The Vampire Diaries Episode 8.13 “The Lies Are Going to Catch Up With You”
EVIL IN THE PAST – Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Alaric (Matt Davis) come face to face with an old enemy after they obtain a weapon that may be able to destroy Cade. Stefan (Paul Wesley) is held captive by a surprising acquaintance and is forced to confront a dark secret from his past. Meanwhile, Caroline (Candice King) and Matt (Zach Roerig) try to keep Stefan’s violent history from destroying him. Cade (guest star Wolé Parks) focuses his attention on Bonnie (Kat Graham) and digs deep into her mind. Tony Solomons directed the episode written by Neil Reynolds (#813). Original airdate 2/17/2017.


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What pet name would the guys from Vampire Diaries give you?

Stefan grew fond of calling you Honey pretty early on in your relationship.  He  wanted to have a pet name for you that was sort of un-common.  A lot of people usually called their significant other some variation of ‘baby’.  Honey wasn’t used a lot anymore, so it kind of fit Stefan in that way.  A little old-timey, but perfect and sweet none-the-less.

Damon constantly called you ‘Dear’.  It had started out as a joke, but after a while he started slipping it into everyday conversation, not just sarcastic comments.  Every time you would ask him to help you with something it would be ‘yes dear’, or ‘coming dear’, and he’d give you a signature eye roll.  Now it wasn’t just his go-to for a sarcastic comment, but his term of endearment to convey how special you were to him.

Matt went for the classic ‘babe’ pet name.  He thought that it fit you, and he didn’t have to even think about call you babe.  It just rolled right off his tongue.  He loved to just hold you close and murmur ‘babe’ in your ear, whether it was while you were cooking or just watching a movie or tv show.

Jeremy called you sweetie.  He bounced around in a few pet names at the beginning of your relationship, but he ultimately choose to continue to call you sweetie.  It wasn’t his usual style, but he liked that it was something unexpected.

Alaric grew fond of calling you Darling, and used it more often than he did your actual name.  At first he didn’t even realize that he was calling you by a nickname.  He would call you ‘Darling’ when he was extremely busy with work.  He’d be deep in reading student papers or books and would let ‘Darling’ slip without even realizing what he had said.  Eventually when he did realize what he was calling you, he just let it stick.

Kai would go for a more classic pet name, but something still creative.  He’d call you Dove.  It was something that you didn’t hear often, so it was special to the two of you.

Not So Guilty Pleasure: Why I Love Legally Blonde 💋

I’ve always been quite feminine or as people call that when you’re younger, girly. I own two books solely on fashion photography, and two on fashion and beauty history.

And I’m pretty sure an adult man could actually drown in the number of handbags (some of which are truly obscenely overpriced) I’ve got in my closet. I’ve always loved the entire process of dressing up: picking clothes and all, applying some makeup even the dousing of the rose scented perfume I’ve loved and used for years was and is a wonderful part of that.

And I’ve always had as much as a love of pink (I simply thought pink stuff was pretty) as I did one of my other favorite colors which is actually navy blue, ironically enough. However, the pink made me more ashamed, than the blue did, and I did not really dare to admit that or to very openly liking “traditionally girly things”

It’s the film Legally Blonde that brought the revelation that there’s nothing wrong with what loving these things mean or can mean about you, that’s why from the first minute that I saw it I loved it, Legally Blonde was the first feminist tinted film I saw, back when I didn’t even know what the word meant at all, or what a feminist is…

While it is a film that I love, it was always more of a closeted love. Because of course, not many people take the film seriously, first of all with the name and all. The DVD cover is all hot pink, and it has a blonde with a beaming smile in a pink dress and a chihuahua in her arms, even I when I first got it as a gift (from one of my aunts, who I love dearly but who has terrible taste in movies) thought it was going to be a truly horrible, forgettable  film, that I’d only watch one time in my life. 

But ten minutes in I loved the film, and even though I knew it was a film that I know many people would also detract, a part of me also has always thought: “your time will come one day, people will see your value one day”.

And I wasn’t wrong, the day you discover that many people, in fact, love one of your favourite films (that you were ashamed of loving) and that it’s gathered quite the cult following and has in fact been hailed for its feminist qualities, is a joyous day and you can smile with relief, you’re in fact not out of your mind, and don’t see stuff in a film that’s actually not there, it almost made me wanna get Champagne (actually cava), order pizza and call all my girl friends for a viewing of the film. 

Now what I’ve always loved about the film, from the very first few minutes that you’re in, is that it has as it’s protagonist a woman who  is unapologetically a woman and embraces her femininity to the fullest, even if it is perhaps in a caricatural sense:

Her room is all pink, the brush with which she brushes her shiny, golden, luscious blonde hair has fake rhinestones on it. There’s flower petals on the ever present Cosmopolitan magazines, a True Color blonde hair dye bottle, bright glittery pink heels in the corner (I’d buy em actually, not gonna lie) well you get the idea anything that could possibly be pink or remotely femininely tinted was.

But it was a revelation for me even when I was younger: A woman that actually loves being a woman and that also sees nothing wrong with it? She must be a unicorn or at least some mythical creature!! Right?! It was simply marvelous for me because I was always the girl that if I could choose between pants or a dress or a skirt I’d go for the latter, I simply felt better and more me that way. 

We have as I said a woman that loves being a woman and that will never ever apologize for it and that will never ever tone down her feminity for anyone. She is openly and publicly emotional and enthusiastic about things.

 The film sees her as a serious protagonist and we’re not supposed to laugh at her or pity her, we’re supposed to sympathise, to love her, to embrace her, which proves to be a challenge for many people, I’ve watched the film with plenty of people; everyone initially laughed, but who had the best laugh in the end? That’s right Elle Woods.

It’s a film that shows that knowing about things that are typically considered feminine and therefore quite useless or at least valued less, is also a form of valuable intelligence. We see this 4 four minutes into the film.

Elle goes shopping for a dress for her special date when she expects her boyfriend will propose, the saleswoman thinks she’s an easy target as did I initially “a dumb blonde with daddy’s plastic.”

She tries to sell her a dress that is both last season and that is also made out of a fabric that tears easily, Elle asks the saleswoman a question and through that tricks her into admitting that the dress is in fact low quality.

It’s tricking someone into thinking you are in fact clueless and dumb as they thought you were and that you buy anything that you’re told and then BAM proving you had a clue the entire time, it is a smart,  move and this is the minute my respect for her started growing.

It is also, in the end, her extensive beauty knowledge that solves a murder case, unrealistic maybe, but still, a very lovely touch, all sort of things can be involved in a murder case, stilettos could be a realistic weapon, as could a nail file if you think about it…

But my respect started swindling again, later on, she goes on that date, but instead of having her boyfriend propose to her he breaks up with her, because she is not serious enough which is code for “not smart enough” because duh blonde and feminine mean stupid.

And if you’re a brunette you are of course immediately fiercely intelligent, I type (as I adjust my hot librarian glasses, and I don’t have fun ever either, like ever, you’ll never catch a cocktail in my hand…) It is of course but another dumb cliche.

But he breaks up with her because of this, because as he puts it, if I’m gonna be a senator by the time I’m 30 “ I need a Jackie, not a Marilyn”. So when she said you’re breaking up with me “because I’m too blonde”? She was in fact not wrong, he broke up with her because of the cliches attached to being blonde and also to being an openly feminine woman because in his view you can’t be both intelligent and feminine.

After the disastrous breakup, she breaks down, goes into full lockdown, doesn’t go out for a week and of course eats a full box of chocolates…

However, she eventually collects herself with the help of her friends and become dead set against everyone’s criticism and disbelief of making her way into Harvard Law School to gain back her man, there’s no question in her mind that she will get in, she simply states  "there are no backup plans, I’m going to Harvard law".

While that determination is admirable, I at first absolutely hated it, a woman going to study, not to better herself but to get a man, can you get anymore 18th century and sexist? It absolutely is determination but of the wrong kind.

Yet the film does something smart with it, it takes this as the basis for an evolution in its main character, instead of having him realize what he’s been missing out on and admiring her intelligence and determination finally and them being disgustingly happy and all.

It has her realise that he is not worthy of her, instead, once she’s gotten in at Harvard she stays true to herself, which means that she gathers many laughs at first, and while she does at first try to prove that she is worthy of being there, when she applies herself to the books it is at first, to impress her ex.

However she eventually realises, that even when she has been trying hard to impress him, and has been achieving visible results, he never will see her as more than a dumb blonde, and still seems to believe that she either cheated or either slept her way in, it’s when she speaks the words “I’m never going to be good enough for you,? Am I?”, that this realization finally kicks in. 

He doesn’t realise how valuable she is, until it is too late, when she doesn’t want him back because she has better now found a better man, however this moment is but a briefly brushed over footnote, Legally  Blonde is above all a love story of a woman that realises her own self-worth through falling in love with the law and yes also with herself.

From the moment she realizes he doesn’t want her back, she briefly debates giving up but then decides that there’s no reason to not value her own worth, she was already on her way to getting a law degree and was loving what she was doing, so why give that up?

She already had all of this potential in her, but she never believed in it herself, because she was never encouraged to cultivate it, which really teaches us that we should try new things for ourselves, open new horizons for ourselves, not for anyone, not to prove anyone wrong, but for the satisfaction that brings to our own image of ourselves.

A few honourable mentions in the film’s storyline are, that also illustrate it’s feminist undertones is that it has her become friends with the woman she initially fought over the same man with, it’s realistically brought as well, it moves slowly and naturally, there’s not a moment of sudden, random reconciliation, it starts with small acts of kindness.

They eventually both realize that man they both so coveted was not worth their energy and Vivian, the friend dumps him, and Elle decidedly rejects when he comes on to her, begging for a second chance. The one professor who initially seemed to fully believe in her turns out to be a perverted creep and him saying she should take a summer internship with him and that he admires her intelligence is but a way to get her into bed.

And here’s a woman who has no problem dressing as a pink Playboy bunny, but she will never, ever sleep with a professor to advance in her future career and eliminate possible competition because she 100% believes in having integrity. And I love it!

Elle feels used and reduced to her looks after, she absent-mindedly and sadly says “he saw me as a piece of ass”. But she weathers the storm thanks to the unwavering support of those around her who she can call her friends, all of them stick to her side of the story, minus one person who is later a big enough person to admit that she misinterpreted what she saw and apologizes for it.

If only it could always go like this in real life, the man who came on sexually to her unwantedly, finds himself cut off by those around him and publicly shamed for his misstep.

Elle did not give in to his offer; out of pride but also because she perceives it as something immoral, and she believes above all in being a kind and good person, and in not stepping on others, that’s simply who she is.

And she’s not ashamed of it even if she is seen as naive for it, she is always unapologetically herself and always unapologetically defends her own beliefs and values, even if it causes her temporary unhappiness and I have always found that truly admirable, it is sometimes much easier to undermine and diminish yourself, if it means fitting in, holding on to you who are that takes true conviction of character! 

Now while it has all of this wonderfulness, the film would have likely been nothing or not as good without Reese Witherspoon, she’s a joy to watch!

She took on the role of the bubbly blonde with the exact right amount of positive energy, confidence, and sass. She’s also visibly enjoying herself and did truly outshine most of the other cast members.

But despite it’s acting, that is of exceptional quality for a chick flick it also has an excellent soundtrack that actually brilliantly coheres to the film’s subject and the emotional tone of some scenes.

While so many chick flicks aren’t really that aesthetically pleasing, Legally Blonde was crafted with an admirable attention to detail, that renders it pleasing to the eye.

It’s simply a film that’s well worth the watch, it’s well crafted and solid in all of its aspects and its message of self-love is believable as well as heartwarming and is not forced down your throat in such a cheesy manner that it makes you want to vomit.

“If you’re going to let one stupid prick ruin your life… you’re not the girl I thought you were.”