I’m gonna miss that stupid little music so much.
And that stupid library.
And that brody vampire.
And that stupid, naive girl.
And that control freak.
And that weirdo.
And that Xena.
And that stupid puppy.
And all the stupid things that show made me love.
I’ll miss the hell out of the little web series that was about mystery, gays and tampons, but ended up being about love, sacrifice and acceptance.
I’ll miss you Carm.
And, you are still killing me Hollis.

Where are the Leotilda AUs??

I want bright promising straight-from-the-police-academy Mattie being partnered up with scruffy grump almost-rogue cop Leo because all his partners quit and they’re running out of options but he’s too good at his job to let go.

I want barista Mattie going out of her way to make regular cafe-goer Leo smile just because it’s a challenge and she loves challenges.

I want bold uni first year Mattie setting her sights on the cute TA Leo because he’s broody and mysterious only to find out he’s actually very easily flustered.

I want Leo as a Hunter riding across the country fighting monsters and Mattie stowing away in his trunk when he refuses to take her with him because it’s too dangerous.

I want Mattie having a one-night-stand in a club only to realize the next day that Leo’s actually the new teacher at her high school.

I want Mattie and Niska being high school bffs and Mattie going over to Niska’s house only to find that her older brother is smoking hot.

I want Leo running an underground hacker organization that Mattie is trying to join.

I want Leo as a reluctant part of some criminal organization and going rogue to protect Mattie when they kidnap her because this is not what he signed up for.

I want Leotilda AUs and there are none and I’m upset about it.