Spring in Sepia with SPG and Abney Park last night was too much fun. 

My parents were adorable at their first SPG concert. While we were waiting in line for the doors to open before the show, Michael Reed began to walk around the line. I pointed him out and my mother instantly became a flabbergasted fangirl. Should she talk to him? Should she ignore him? What’s a guy like him doing just walking around?? She couldn’t believe that he was so close, and so many times. 

And then she took a creepy stalker photo of him taking a picture of the sky.  

My father was very impressed with Michael Reed during the show. He didn’t realize that so much of the instrumentals were just one person, and just how much went into it. It was pretty much all he would talk about for the rest of the night. If Michael ever comes out with an album of his own, my father will be the first to buy it. 

So my parents went to an SPG show and walked out Michael Reed fans. 

This was my third or fourth SPG show, and the guys recognize me a bit. It absolutely blew my mother’s mind. It started with Michael Reed commenting on something I sent him once (Mom: “Does he remember you?! I think he remembers you!”), and was confirmed when we went up to meet Steve Negrete (Mum: “He definitely remembers you! Why does he remember you?!”). The bots recognized me as well, and boy was she thrilled. 

The hot topic during breakfast today was why the band remembers me so well. I asserted it was because of my unforgettable personality, but they weren’t having any of it. Eventually, we started looking at the pictures I took last night. 

My father said, “Ah. This is why they remember you. Because you do things like this.”

After a little bit of researching some odd instruments (And there are TONS out there!) I decided to go with the Theremin. I was gonna go with a Carillon bells, but they are usually just holed up in a tower, and can’t really see the bells when playing from the Peg board. There are very FEW portable ones but I just somehow couldn’t fit it in correctly. <.<; (And theremins are also a lot more easily portable then Carillon bells. o.o )

To see a theremin being played -

to see a portable carillon bells (Cast in Bronze) being played -

may i direct the fanmily’s attention here please!

i went to see spg in bakersfield last december. i met the bots and matt and mike, and mike wrote this on a paper i had him sign. it says “grow with the flow”, and i think it applies to the current situation here. matt and mike will always be in our hearts and we’ll miss them terribly, but as the band grows we have to grow with the flow. i still love steam powered giraffe and i know they’ll still be amazing, change or no change. thank you. xx

My prayers have been answered!

Finally, on day three, I have had a sighting!! If you have been keeping up with my travels you know that I went to the San Diego Zoo today and that I have been praying for an SPG since the moment I found out we were going. With no shows, and not even a Neu Jazz concert, my hopes were not high. There I was, walking around the zoo with my mom and older brother. That’s when I saw him. MATT SMITH. I got pictures and hug and omg I couldn’t breath for like ten minutes. He is my favorite member and I met him! Aaaaaah! Still freaking out! Even without meeting him, it’s been a great trip. Alas, tomorrow is our last day. I’m excited to go one but still sad to leave. Who knows, I may be back sooner than expected.