Sick (Matt espinosa)


I woke up with Matts arms wrapped around my waist as his head laid above mine on the pillow. 

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I smiled and and got out of bed and tried not to make Matt up, but all the sudden i let out a heavy cough. Hopefully that didn’t wake him, i quietly make my way over to the door

“Babe?” Matts raspy morning voice said with concern.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you” I rubbed my head that shot with pain.

“Y/n are you ok? you sound horrible babe” he sat up

“ya just a little unde the weather i guess” i coughed in between my sentence

“Aww babe, come here” he held out his arms

“no Matt i don’t want to get you sick” i groaned, really wanting to be in his arms

“Baby i don’t care! come herreee” he said with a pouty face as he got out of bed and walked over to me and engulfed me in a hug

“ya you feel a little warm babe, go lay down, I’m gonna go get some cold medicine in the cabinet” he kissed my forehead

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I laid down in bed and let out a sigh, i hate being sick, i literally had no sleep last night and i feel like complete crap

“Matttttt” i groaned

“I know baby, it sucks” he walked in with medicine in his hand as he sat down next to me and poured the medicine into the cup “sorry we only had cherry flavored” he frowns and i grown 

“y/n you won’t feel better unless you take it” he rubbed my back

i huffed and sat up and took the cup from Matt and downed it and made a face.

“ that was a cute face” he laughed

“stoooop” i laughed along with him

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I laughed intill i started coughing, which didn’t take long

“awww babe” Matt frowned “do you want cuddles” he gave me a big goofy grin

“No Matty i don’t want to get you sick”

“to lattteee” he jumped to the other side of the bed and crawled next to me 

he pulled me on top of him and traced shapes on my back, something that he knew helped me relax 

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“Get some sleep princess, i will be here when you wake up” he kissed my forehead as i drifted to sleep 


I woke up alone in bed feeling a lot better then i was before, still pretty crappy but much better. 

Matt walked through the door and smiled over at me

“Hey beautiful, your finally up i see, do you feel any better?” Matt walked over and sat on the bed and put his hand on my thigh

“ya much better then before, but I’m still a little congested” i frowned

“I got something that will help with that” he took my hand and guided me to the bathroom and turned on the shower

“the steam will help clear your systems” he smiled

“are you trying to help me or do you just want to shower with me” i grinned at him as he laughed

“little bit of both” he smirked as he started taking off his clothes along with me.

we both stepped into the shower and matt wrapped his arms around me  and pulled me closer.

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“i hate being sick” i looked up at him

he kissed my forehead

“ I know, but that means lots of cuddles” he grinned

I smiled up at my amazing boyfriend

how did i get so lucky? he actually was perfect and i probably don’t deserve him

“whatcha thinking about” he rubbed my cheek

“how amazing you are"i smiled and kissed him cheek

"You have no idea how bad i want to kiss your lips right now” he stared into my eyes

“shut up Romeo” i stared at his tempting plump lips

“screw it I’m going in” he said before pressing his lips to mine 

i tried to push him off but he just pressed harder

we finally pulled away

“matthew Lee! now your gonna get sick!” i frowned and playfully hit his arm

“hey it was totally worth it”

this was our relationship, i loved him so much and he loved me just as much back. No matter what we went through, he was there for me and i was there for him. And i was definitely there for him when he got sick 2 days later


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Matt Espinosa Smut

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“Cameron stoppp!” I yelled as he attempted to mimic my moans from the other night. Me and Matt had had a pretty good night the other night, and needless to say, I couldn’t hold back any of the moans that spilled out of my mouth. “You guys are ridiculous.” Matt said as Nash and the Jacks started laughing. We had finally pulled up to the beach, making the guys stop their teasing as they piled out of the car. Me and Matt walked hand in hand to the dressing room and he rented one before taking his shirt off and handing it to me, then going onto the beach. Once I was in the dressing room I took off my shorts and tank top, leaving me in my beyond cute bikini. I had only bought a few days ago and I’d been waiting to finally be able to wear it. The top was like a bandeau and the bottoms were just regular string bikini bottoms. The whole bathing suit was black, nothing to flashy. But it was still cute. I locked the dressing room door behind me then made my way down to the beach. When Matt saw me, he couldn’t take his eyes off me. They were glued to me. Even Nash was looking at me. “Babe, wow, you look really hot.” Matt said to me when I got to where he was, making me smile as I blushed. “Thanks baby.” I replied, then pressed my lips to his. As I began to lay out my towel on the ground, I could see guys looking at me. Even some frat guys were looking at me and talking about me, not even attempting to be quiet about it. I ignored the eyes on me and put my sunglasses on and laid on my towel to tan. “Excuse me.” I heard a male voice say, and I took my sunglasses off as I sat us. “Yeah?” I asked, and I could see Matt looking over here at us from the water. “I was wondering if I could have your number. Me and my frat brothers are throwing a party tonight and it’d be awesome for you to come.” The guy said, and he was pretty hot if I’m being honest. He had turquoise eyes, tan skin, dark hair, perfect white teeth, and abs for days. “Oh, um I’m sorry, I actually have a boyfriend.” I replied, just as Matt walked up. “(y/n), come to the dressing room with me.” Matt said, completely ignoring the guy that was talking to me. I stood up and linked hands with Matt and he lead us to the dressing room. “Are you okay Ma-” I started to say then get cut off by Matts lips pressing to mine and picking me so my back was against the wall and my legs wrapped around his waist. “Matt, Matt wait.” I breathed out against Matts lips when he attempted to kiss me again, which made him start to kiss my neck. “You look so fucking hot in that bikini, and obviously all the guys on the beach think so too. Even Cam and them. I need to fuck you to remind you who you belong to.” Matt said as he untied the side of my bikini bottoms. “I would never cheat on you baby.” I said sincerely while looking into his eyes. “I know that, but other guys think you will.” He stated then thrusted his dick into me. “Oh fuck,” I moaned as I threw my head to the side. I didn’t even see him get his dick out of his shorts. “I want you to be loud baby. Let them know who’s doing this to you.” Matt groaned as he fucked me. My eyes were shut as I was lost in the pleasure he was giving me. “Say my name.” Matt breathed out as he placed his thumb on my clit and began to roughly rub it. “Matttttt,” I moaned out, which was drawn out. “Get it!” I heard some guy explaim from behind the door, making me bite my lip to quiet my moans. Matt quickly pulled my hand off my mouth and pressed his lips to my mouth. It silenced my moans for a few seconds before my moans interrupted it. “Hurry and come baby girl, I can’t wait much longer.” Matt groaned as his veins protruded on his neck. I knew he was holding on the best he could. I adjusted how I was on the wall and the next thrust Matt gave me pressed right against my g spot, making me come on the spot. I had never felt something like that before, making moans continuously spill out of my mouth. “Shit you’re clenching fuck,” Matt groaned as his hips stuttered, then he pulled out while still holding me and came on my stomach as moans left his mouth. Matt eventually couldn’t hold me up and he laid us both on the ground. “I wonder how loud we were.” I said as I ran my finger tips against Matts chest. He looked at me while smirking before replying. “Pretty loud.”

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Cam imagine *requested*

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y/N!!!” Everyone shouts as I walk into Cam and Nash’s apartment with Cam. I don’t like parties that much and luckily there were only the guys and a few other people there so it wasn’t that bad.

“Caaaaammm” I whine digging my face into his chest.

“Happy birthday baby girl.” He says kissing the top of my head. “I got you something.” He smiles reaching into his pocket. He pulls out a navy blue box and hands it to me. I open it and there’s a beautiful necklace with a Diamond on it.

“Cam it’s beautiful.” I gasp.

“Not as beautiful as you.” He smiles down at me.

“That was so cheesy. You’re lucky you’re cute.” I smile and shake my head at him. “Help me put it on.” I say passing the necklace to Cam. He puts it around my neck and locks it.

“It’s perfect” I smile and giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“Happy birthday cutie.” Matt smiles walking towards me giving me a big hug.

“Aww thanks Mattchu.” I smile giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“I got you something.” He smiles.

“Really? Matt you didn’t have to.”

“I wanted to though. You’ve been my best friend forever y/n. You’ve always been there for me and I love you to bits and pieces.” He opens a little bag and pulls out a bracelet with a forever sign on it.

“Awh matttttt.” I hug him for the second time. “You’re my favourite person ever.”

Cam stomps away. I let go of Matt confused. Matt just shrugs.

“Go talk to him.” Matt shouts over the now playing music.

I walk the same way Cameron walked and look around until I spot him on the balcony.

I open the balcony door and close it. The music gets quieter and I can barely hear it, I can only feel the floor shaking from the speakers rattling.

“Cam what’s wrong?”

“Why don’t you just go back in there with Matt?” He says obviously pissed.

“What?” I ask confused.

“Obviously you and Matt had something going on in there.”

“Cam he’s my best friend. You’re being ridiculous.” I look at him. He can’t be serious right now.

“Y/N ITS OBVIOUS HE LIKES YOU!” He raises his voice and looks at me with a look I’ve never seen before. His eyes don’t look warm and soft like they usually do, they look cold and bitter.

“Cameron. Like I said, friends that’s it.”

He turns away from me and looks off the balcony at the lights.

“I’m going back inside. When you’ve cooled down come talk to me.” I say sternly. I turn to walk back inside when cam grabs my wrist incredibly hard. I jump at his touch.

“Don’t walk away from me.” He says still holding my wrist.

“Cam you’re hurting me.” I say trying to pull my hand away. He suddenly lets go of my wrist and I pull it towards me. I feel a lump in my throat and my eyes start to sting with tears. My wrist doesn’t hurt much anymore but I still couldn’t believe he would do that.

“Y/n…” He says his eyes softening. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. You know I never would. Ever.” He continues.

“I love you Cameron and only you.” I say as another tear falls.

“I will never hurt you like that ever, ever again. I promise.” He pulls me into a hug. “I love you y/n”

“I love you too Cameron.”

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