matty bellamy

I think the reason that people ship problematic ships is because you want to believe that even though they arent good for each other at first they’ll figure everything out and finally be happy together. It lets you believe that love can conquer all.

Lead Singers

Chris Martin: Is a hippie, loves everyone, cries at the end of every show

Tyler Joseph: Has strong faith, his fans are his idols, music is his passion

Patrick Stump: Is awkward, loves animals, can play every instrument

Brendon Urie: Can sing anything and sound good, loves his wife more than anyone, is high 80% of the time

Alex Gaskarth: Is the sweetest person on earth, surprisingly powerful voice, loves his fans a lot

Matt Bellamy: Is the best guitar player, strange voice, ultimate rockstar dad

Gerard Way: Is sassy but sensitive, loves but hates everyone, amazing writer and artist

Matty Healy: Older than he looks, wants to be loved as much as he loves everyone else, hates gender rolls