matty cox

  • Teacher: Can you explain to me why you failed your test today?
  • Me: Matt Murdock is blind. Thats a fact and It drives me crazy that people seem to miss that whole concept of world on fire. He is blind. 100% but he gathers the data of what he senses, hears, smells, tastes, and feels to put together a picture in his head. It's not him seeing, it's him putting it all together to figure out what the data is telling him. He does not see, but he can sense in 360° everything around him. It just drives me crazy how people don't get that. He does not see forward with his eyes, he senses things all around him with his body. It would be impossible to show what that is like to sense things in that degree, so they chose to show the world on fire, but I just wanted everyone to make sure they understand that he cannot see, but that his body can sense things. He doesn't see the world on fire, he imagines it.
If you're still in denial of wesley's death clap your hands

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My DareDevil Headcanons

Matt Murdock taking baths instead of showers because the sound of each individual water droplet slamming into his sensitive skin makes him scream. 

Matt Murdock owning a service dog named Chester who sleeps on top of him and happens to hate Foggy.

Matt Murdock going glasses shopping with foggy and begging foggy to not pick an ugly pair to mess with him because he can’t tell the difference between his super ‘cool’ red ones and plastic pink ones.

Matty Murdock listening to the people in his apartments around him as a kid who were so loud (to him) that he would turn on the bathtub and sleep on the tile floor sometimes to escape the noise.

Matt Murdock making texture tags on the inside of his shirts and pants and ties for his outfits so he knows what matches and what doesn’t.

Matt having a phobia of hospitals from when he was there after the accident. All the beeping and crying and people yelling in pain or sadness overwhelms him and he can’t step inside without breaking into a cold sweat.

Matt being used as a spider detector by foggy who has a phobia of them. He has Matt scan the room with his super hearing once he discovered it to make sure it’s safe. Matt lies and says there aren’t any when in actuality he can hear dozens in every room under the floor boards.

Matt Murdock needing Foggy to patch him up in an emergency and Foggy covering him in Dora band-aids against Matt’s knowledge. 

Matt Murdock in college smacking Foggy over the head with his cane whenever he snored. 

Matt Murdock wearing a bright pink dress shirt that got turned in the wash by a red sock, but Foggy letting him go out with it and not telling him. 

Matt Murdock picking out a service dog at a shelter and having one lick him on the nose when he picks it up, knocking his glasses askew.

Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson playing with their dinosaur action figures instead of working as interns. 

Matt Murdock being obsessed with records, and his favorite noise being the sound of the needle touching down onto the vinyl.