Awww…Destiny’s Child (Version 3.0) reunion at @KellyRowland ’s listening party. Kelly shot down Matthew Knowles’ claim of a DC3 album the other day saying that the girls had not discussed any such thing, but I wouldn’t mind another Destiny’s Child album. I’m sure Michelle would appreciate the relevance being with her sisters again.


Matthew began taking her to local talent shows, where she won thirty-five times in a row, and he soon formed a group. “I was nine the first time we performed,” Beyoncé says. “It was at a day care. We didn’t even know the name of the group’cause i remember we were backstage, well, not backstage, but in this little room on the side. And we were tryin’ to write down names and logos. There were kids out there cryin’ while we performed, but i realized how much i loved bein’ in a group. Because i was always so nervous, and to have those girls with me before the stage, during the stage and after the stage- and we could talk about it,it was even more exciting for me.”
When Beyoncé was ten, the group, then called GirlsTyme, earned a slot on Star Search. It would be a turning point,but not the one they were expecting, they lost. As his daughter sobbed backstage, Matthew vowed to leave his job and manage them full-time.

Beyonce for Rolling Stone 2004

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Matthew Knowles talking about Blue Ivy.