matti the clown


arun: do u guys remember when i caught blue trying 2 slide down the garbage chute!!!! LOL

blue: >_> 

maya: LOL YA omg my stupid son

blue: ma wtf

arun: one time matty had a fit and decided 2 make his bedroom in the lobby elevator!!!!!! HAW HAW what a clown

matty: -________-

I haven’t seen a post about this yet so … I would like to talk about the absolute brilliance of the way the first few The 1975 videos were released off their latest album.

So the first one, for the first single off I like it when you sleep etc, is for the song Love Me, a loud, obnoxious, glittery, flamboyant, over the top anthem that introduces us to their new aesthetic, a drastic change from the grungey, black and white aesthetic of the previous album. The video contains a shirtless, make-up wearing Matty dancing among cardboard cutouts of celebrities, girls in fluffy pink dresses dancing with floating guitars, and the whole band in a hot tub. It is as completely opposite to the video for Chocolate as it could possibly be. Their old style of leather and smoke and grey-scale is blown completely away by pink and sparkles and neon.

The next video, for UGH!, is a continuation of this. We’re introduced to the stage set up for their upcoming tour, the rectangles above, the illuminated blocks, Matty’s amazing dorky dad dancing, and more neon. Lyrically this song is very sad, about a struggle with drug addiction, but musically it’s bright and dancable. It’s the perfect song to showcase what the entire album is trying to accomplish - lyrics that are serious and heavy and personal, over music that makes you happy when you hear it.

The third video is for The Sound, a song that Matty stated was written for the first album but “we didn’t have the confidence on the first album to pull it off.” This is a song they wrote years earlier, but then sat on because they were playing it safe. The song ends up on their second album, and becomes the third video of them showing us their new sound, their new aesthetic, their new confidence. But this is where it takes a darker turn. This video has the band in a glass box, playing the song while surrounded by critics who are tearing apart the very Sound that the band is so proud of.

Throughout the video, the critics hurl insults at them, presumably things real critics have actually said about them, and the band gets more and more agitated as they do.

At the very end, Matty falls to the floor and finally, the critics have successfully taken the neon and pink out of the band and they’re thrown back to black and white, back to where they started before they dared to try something new.

The next video, for a song aptly called A Change Of Heart, shows Matty as a sad clown reverted back to the grunge and grey-scale of their first album.

I’m so impressed and intrigued by the narrative they’ve presented here, when you look at these videos together and not as entirely separate entities. Nothing this band does is without an enormous amount of thought. Idk maybe I’m the only one who thinks this is so magical but to me it’s just brilliant.

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: robbers, change of heart, and somebody else must all be connected. there's a lyric and music video references between robbers and change of heart and then somebody else starts with clown matty from change of heart going into the room and changing into somebody else matty. the story line would be that in robbers its the kind of happy relationship then change of heart is where that relationship ends and then somebody else is where the other person moved on and matty is sad. sad matty. THEN at the end of somebody else we have the scenes where matty sees himself instead of all the girls. that must be supposed to portray the fact that people can get so caught up in themselves and only see themselves that it ruins a relationship.

literally robbers “if you just take off your mask youd find out everythings gone wrong” bc matty was a happy clown and then he entered the real world without his face paint AND THENNNN UGH! “using other peoples faces as a mirror for you” BECAUSE HES CRazy and thinks everyone is HIM!!! omg


since Chev didn’t emotionally traumatize you this mornning i think i’ll give it a go: Matty is very obviously painted as a clown/dressed as one. The hat, the “big” shoes, the ridiculous lip makeup. However, his partner seems to be dressed more as a mime with her costume/makeup. 

So, as we know, a clown entertains by being boisterous and funny, Matty was trying to convey his jester personality. This mime followed him, danced the same dance and almost mimicked his actions.As a couple, this person wanted to be a part of Matty’s world (as @babblingblog said) but she got tired when he was no longer entertaining. 

A mime mimics you, mirrors you for entertainment. She wanted to reflect Matty’s world without actually being a part of it. 

Matty is a clown, its who he is, he can’t mimic or mirror people, he has to put on his own show with choreography and punch lines.

What I’m trying to say is that she wanted to be like him until it wasn’t convenient and left. Until his “act” became too real for her.