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Triplet Matt Giveaway One Shot

A/N~ Hey there! It’s Mod HaiLee showing up 20 years too late with the first finished one shot of our giveaway! My very best friend @faestae was so kind and offered to write this, so make sure to give her all the praise! This one shot is for @jemin-guay we hope you like it bb and I apologize sincerely for how long this took.

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You couldn’t remember the last time you laughed like that–laughter that washed over you like a wave would a toddler. Over dinner, your hands pressing your napkin helplessly to your lips and in the movie, nearly spewing popcorn on the couple in front of you–Matt just knew what to say. There were times where even he couldn’t resist his own quip, stumbling into cheeky giggles right after you until the both of you were too rosy to function.

Sitting in the passenger’s side of the Falcon, the laughter had finally faded, at least a bit, the gentle beat of the mixtape you made him playing in the old radio. Hands folded in your lap, you felt the cool evening breeze on your cheeks, eyes raised to the moon in her shy crescent. Every deep breath filled you with a fuzzy feeling, peaceful in the serenity of the ride home.

Then, the street signs started looking familiar again, Quail Road and Maple Ave; your street. Looking at the buildings pass by up to your complex filled your chest with a heaviness–knowing you’d be back in your apartment alone without Matt. It made your heart even heavier.

Matt pressed his foot on the brake as he came to your building, the engine fading with a purr and the radio clicking off to the song of crickets.

You stopped curling your finger in your skirt long enough to exhale, raising your eyes from your lap to Matty, who was staring off towards your building, actively averting his eyes.

“I had fun, tonight, Matty,” you said finally.

He turned his head to you, but quickly looked down again, a smile tugging at the corner of his lip.

You held his eye contact for a few seconds before looking into your lap. “Thanks for spending time with me,”

He flushed, reaching back and scratching the back of his neck, “Yeah– no problem,” he replied, “we should do this again sometime… Maybe,”

You chuckled, toying with the zipper on your clutch, “Yeah, when Mutant Space Lizards from Space gets yet another remake, we should totally go see it,”

“Mutant Space Lizards from Space Return Again!” He wiggled his fingers, “In 3-D!”

You laughed again, as if you hadn’t been silent for so long, in that moment, remembering everything he had said all night, “I can’t even wait!” Matt’s cheeks flushed perfectly pink in the dark and again, you were filled with warmth.

Settling into the moment again, you came to terms with how your heart was racing. Before the sadness came back, he cleared his throat, “Here, l-let me walk you in.”

He hopped up out of the car and skipped around, grabbing the door for you and offering his hand. You took it and he lifted you easily up out of the passenger’s side and back to your feet, your skirt hanging back around your knees.

With his hand in yours, you felt your chest ache in a fit of longing, and when it settled from the high, he let it go. Instead, he offered you his elbow and you slipped your hand in.

One step at a time, he walked you down the cobblestone path to your building and up the stairs. Matt stopped on the second to last stair and watched you take the final step up to your porch. You opened your clutch in the last few steps, pulling your keys up around your finger and when you turned around, Matt was still standing there one step down.

He was still so well put-together, buttoned up shirt peeking from his cotton sweater, hair brushed off to one side. Eyes glittering from behind his glasses, he blinked suddenly, perhaps realizing you were looking back at him.

 “Goodnight, beautiful.”‘

Beautiful’ hung in your chest like a last falling drop of water, making you tingle as it splashed down into your heart. With your eyes on his doe-eyed face, you stepped forward, leaning down and cupping Matt’s cheeks in your hands. Your kiss was brief, soft and certain, right on his lips.

He lingered as you pulled away, his eyes fluttering open, love-sick and soft. The elation that filled him graced you too:

“Goodnight, Matty,”