matty collector,

“Since the Thundercats were beaten and disbanded, we were on our own. That’s my brother. He usually plays the part of distractor, I play the role of thief – we have to eat somehow!”

In this shot:
Thundercats SDCC 2016 WilyKit & WilyKat

Masters Of The Universe Classics Preternia Disguise He-Man (here as a generic trader)

dc universe classics is ending w/ series 20 (CnC nekron) and rebranding its name to dc universe all-stars.

how exciting. (sarcasm)

i don’t see the big deal nor did i understand (or care) about the matty infinite earths subscription. if DCUC decided to pull out in 2012, they are fucked. especially w/ marvel legends making a comeback!!! it’d be a pretty stupid move.

anyhoo…you’ll still find them at your local retail stores and LCS so that’s a plus. 

but here’s the line up for the first mix…


i don’t know anything about this guy since i’m not a big dc comic guy. he looks cool and he’s an orange latern, its good enough for me.

batman beyond.

wut? why!? way to start out w/ reissues…

flashpoint plastic man. 

meh. looks plain….not one of the best flashpoint designs.

superboy prime.

he’s got some big ass ears. i’ll probably do a head swap w/ the dcd one.

not thoroughly impressed with mattel’s new “dc universe all-stars” but it looks like i’ll be picking up superboy prime and larfleeze….

(btw, i need to preorder the new marvel legends set when it comes out…)

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Yay She-Ra has finally been revealed! More pics to come soon that will showcase all she comes with!! (Hint it’s the three outfits that teasers were posted of!)

She is an entirely new sculpt, body and face and it has been such an amazing opportunity to work on one of my favorite toys as a kid and become part of MOTU and POP history!

Revealed on USA today!

She has the Power!!! First image of the SDCC 11" She-Ra Princess of Power figure!! Check out for more awesome first looks!


Got my marionette Cedar in the mail from Matty Collector today! I’m honestly really surprised they got them out to people before the con was even over.

She’s really neat and displays well in the box. Her limbs are loose like an actual marionette, which is awesome. I took some scans of the instructions so you can see how the box can be used as a stage for her and how you can play with her like a real puppet.

Regular releases for EAH may be disappointing these days, but at least the exclusives still have awesome details!