 7:03 | Hey. 

Y/n: 7:03 | What’s up? 

Mattie: 7:04 | I need you to come over right now. Code red, white, and blue.

Y/n: 7:04 | Shit. Zombies or ghosts? 

 Mattie: 7:04 | Both. 

 Y/n: 7:04 | How long? 

 Mattie: 7:04 | You might need to stay the night. Just get here fast. 

 Y/n: 7:05 | I’ll be there in five. Stall for me. 

 Mattie: 7:05 | Gladly. Now HURRY! 

 I laughed in spite of the situation. I grabbed my keys and hurried to my car. Normally I would just walk, it was only fifteen minutes. But I had to get there immediately. I knocked on the door. I could already hear the angry shouting, mainly coming from Alfred. I figured I should just let myself in. 

 "I SAID I DON’T WANT TO WATCH SOME STUPID COMEDY, DUDE! I TOLD YOU I WANT TO WATCH ‘ZOMBIE GHOST BLOODBATH 3!’“ "A-Alfred, I told you this is a bad idea, you’re gonna regret-” “WHAT, ARE YOU SCAAAAARED?” “Y-yes, sure-” “DON’T WORRY, THE HERO IS HERE TO PROTECT YOU! THERE’S NO NEED TO BE SUCH A WIMP!” Matthew tried to grab the remote out of his brother’s hand. I caught his eye. 

 "Y/n. Thank goodness you’re here… help me…“ I sighed. "I don’t think there is anything we can do. Let him watch it. I’ll help you hold him back.” “YEEEAAAHHH!!! THANKS, DUDE! SEE, MATTIE, THEY’RE NOT A TOTAL SCAREDY-Wait, why would you have to hold me back…?” “No reason.” “Alright then, dudes! Let’s START THE MOVIE!!!!” I shot Matthew and encouraging smile from the opposite side of the couch. He pretended to shoot himself in the head. I chuckled. This was going to be a long and painful 162 minutes.

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When I first started writing I was a huge fan of this band called The 1975. I went to see them in concert, bought tickets, met Matty. And in a weird way he’s been influential to me just because of his lack of care. His lyrical content is a lot of dialogue, a lot of places. It’s very descriptive and it creates this honest, authentic image. That’s something that really influenced me for sure. And also theirs was a record that I put on when I was driving, and that’s important to me. That was what I did for fun in that small town when I couldn’t get out for the night. I’d get in the car with a friend, we’d buy a pack of cigarettes, put a record on and just drive to nowhere. Instead of spending $10 on dinner, we’d put $10 in my tank and drive around all night. So he’s been massively helpful and inspiring, as far as making pop music but not caring about if it fits the formula.
—  Halsey

I can’t believe, that the last episode of Awkward is tonight. I’m with Jenna since 2011 and I’m really sad, that her and also Matty’s, Tamara’s, Jake’s, Sadie’s, Valerie’s, Lacey’s, Kevin’s and Lissa’s adventures are just over. But I’m also happy, cause Jenna teached me a lot of things - firstly - NEVER GIVE UP. If you really want something, just fight for this. Don’t worry about what other people are thinking and saying. Listen the voice of your heart, keep your head up and just do your own thing. Jenna, in her teenage life, experience terrible things - her mom gave her the cruel letter, the boy of her dreams was embarassed of her, she lost her way and left friends. But she never lose hope and she was fighting for the most important values in life. Jenna is really strong girl, she show me how to be resistant for negative opinions about myself. Today, I’m more confident than in 2011, that’s for sure. I have changed and I owe it in half THAT GIRL, WHO SURVIVE HIGH SCHOOL AND TONIGHT IS HER GRADUATION. Thank you Jenna for everything. I’m so glad, that in October 2011 I turned on MTV and saw 1st episode of Awkward, because that’s how it all had started.

“You know…you’re unbelievably beautiful, right?” You were laying on your back a top Matt’s bed, he was besides you leaning on his side, one arm under his chin, and the other hand being used to play with your hair gently.

“That’s silly, Matt, you can’t even see me.” You turned to look at him, smiling softly, he was always so sweet to you, but you’d rather him not call you things if he doesn’t really mean it. He has no way of knowing how you look and that makes you sad every day, but at least you have him. Lovely, strong, kind Matthew Murdock.

He turned a little more towards you, unfocused eyes looking at you with a sadness you felt guilty for, his hand smoothing down from your hair to find your cheek, touch was so important to him as was your happiness, “I don’t need to be able to see you to know you’re beautiful…the way you laugh, the lilt of you voice, the softness of your hair, the gentle touch of your hand…it all lets me know how beautiful you are and just because I can’t see you doesn’t mean i’m wrong. Because to me you’re the most beautiful person in the world.” You felt tears collecting in your eyes and blinked them away at his soft words. Did he really think so highly of you? 

“Matty…you amazing idiot…I love you…” You reached a hand forward to cup his cheek, thumb gliding back and forth across stubble covered skin paler than any you’d ever known. 

“I love you too” And you knew he meant it as much as he meant that you were beautiful. Because Matt Murdock was many things but he was not a liar. Not to you.

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Is it just me or was the Carmilla movie… anticlimactic

There’s been such a hype and it’s Carmilla so I expected it to fill expectations. The beginning was suspenseful. There was action leading into most of it. And then it just kinda ended. They didn’t explore more of each character’s traumas at the end of the events, wtf Carm is a vampire again. The baby?? No explanation whatsoever. They should’ve had an engagement scene to end it. Mattie reappearing, Reaaaallllllyyyy ?? Like that was highly unnecessary and if they don’t make another movie, which there’s been no hinting towards, it’ll be idiotic to include. I mean yes the costumes and Dominique and the sex scene all lived up to the hype but I don’t have this overwhelming sense of completion to put the series at rest like there should’ve been. And closure is so important with something like this. Also this really bugs me, the whole sexy professor and motorcycle Carm getting a multiple choice note was not worked into it at all. I understand that was a preliminary idea but it’s nit addressed and leaves another loose end.

yallmst im tellin u rn if V does anything w/ matt in AOM and gives him a pandering personality like they did to kinzie i will ACTUALLY fucking lose it. like just hypothetically i feel like what they did to kinzie just.. the male version of that and pandering to straight women and just…the idea of that makes me really mad…???? because of how important he is to me???? his flaws are what MAKE him the important and special character thats so near and dear to my heart and honestly the same goes for kinzie and im super upset. with what they did to her. im just sayin if they do it to matt itll be a literal emotional blow

2 (watch the video)

Long story short, Matty Healy and The 1975 in general pretty much completely changed my outlook on life. Since I really got into them, Matty’s really inspired me to just have a complete ‘not giving a fuck’ attitude towards things that don’t matter. That’s why i asked him if he could write the line from Robbers “if you never shoot you’ll never know” in his own handwriting so I can get it tattoo’ed. Because Matty just made me realise that it’s important not to focus on things in life that just don’t matter and stop letting them bother you, just do your own thing and live your life. Because if you never shoot, you’ll never know what the outcome could have been. So I managed to get him to stop before getting in the van to Radio 1’s big weekend and told him quickly that I’m getting a lyric tattoo and he literally just kept saying “are you sure” over and over again haha the last time he said it was caught on film and I had to keep telling him I was set and certain on it. This man is a damn legend.

1st June. The 1975

“Basically, when I was about 19, I went on a trip to the northern part of Majorca. I was in a huge group of friends and family, so I hadn’t gone out there to ‘find myself’ or anything studenty like that. It was just like, a nice holiday. I went on loads of long walks, which for me is very out of character – but places like that are so removed from my day to day surroundings, it seemed that I wanted to be ‘inspired’ by them in loads of different ways all at once. Anyway, it was on one of these walks that I came across a house – it was a beautiful spanish villa that had, what seemed to be, all of it’s furniture outside. Just to make this story more of an idealistic cliche – a gramophone poised at the front window smoothly crooned Bob Dylans ‘Corrina, Corrina’ as I (by this point) stumbled into view. On a deckchair, in the porch, sat this artist. I won’t name him because he’s one of them hippy blokes who would probably be adverse to the idea of having an actual identity. But we sparked up a conversation and I ended up staying there all day. He showed me around his house – it was like some kind of 60′s bizarre, an authentic vintage haberdashery. Original Beatles records, signed Elvis shit, a photo of him with Hendrix. After I’d fallen in love with him, he showed me his ‘library that was rammed full of priced books. Turns out over the years his library had been the place you went to acquire a good read. It was here that he gave me all of that beat generation literature i’ve mentioned before. I left him with the loving intention of returning to see him someday (something I still intend on doing). I didn’t start reading any of it until probably about 6 months later. But when i did eventually read it, I found that mental page of scribblings. It wasn’t really disturbing or dark, I think because it was so SO mad I couldn’t quite make out whether it was suicidal or totally life affirming. The important thing, and really the only thing, that stuck with me was that the page was dated

’1st June. The 1975′.

At the time I just thought that the word ‘The’ preceding a date was a strange use of language. I never thought that it would be something that would later come to be so important. When it came to naming the band, it was perfect and somehow seemed correct…”

- Matty Healy, on the 1st June. The 1975

Carmilla S2 Post Mortem:

These past four months have been a whirlwind of meetings, losing battles with Tweetdeck, digging through the dark, dank corners of the really creepy parts of Tumblr, and general observations of the little (big show) that could.

Carmilla’s sophomore season really allowed the inherent darkness of the story to shine through. We got to see the narrative venture into exploring things that aren’t always the easiest to digest. Second acts can make or break a story, but we refused to shy away from taking risks. After all, stories that play it safe aren’t nearly as rewarding as those who dare to try something a little bit different.

And, perhaps, we fell short in some ways. This season had some of the strongest episodes we’ve ever had go from page to screen, but also a handful of the weakest. We tried all sorts of new things and pushed the limits of the medium, and certainly did not make it easy on ourselves.

Some discussion under the cut to save your dash:

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What is it with june 1st and the 1975? (What does it mean)

“Basically, when I was about 19, I went on a trip to the northern part of Majorca. I was in a huge group of friends and family, so I hadn’t gone out there to ‘find myself’ or anything studenty like that. It was just like, a nice holiday. I went on loads of long walks, which for me is very out of character – but places like that are so removed from my day to day surroundings, it seemed that i wanted to be ‘inspired’ by them in loads of different ways all at once. Anyway, it was on one of these walks that i came across a house – it was a beautiful spanish villa that had, what seemed to be, all of it’s furniture outside. Just to make this story more of an idealistic cliche – a gramophone poised at the front window smoothly crooned Bob Dylans ‘Corrina, Corrina’ as I (by this point) stumbled into view. On a deckchair, in the porch, sat this artist. I won’t name him because he’s one of them hippy blokes who would probably be adverse to the idea of having an actual identity. But we sparked up a conversation and I ended up staying there all day. He showed me around his house – it was like some kind of 60’s bizarre, an authentic vintage haberdashery. Original Beatles records, signed Elvis shit, a photo of him with Hendrix. After i’d fallen in love with him, he showed me his ‘library that was rammed full of priced books. Turns out over the years his library had been the place you went to acquire a good read. It was here that he gave me all of that beat generation literature i’ve mentioned before. I left him with the loving intention of returning to see him someday (something i still intend on doing). I didn’t start reading any of it until probably about 6 months later. But when i did eventually read it, i found that mental page of scribblings. It wasn’t really disturbing or dark, i think because it was so SO mad i couldn’t quite make out whether it was suicidal or totally life affirming. The important thing, and really the only thing, that stuck with me was that the page was dated” -Matty Healy

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what kind of friend do you think g is? espec with matty. they are so opposites. do you think its tough love or do you think he enables him.

okay i got this ask a few days ago and now that we’ve had some emotional rollercoaster of interviews, they kind of answered the question for me but i want to just.. keep talking about it while i’m still emo as hell!!!

so they’re definitely opposites in a lot of ways, matty is flamboyant and loud and center of attention and george is more quiet, keeps in the background. though i think george, too, likes attention, he doesn’t need it and thrive on it the way matty does. george seems like he could even be an outgoing introvert, maybe. likes socializing but maybe doesn’t need the focus on him. he said that in the SPIN interview that came out today – matty needs it, and the other guys let him have it.

regarding tough love and enabling – i guess it depends what this is regarding. partying too hard? drugs? alcohol? i definitely don’t think by any means that george is necessarily matty’s keeper. he’s an adult, but i wouldn’t be surprised it they keep an eye on each other – george, especially? i don’t have anything to necessarily back this up but i always sort of imagined george not really having a leash on matty at all but if he did, it would be miles and miles of slack, just enough to give him a nudge if he heads in the wrong direction and he probably doesn’t have to communicate this with more than a small nod or a quirk of an eyebrow because they understand each other so deeply. matty values george’s opinion like no one else’s, so i think if george thought he was heading the wrong way, matty would listen and heed his advice always.

and maybe that’s where things went wrong last year, and late 2014. maybe matty spiraled a little too hard and instead of being able to pull him out of it, george got dragged down too. 

but i think that’s a huge testament to how strong their bond is. matty explicitly says that george had a breakdown as a direct result of matty’s own struggles. and maybe george isn’t universally empathetic, and maybe matty isn’t either (though it seems likely that he is), but they certainly are with each other. they don’t just understand what each other is going through but they genuinely feel it, too. 

and it’s refreshing to see that after all that, their dynamic didn’t change any (re: “the unity we felt when we both got back together was like I’d been away from my wife for six months and I’d just picked her up at the airport and it was sunny and we were going on holiday”) and if anything, that it grew stronger. that they’re a producer duo now (by title, at least), that they want to do side projects, that they’re next door neighbors even if they don’t live together anymore.  the fact that they were able to overcome what drove them apart really speaks volumes about how important they are to each other.

i guess this didn’t really answer your question but it’s difficult for me to give a skin-deep answer on how george behaves as a friend to matty when they’re so much more than skin-deep friends, if that makes sense? they’re symbiotic, they’re two halves of a whole, they complete each other. they’re like brothers, wives, husbands, best friends, partners, bandmates, all of it. they can spend months on the road together and the first thing they do when they get back to london is hang out together. they don’t get tired of each other, because they are made up of the good parts of each other.

all i can really say is that if any of you ever find a friend who makes you feel the way matty speaks about george, hang the fuck onto it, because that’s so important and so rare. xx

No, but that whole scene in the library where Laura was having an identity crisis because she finally crossed the line in the sand that she had drawn out for her moral code, she had actually killed a man (I mean, yes, it was Vordie, but still). That moment was just so tender and raw and important, for so many reasons.

But what gets me the most is when Laura admits “I didn’t care. I just wanted to save you.”

Like when, WHEN has Carmilla EVER been told this in her life? When has anyone just wanted to save HER. Not Ell, certainly not her mother, quite possibly not even Mattie. Carmilla, despite all the murder and such and despite “not being the hero” has been saving as many girls as she could from her mother and has risked her life for her lovers before, but no one has ever really returned the favor. Until Laura Hollis.

Not to mention, Laura Hollis tries to save EVERYONE. But the person she was willing to throw out her number one rule for, the person she was willing to kiill for, is Carmilla.

Laura Hollis and Carmilla Karnstein are so in love with each other and I can’t handle it.

This graphic is ridiculous,.I’m sick, is that an excuse? .The dog looks pretty cool. I made this to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE, but is also an excuse to say how important you all are to me, I mean srsly, you are so kind  to me, and this is the least I can do.  thank you. Followers and Mutuals, you are amazing.

Here’s a list of people who are really important, and the bold ones are like extra important or something.

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Just want to address something because this has really pissed me off. I am a UK citizen, and fair enough tons of fans hold absolutely no interest in UK politics. For those who don’t know we just had a general election, and it resulted in the Conservative party being in power. This party is a right wing group, and they are essentially going to fuck up our country. Justice Minister: pro-death penalty.
Health Minister: anti-abortion.
Equality Minister: Anti gay marriage.
The Conservative party are going to privatise our health care system. The poorest and most vulnerable members of society are going to suffer financially while upper classes benefit. I’m not going to go into the policies anymore than that. Basically what I’m trying to say is anyone that’s vaguely educated would realise that most UK citizens are infuriated and disgusted at this government now in power and how they are now capable of destroying our society that is actively striving for equality. Matty is obviously every passionate about politics as many of his UK fans will be. He uses his Twitter AS A PLATFORM TO INFORM HIS FANS ON IMPORTANT ISSUES. HE IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO SIMPLY TWEET THINGS RELATING TO MUSIC.

I’m absolutely infuriated by some international fans ignorance and uneducated response to something that’s literally so important to Matty and the UK as a whole. I completely value the fact that UK politics may not immediately effect you and that you couldn’t care less about our circumstance but I think everyone should respect that Matty cares about it. He should not have to cater to everyone idealistic tweets about new music or something philosophical that you all pretend to understand LOL.

Anyway I hope I’m not coming across rude or aggressive, but I’m just really not impressed by the way international fans have responded to such a fundamental issue that UK citizens are being confronted with. Hopefully this gives some insight to what’s happening and I just ask that you have more respect for Matty and his political beliefs that may not be personal to you but they do effect many of us.

Thanks if you read this x