mattie kearney

End of Issue 0

Yep…page 50 marks the end of A.K.A. Issue 0. BUT. There is more A.K.A. to be had! Updates will resume MONDAY, OCTOBER 7th, so mark your calendars! 

In the meantime, stay tuned for A.K.A. news, updates, and maybe even some preview art. ;) 

And, hey, A.K.A. (the comic itself, not the tumblr blog) hits the one year mark on September 17th! Cool, right? …Well, technically, it hits the one year mark tomorrow on the 10th…but that’s just when we released the cover…and I totally planned on the 17th so let’s go with that date, shall we? XD Keep an eye out for something cool to celebrate the occasion.

Hmmm…anything else? Oh, yes, right: THANK YOU FOR READING! Either here or on another site. You guys rock. That is all.

Enjoy the new page! And we’ll see you guys MONDAY, OCTOBER 7th, for the start of Issue 1!

-The A.K.A. Team