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“We need a cure for autism!”

Well you will never get it, no matter your stance on the subject. Autism is likely genetic and studies show that by six months of age there are already detectable changes in the brain that predict an autism diagnosis later in life. So even though we don’t know what autism is, it’s definitely something you’re born with and it is impossible to change that after the baby is born. Nothing will ever turn an autistic person who is alive into an allistic person. You can’t rewrite their entire brain anatomy.

So why do Autism Speaks talk of “the cure”? What they mean by cure is prenatal screening that will allow parents to abort fetuses with certain traits or genes. It means stopping autistic people from being born. It means getting rid of us even before a fetus develops a brain. It means that from their point of view not ever being alive (so essentially death) is better than existence as an autistic person.

That’s what you are saying when you’re advocating for a cure. “I wish you were never born”. “I wish your parents would have aborted you before you developed into a person”. “I think your existence is worse than death”. “I think you would be better off dead”. That is your message. That is your opinion.

Think about that next time you talk about a cure for autism.

simple explanation of empathy types
  • *your friend is crying*
  • affective empathy: I see that my friend is crying and I feel sad because of that.
  • cognitive empathy: I see that my friend is crying and I understand that they feel sadness and possibly anger.
  • compassionate empathy: I see that my friend is crying and I wanna help them (hug them, calm they down, etc) so that they feel better again.

My contribution to the “which autistic are you” meme: autism headcanon edition (feel free to add yours though)! Tag yourself.

Sherlock Holmes:
-frequent shutdowns
-audio stimming
-very few friends
-long-lasting (or whole life) special interests
-weird sleep pattern
-cares zero percent about passing as NT

Hermione Granger:
-Child Prodigy™
-strict routines
-infodumping 24/7
-black and white thinking
-tactile stimming

The Doctor (Doctor Who):
-collects special interests like stamps
-lots of movement stims (hand flapping, spinning, rocking, etc)
-loves social interaction even though it’s hard
-terrible voice volume control
-weird/unusual appearance and sense of dress
-echolalia. so much echolalia

Lilo (Lilo&Stitch):
-comfort object(s)
-loud meltdowns
-specific and unusual routines
-understands other creatures better than humans
-very good imagination/creative
-extremely picky eater

this is my art trade with @ask-merman-mattie ! they wanted a russia knitting, so i kindly obliged! of course he’s gonna knit something for his kitty <3


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Klance and the Voltron Team Youtuber Au because why not???

Okay so I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and now I’m going to because why the hell not???

  • Keith and Lance share a huge house. They always have the gang over so its like they live there too basically. 
  • Lance’s username is something like BlueLance or something cute idk
  • Keith’s is just Keith Kogane. Or basically simple af. 
  • Pidge has a gaming channel. They love to go on public servers and just wreck the 28 year olds that have been doing it for years. 
  • Hunk doesn’t actually have a channel yet, but he’s always in the videos so its almost like everyone just shares their channels with him. 
  • Shiro does a lot of vlogging or a couple of good RPGs or something idek im just making this up as i go lol
  • Allura vlogs. Everyday. Everyone loves her. She has the most subscribers. 
  • Coran doesn’t have a channel either, but he’s always in the videos like Hunk. 

Back to the Klance now. 

  • Keith is that guy who does all the game theories and makes random videos like,,, who even thinks of some of the things he comes up with???
  • He vlogs a little too if he’s going on a trip or something. 
  • Lance loves to do challenges with the whole gang. He also likes those dumb DIYs that he literally has 0 use for. 
  • Lance does that bathtub full of orbiez. (Whatever they are called lol) and makes a huge mess while Keith is filming. 
  • Keith is trying to not smile because oh my god??? He looks so happy and cute sitting in a tub of little gel orbs???
  • Keith cannot stay mad at Lance. 
  • That’s a lie he gets mad when they both have no idea what to do with over 7,000 orbiez. 
  • “Lance, you should not have filled the effing tub with these little-”
  • They also do the ‘Boyfriend Best friend does my make up challenge’
  • Lance does make up on Keith. Keith does not know how it ended up like this. 
  • Lance does an amazing job because oh my god someone had to teach his sisters how make up works when mom wasn’t around. He gets into it later bc of this…
  • Lance just kinda pauses at the end because holy crap Keith looks so fricken pretty. 
  • Keith thinks he made him look like shrek or something.
  • They end up with the klance fandom soon after a year or two. 
  • Pidge ships it and always makes references. 
  • They are still not together but they might as well be. It drives the fandom nuts. 
  • It’s even worse when they collab and Lance subtly flirts with Keith and it just goes over his head and the fandom looses its shit. 

Feel free to add on these are only ideas and hehe i might just draw some of this. 

More trans Keith headcanons!

-As a child, before he even knew what trans was or that he even was a boy, he tried really hard to be like other girls. He tried to imitate what other girls would do like play with dolls or even obsess of ponies and things of the sort. He just didn’t understand why he wasn’t like the other little girls so he tried to imitate them to fit in and not be “weird”

-Even if he tried to fit in with the girls, he still wanted to be “one of the boys”

-Once he got his hands on some craft scissors and chopped off all his hair, it was a terrible jagged cut, with no way of fixing it aside from just buzzing it, but he felt so much better. No one was really happy with him though

-When he got into the garrison, he had everything legally changed over. He changed his name to Keith on his birth certificate.

-He bought tons of binders and started T. The Garrison was even nice enough to help fund his transition

-Unfortunately, he became a paladin of voltron before he could get top surgery and he only brought the clothes on his back (the one binder)

-Keith usually keeps an extra binder in the pouches on his hips, but due to spontaneity, he didn’t have any on his random space trip to the castle ship

I’ll probably come up with more eventually, these are just the ones that I’ve been thinking up for awhile. I also am trying to work on a fanfic with trans Keith in it. Like, people, do you understand how much I love trans Keith??? I’m always down to talk trans Keith

@buckyflowercrown I hope that you enjoy these haha these are just some that I’ve had in mind for some time now