Voice actors play their overwatch characters featuring
-Matt mercer repeating every one of his own voice lines
-crispin freeman is just flat out “Oh, I think we won?” Winston
-“It’s….eleven forty-five apparently. Bit too early there”
-Jonny Cruz repeating every one of his own voicelines
-players somehow thinking they are using a soundboard of some kind because “there’s no way”

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That moment when a character you met and fell in love with in book 1 dies a tragic, horrible death at the end of book 5, and it was hinted at both at the end of book 2 and in the middle of book 5, but it still tears you to pieces to see them go out like that.

falling in love with voice actors is literally 20x more dangerous than liking a regular actor 

because a live action actor might have three or four roles that they’re really well known for that you really like but voice actors can voice literally 100 different characters and all of them could be your faves and you will literally watch an entire 100 episode anime so that you can go “ah yes it’s my baby crispin freeman voicing Unnamed Guard #3″


I watch the best series ♡.

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could you give me a list of older faceclaims, preferably 45+? thanks in advance!




Even If She Falls || Matthew

After that day at the park, Charlotte hasn’t been seeing Matthew around; although it began to worry her she knew Matthew would be alright. Walking through the hallways, she took out her phone ready to text Matt as she made her way to her locker. A smile began to slowly trigger on her lips as she began to press the buttons on her fingers. Matthew had that affect on her, he seem to make her smile whether it was someone saying his name or just seeing his name pop out on her phone. After she was done texting, she grabbed her books from her bag slowly putting them in her locker, hoping Matt was somewhere around school thinking about her.