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Being Trans* | Matt Rudd (by MattToTheFuture)

Everyone should just watch this okay?

It’s such a clear and great explanation. 


new video!! me and my friends went to a farm :)

reblog for love <3

Stop the hate!

But for the fuck sake, stop with all this hate around both Matt and Alex.
Famous people or not, you still have no right to hate someone like this.
Personally, I have never met them and can’t say that I know them. All I know about them is through their blogs and videos that I followed from the early begining. And think they seem to be two wonderful guys, that I would like to meet, hug and say how much they mean to me, how much I love them and thank them for saving me, from doing bad things to myself.
Both Matt and Alex are two wonderful guys and they don’t deserve to be hated like this, nobody does.
‘Cause if you broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend I don’t think that you want any one to hate you for it, am I right?
Things like this is private and you shouldn’t hate any of them!
Because you don’t know the reason why they broke up, so stop saying that you do and whose fault it was. It’s non of your business!
Can’t you just accept that they broke up for whatever personal reason and then leave it there? It was nobody’s fault, even though they where a very cute couple together, they did the best of it.
But ofcourse both of them feel sad about this and some other things.
Do you think that your crappy words help then? NO!
I get so frustrated and so angry at people who are this mean!
Stay strong, keep doing what you are doing and forget the hate. Good luck in the future, you guys are amazing!
I love you.


New video! I did the Youtube Survey!

I am tagging Matt and Connie to do it next!


Here is my ‘Draw My Life’ video, I hope you like it because I’m actually pretty proud of how it turned out (apart from the shit drawing) :)

I’m tagging Sophie, Kara, Ellie, Matt and Zoe to draw their lives.