Radical! We just received more goods for the SUPER RAD SWAG GRAB BAG. Everything you see here was generously donated by Matt Payne. Thanks Matt!!!

The Indiegogo campaign for pre-production has wrapped and the funds are in the midst of being transferred. The fundraising must go on my friends!

I will soon be opening a Big Cartel shop in order to keep selling SUPER RAD SWAG GRAB BAGs and other cool gear. We now have 4 XL Glowing Stars T-shirts for sale - like the one that I nabbed for myself pictured above. Thanks again Matt! ;) I’ll be sure to let everyone know when I have the shop up and running.


I am totally digging this new simple work I’ve been doing. I feel some of my best works are actually stick figures I doodle of fanart, and then I came across this opportunity. I’m not judged by the amount of effort, details, or material I use, I’m just judged by the rules set before me and the concept of how to execute it.

ANYWAYS, if you’re around San Jose next week, there’s a show, featuring Matthew Joseph Payne, A Yawn Worth Yelling, and Container & The Star People. If you like electronic and ukulele music, it’s a FREE SHOW.