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mistletoe moments (a tdbm, jean/lucien fic)--chapter 1/?

for my dear friend melanie who is having a fucking shitty day and you should all go heap love upon her 

900 words, christmas fluff

It was Lucien’s first Christmas since returning to Ballarat and Jean was determined to make it memorable for him. His father had passed away just a few months ago and the weight of that loss still hung over the house like a dark shadow.

The roast was cooking in the oven, the potatoes boiling on the stove, and she was busy dicing, slicing, and chopping the veg. The gravy was bubbling over in the pot and the Yorkshire puddings were ready to be baked. 

Mattie sat at the table, folding napkins and readying the Christmas crackers, filling Jean in on the things she had seen at the hospital that morning. To be honest, Jean stopped listening when she went into a little too much detail about a severed thumb that happened after trying to carve up a turkey…

And Lucien hovered in the kitchen doorway, holding a glass of scotch, and asking, for what Jean felt was the hundredth time, if he could assist. 

“For Heaven’s sake, Lucien. No.”

He looked affronted, “Jean, I am a doctor. If I can perform surgery and sew an organ back together, I can certainly manage to julienne some carrots.”

Jean turned, hand on one hip and knife in the other. “A doctor you may be, but a chef you are not. I’ve seen you in the kitchen and you aren’t coming anywhere near this dinner.”

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