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Hi! First I'd just like to say I am a huge fan of your books and I love everything you write. Thank you so much for creating this amazing series! I absolutely can't wait for TLH and I'd like to ask how is Matthew's relationship with the rest of his family? I got the impression in Nothing But Shadows he doesn't get along with his brother or his mom very well but i could be wrong. Would it be too much to ask for a snippet with him? He is simply my favourite. Either way, thank you!

Matthew gets along well with his father, and he loves and respects his mother, but Charlotte’s incredibly demanding job (and the sexism she constantly deals with, making her have to do twice as much as any other Consul) means she isn’t always present, and Matthew in Nothing But Shadows was young enough to resent that (part of maturing is growing to understand your parents are people with pressures on them, sometimes unique pressures.)

Matthew and Charles have a very complex, not always pleasant relationship. They represent in many ways opposite spectrums of values and beliefs.


maybe Heronchild [Matthew Fairchild and James Herondale] is canon? and James married Cordelia to cover up their relationship. Cassandra Clare did say that James marries Cordelia for a strange reason. And also Cassie has constantly said that The Dark Artifices and The Last Hours intertwine, possibly because of the parabatai curse? 

and here are a few pins on Cassie’s The Last Hours board on pinterest…

also apparently Matthew is already in love when the book begins, in Nothing but Shadows Matthew shows quite a few signs of having a crush on James, perhaps it has increased between the time of Nothing but Shadows and the first TLH book?


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New (OLD) photos of Zacky (and the boys) in Europe. Man seeing Jimmy in photos and videos made me tear up.