Jealous much ?

Word count: 1548

Request: Hey :) can you do an imagine where me and cam are best friends and i kiss nash then cam gets jealous

“Ow, That hurt” you rubbed your arm where a punch just landed moments before.

“You’ll live” Cameron chuckled at your response to his punch. This was the usual relationship you had with him. You’ve been best friends for as long as either of you could remember. 

“You’re right, what’s a minute worth of pain to a year worth of pain to your pride, since you just got beaten by a girl once again.” You smirked. You were both playing Mario cart at Cameron’s apartment since you were bored. And typically you always won. Cameron rolled his eyes at your comment as he pressed okay to continue to the next level.

“Hey guys, whatcha doing?” a voice said behind the couch.

 “Mario Kart” You replied not even looking up which was at least a response since Cameron just gave a grunt. You both were super competitive and in the zone and had no time to look up from the intense game that lay on the screen before you. It most likely was Nash who lived with Cameron or one of the other guys who came to visit every so often. They always stop by unannounced. 

“Alright, I play winner” The seat beside you sunk down a little by the weight of the person causing you to glance who it was. Nash. But the split second your attention was diverted caused Cameron to seize the opportunity and throw a shell at you. One you were unable to dodge since your attention was somewhere else. 

“Oh c’mon, Seriously, I was distracted” you groaned, seeing that you lost to Cameron.

 “All’s fair in love and war” Cameron said taking the remote from your hands and handing it over to Nash’s eager ones. 

“I don’t think that’s how that quote goes” You replied but Cameron just shrugged at your response leaving you with your arms crossed. You sunk down into the couch awaiting your turn to beat cameron.

“Hey the boys and I are having a bonfire at the beach tonight, you should come (Y/N)” Nash spoke over the game. Cameron gave him a glance but it was so quick you wondered if you imagined it.

 “I don’t know, parties aren’t my scene” You replied. They weren’t really. You’ve been to a few sure and had some fun but you didn’t really like the atmosphere. It was all about who was drunk and who was the prettiest and who can who hook up with.

“Lie, you enjoy them” Cameron called you out his eyes never leaving the game.

“Can i bring (Y/F/N)?”

“Sure, the more the merrier, Dang Cam” Nash groaned at his defeat, finally looking at you and handing over the remote. 




“We’re going” (Y/F/N) replied over the phone after you told her of the invite you had received from Nash.

“Why? It’s just a party”

“Yes and a golden opportunity to look good and meet hot guys” You let out a deep breath of air, there was no changing her mind once she had it set on something. And that something was the party tonight. 

“I’ll be over in a few” She stated.As soon as she hung up you heard a knock at your door. She probably was already on her way over as soon as you told her. As soon as you turned the handle she burst in the room chattering about hair, clothes and makeup. “..It’ll be perfect, should we wear bikinis under our outfits? or curl our hair? I’m thinking more natural so if we do swim we won’t look ridiculous.” She continued making it hard for you to catch everything she was saying. Before you knew it she had you sitting on your bed and was in a whirlwind of motions.

 “I forgot to ask what time it will be at…” You trailed off in between things being shoved in your face and clothes thrown your way. (Y/F/N) was a handful but she definitely made life a bit more interesting.

 “Um text Cameron, duh, that’s important” She replied, throwing another article of clothing your way.

YOU: Yo Cam, when’s the party tonight?CAMERON: Should be around 8ish, why?

YOU: because i’m going… ? duh

CAMERON: Right, i’ll see you there :)

“Its around 8ish” 

“Perfect” (Y/F/N) was finally deciding on her own outfit.




By the time 8 o’clock rolled around both you and (Y/F/N) looked great. (Y/F/N) pulled up to the parking lot by the beach where the music was already shaking the air. As you went to open the door to get out (Y/F/N)s hand whipped out to stop you. 

“What are you doing??” you questioned.

“Um hello you’re always supposed to be fashionably late, duh” She said in a tone like it was obvious.

“How late is fashionably late??”

“8 minutes”

“And how is that determined?”

“I don’t know i don’t make the rules?”

 “Who does”

“I don’t know, we just follow them” she threw her hands up in an exasperated sigh. You finally gave in and allowed her to make you wait until the clock reached 8:08pm. Then both the car’s doors opened as you both got out. The beach was amazingly wrote and the you could see some stars glitter through the LA smog. There were a bunch of teenagers already gifted with a red solo cup and dancing around the fire or lazily laying out. A few party goers were splashing around in the water. 

“(Y/N) you made it!” A familiar voice chuckled. By this point (Y/F/N) had already disappeared leaving you alone to face them. 

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world” you joked as you turned to face Nash. He handed you a red solo cup and you took a small sip. You didn’t mind alcohol but you didn’t always like the effects. Especially the ones that came when you became drunk.

“The stars are out tonight” He said pointing at the sky. You nodded your head in realization. Quickly an awkward silence filled the air like a blanket covering a child. 

“Well i’m going to go join the party, I’m sure Cam would want me to tell him i’m here” You said pointing off in the direction of the party. 

“Wait” He grabbed your arm as you were walking away and pulled you in close to him. Very close. Close enough that you could feel his chest rise and fall with every breath he took. He looked you deep in the eyes and bent down to kiss you. His hand fell to the small of your back holding you against him. You were in complete shock. But soon found your mouth moving against his and your eyes closing. You finally pulled away for a breath of fresh air but your heart broke to see the sight behind Nash. Cameron quickly walked away down the beach. 

“Cam. Wait” you sighed out in exasperation.

“Just let him go” Nash tried to pull you back in but you had one thought in your head and that was Cameron. 

“Cam” You tried again. When you finally caught up to him you grabbed his arm to make him stop. But he wouldn’t turn to look at you. “Cameron Dallas” You said emphasizing his full name, something you never do. His eyes finally met yours. You could see they were filled with emotions, anger, sadness, regret.

 “How could you?” He stated dully.

“How could I what?”

“Kiss him” He replied angrily.

“Why is that such a big deal? Why are you even upset?” Yu questioned until realization hit you like a ton of bricks. “Jealous much” you teased.“I am not”

“Then why else would you be upset?”

“Because he throws girls away like laundry, he just wants to sleep with you. Im looking out for you, as a friend” He emphasized friend at the end. You knew him better than how he let on though.

“No if you were being an overprotective friend you would have confronted Nash, this time you walked away” You pointed out “Why are you jealous?” 

“Because I LIKE you” Silence filled the air. You could hear the party going on faintly in the background.You were rendered speechless. Your best friend for as long as you could remember just confessed his feelings for you. Out of every girl he could have. “Oh just forget it, go back to nash” He started to walk away again. Away from you. But before you could register what you were doing you pulled him to you. You could smell the cinnamon scent that he had and see the speckles of light in his eyes.

“I never wanted Nash” As soon as the words left your mouth Cameron bent down and kissed you. The kind of kiss that you see in the movies where the couple is holding on to each other s tight and the girl props her one foot up. When you finally pulled away a small blush appeared on you cheeks along with a little smile. “You know seeing you jealous is kind of a turn on” You smiled cheekily. 

“Stay away from Nash” His eyes looked at yours in a glare but you could see that playful smirk in them as he bent down to kiss you again.

Funny boys are the best boys.

But of course Shawn wears all black to his high school graduation…still looks good though

Almost Filming

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a/n; I realized I didn’t have any Matt imagines so here you go

Word Count: 749

Pairing Matthew Espinosa X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Matthew!” I shrieked like something had happened to me, I giggled quietly into the camera as I heard him running upstairs. “Y/N, babe are you okay?!” Matt started asking before he even fully entered the room, he froze when he saw the video camera I was holding and the second one I had set up that was recording everything.

“I hate you.” He groaned, I pouted, “You don’t hate me.” I told him as I sat down to actually get my video started, “Come here, you’re doing a video with me.” I demanded patting the spot next to me. “Bossy.” He mumbled sitting next to me, I turned my head and looked at him, “But you like it.” I winked making him laugh, “Y/N!” He scolded still chuckling.

“Okay, stop it we’re actually going to film what we need to film, a Q&A.” I told him, he nodded putting a serious look on his face. I laughed before saying my introduction, “I’m here with my lovely boyfriend Matthew to do a Q and A.” I introduced him, he made a face at the camera before grabbing my phone to read questions that were sent in. He stood up and ran over to be right in front of the camera, “I know her phone password, hashtag relationship goals.” He whispered loudly to the camera before sitting back down.

I rolled my eyes but laughed at his crazy antics. “Can you read this to Y/N?” He read aloud, “I don’t know that doesn’t sound like a very reassuring question.” He joked as it loaded whatever they wanted him to read. “Ooh fan fiction.” He said wiggling his eyebrows at me, “Matthew, just read it already.” I said seriously. He rolled his eyes at me and started reading, “Y/N bit her lip holding back a-” I tackled him, “Why would you read something that was clearly dirty?” I asked as I was practically sitting on him, he smirked looking me up and down.

I sighed getting off of him, “I’ll read the questions from now on.” I said to the camera before finding another question. Matt kept kissing my cheek, I turned to look at him making him peck my lips, “May I help you?” I asked laughing at him. “I’m trying to make you smile.” He said giving me a puppy face. 

“Babe, we need to film.” I told him letting out a small laugh, he nodded and slid over so he was right next to me. He wrapped an arm around my waist well I read the next question. “Where did you two meet?” I read aloud, I smiled at the memory. “Well I went to surprise my brother Cameron a couple years ago at magcon and I walked in and there he was with a bunch of dry oatmeal in his mouth.” I explained glancing over at him. 

He smiled at me, “Yeah and I made a fool of myself trying to talk to her with all of the oatmeal in my mouth.” He added on, I laughed at the vivid memory. “Next question!” I shouted making him jump, “Damn it Y/N.” He placed a hand on his chest. “I’m sorry.” I laughed at him. “Okay this is for me only, sorry Matt.” I said to the pouting boy. He let out a huff and crossed his arms over his chest. 

I payed no attention to his arm that was draped behind my back as I answered this question. I wiggled a little as Matt started running his fingers down my side. He laughed at my reaction. “Matthew Lee Espinosa.” I warned once he did it again. “Yes princess.” He replied innocently. I started laughing loudly as he tickled my sides. I dropped my phone and tried to move his hands back. “Matt, babe, stop! Please!” I shrieked out through my laughs. 

He stopped after I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. I moved my head to the side letting out a groan. “What?” He asked looking down at me, I had gotten forced into laying down with him hovering over me, tickling me. “I don’t know how long the camera has been off.” I said starting to laugh at my forgetfulness. “Baby.” He whined dropping himself down next to me. 

“Sorry.” I replied. He smiled at me, “What?” I mumbled a blush covering my cheeks. “I love you.” He said before kissing me, “I love you too.” I said once we had pulled apart.


Instagram/Twitter au// Cameron was cheating and you handled it with class {because you’re a classy ass bitch that don’t cause drama just classy and independent as fuck// not requested I’m sorry this is trash I just needed to get an imagine up I’m sorry for this garbage on your tl


You put me in heaven, but when I think of you. God, it would send me to hell.

Bet he couldn’t do that - Matthew Espinosa (requested smut)



Y/n’s POV

“Its like I’m not even there to you, you only notice him and  never me!” Matthew’s voice furiously boomed as soon as the door closed. His hands went to his hips as he looked at me accusingly.

“He’s my best friend Matt! You know that we’ve always been close! And anyway, you’ve hung out with us a million times, and you choose now to bring it up?” My arms locked over my chest as I rolled my eyes at Matt’s jealous behaviour. It’s not like he had anything to fear.

“Yeah, well we started off as friends too!” A prominent vein bulged out as he screamed at me. My hands tightened around me, his anger rolling off him in waves.

“Stop! I’ve known him my whole life! And during that whole time, I’ve never once had feelings for him!”

“He tried to make a move on you! Couldn’t you see?” He took a step towards me, I took a step to him too, not afraid or ready to stand down, “He was going to kiss you!”

“Maybe I should’ve let him” I menacingly whispered, regretting what I said soon after. It was completely unlike me, but somehow Matt’s anger for such a petty thing clouded my common sense.

Matt’s eyes widened, his hands slowly balled into fists. He takes a step towards me. With me being stubborn, I had no intention of moving. Soon Matt’s strokes came faster, I didn’t have time to react before my back hit the cold wall, my wrists being moved above my head. Matt moved his face to the crook of my neck, kissing and nibbling on the sensitive skin.

The anger I had for him soon became clouded by my overwhelming lust for this boy. His hands wandered from my wrist down my body, ridding my shirt up, squeezing my waist. I bit back a moan as his hands began massaging my right breast. Matt moved back enough to pull my shirt off my body, throwing it behind him. His hands hungrily began palming my breasts before taking my bra off as well. He lowered slightly and licked my nipple, before sucking it, his eyes boring into mine.

I didn’t try to hide the low moan released form my lips as Matt’s tongue moved against my nipple. His tongue ran across to my other breast, sucking and licking my left nipple. Seconds later, his mouth left me, his hands gripped my thighs, pulling me on to his hips, carrying me to the couch. He threw me down, careful not to hurt me, but enough strength to know what he wanted. Before Matt could get full control, I grab him by the tie, pushing down on the couch, straddling him.

I grind slowly on to the bulge of his tight dress pants, my hands over his head on the arm of the couch. I watched as Matts eyes wandered down to our bodies moving against one another, his hands gripped my ass, helping me move. I grab his face, moving him to look at me, my lips crashing into his. It was sloppy and all teeth, the lust and anger coming back. It was going to be love and gentle kisses, but fucking with love bites. Just the way I wanted.

“Fuck babygirl, I want to cum in you, not in my pants,” his hand moved down to my panties, rubbing his fingers against my clit, “it seems like I’m not the only one that’s going to cum, c’mob babygirl, do it for daddy.”

I moan as I get off him, his hands grabbing me by my waist pulling down to the edge of the couch. He lands on his knees, spreading my legs, his hands gripping my panties, pulling down the material excruciatingly slow. His thumbs press my thighs, before he leans in, licking a strip up for my slit to my clit. My head moved even deeper into the couch, my eyes screwed shut as Matt started to teasingly suck my clit.

I felt his warm fingers trail up my thighs to my clit, plunging in without warning. Whilst Matt’s mouth moved slowly on my clit, his fingers were moving in and out harshly, his long, slender fingers curling inside me.

My fingers tangled in his hair, pulling him ever so close to my heat, a gesture to try and persuade him to go faster. Suddenly Matt’s fingers began moving even faster somehow, and soon I was nearing my high. The knot began to grow, nearing my orgasm. But before i could reach climax, Matt removed his mouth, his fingers, slowly sliding out of me. I looked up shocked, to see Matt shoving his fingers into his mouth, sucking them clean.

“W-Why’d you stop?” I was trying to regain breath from my almost-orgasm. The ass didn’t even reply, instead began unbuckling his dress pants, pulling them down and off, his unbuttoned his buttons and pulled his shirt off. Then he moved me so I was laying horizontally against the couch, my head now resting against the arm of the couch.

Matt moved to the place between my legs, hooking them around his waist, before thrusting into me. He didn’t even leave time to adjust, before he began pounding me.

“Tell me who makes you feel this way? Huh? Tell daddy who makes you feel so good,” his hand came in contact with my thigh, the slap making me even wetter, “Who’s the one fucking you, making you cum? Huh? It’s not that loser, who is it baby girl? Tell me or I’m gonna stop.”

“Y-You, daddy, you make me feel so g-good. You’re the o-only one who can make me c-cum again and a-again. Fuck!” Matt moved my leg up on to his should, making his cock go deeper into me, hitting my g-spot repeatedly. My moans were filling the air, along with the sound of skin slapping against one another.

It wasn’t long before I hit my high. I was moaning, my head being thrown back. Matt’s fingers decide to rub my clit, making em orgasm last longer, and my legs to shake. The euphoric feeling felt never ending, Matt’s cock, continued to thrust into me mercilessly until he came. I felt his sticky cum leak out, thanking the heavens I’m on the pill.

Matt pulls out shortly after, crashing on top of me. His heavy breathing making me smile.

“Bet James couldn’t do that.”

“I don’t know, maybe you have to try a little harder next time?”

“You’re gonna get it baby girl.”


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Request:  can u do a Matt imagine where u go to a meet and greet with some of the old magcon guys and ur dating Matt and u have fun with the fans and the other guys tease u and Matt for PDA?

a/n; finally a matt request yay and random gif because he looks soooo cute

Word Count: 343

Pairing: Matthew Espinosa X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Matt.” I laughed quietly as he buried his head in my neck. “What baby?” He whined in return. “The fans are waiting.” I said moving back, I saw the line of girls watching and laughing at us, we’ve been lucky in the fact that we don’t get a lot of hate. 

“Can I have a picture with the both of you?” A fan asked as I went to move to the side. I grinned largely and nodded, “Of course!” I responded happily. After that a few fans kept asking for pictures. 

I looked around seeing about half of the amount of fans were here. I shrieked as I felt Matt squeeze me from behind. It had caught the attention of many fans, but I didn’t mind. “I love you.” He mumbled as he rested his chin on my shoulder and his arms around my waist. “I love you too.” I replied turning to kiss his cheek quickly. We stood there talking to some fans well the other guys were finishing their meet and greets. 

I rolled my eyes as I saw Aaron, Cam and Taylor fake gagging at us. “Hello love birds.” Cam sang, I chuckled, “Hello.” I said. Matt sighed as he repeatedly kissed my shoulder, “Don’t you ever get sick of him?” Aaron asked teasingly, I shook my head. “Nope.” I replied popping the p. “You’re just jealous because you guys don’t have girlfriends.” Matt said finally looking up from my shoulder, I laughed at the guys faces. This was all like a giant improve class. 

They teased us some more before interacting with the even less amount of fans that were still here. I turned around and wrapped my arms around Matt’s neck. “I like PDA.” He grinned down at me. I rolled my eyes jokingly, “Yeah and I like you.” I remarked. He leaned his head down, barely inches away from my face, “Well I love you.” He mumbled before kissing me, I smiled into the kiss as he held me tighter, PDA can be pretty nice sometimes.. 


Imagine Cameron, Nash and Matt have a huge crush on you and they all know it and gets jealous with each other.

Gifs aren’t mine ; Credits to owner


This is so true. I’m going to cry.

Credits: to @magconrelateablee on Instagram.

CASH IS BACK, I missed them being together

I’m Yours

Request: hayes imagine where you two are getting ready for an awards show and you have your hair and makeup people helping and you and hayes and the guys are all just hanging out while getting ready and hayes can’t believe how georgous you look and the guys are all shocked so hayes like keeps touching and hugging and kissing you to make everyone know your his. thanks girlie!! love ur blog❤


could you do a hayes grier imagine where him & y/n are dating and they hang out at his house with all the guys?

a/n; I combined the two requests since they kinda go together, and one was kind of vague as to what happens so

Word Count: 810

Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I rolled my eyes as the guys somehow ended up in the kitchen where I was getting ready, I couldn’t turn to face them since I was having my hair curled. The blinds all pulled up to let lots of light in, “what are you guys doing?” I asked, looking as far back towards them as I could, “waiting.” I heard spread out across the room, I sighed, looking back in front of me, the makeup artist just got here so she’s setting up. 

“What kind of look are we going for?” She asked, ignoring the noise from everyone else, “modern, but not crazy.” I answered, I pulled up a picture of my dress for tonight, so she would know what type of colors to use. Hayes appeared in front of us making me smile, “hi babe.” I grabbed his hand as it rested on the counter next to me, “hey, baby.” He smiled at me, glancing back over at the guys who weren’t really paying any attention. 

“You look nice.” I told him, looking him over, he was almost wearing a suit, he was just missing the tie basically, but it looked nice, mature and polished. “Thank you.” He laughed, letting go of my hand as one of the guys called him over. “He’s sweet.” My hairstylist said, tugging gently on a piece of hair, pulling it into an updo, I closed my eyes as the eye shadow brush started coming towards my face. “And so it begins.” I mumbled, hearing the boys get even more rowdy, without a doubt getting documented on Snapchat by Johnson. 

“And here we have Y/N, getting pulled around by her hair.” I heard Johnson, as my head got pulled to the side by my hair, I laughed, “vlog or Snapchat?” I asked, not opening my eyes, since I couldn’t. “Vlog.” He answered, I nodded subtly, not wanting to mess up anything. 

“I just have to get dressed.” I assured Hayes as I walked past him, he grabbed my hand, making me turn towards him. He planted a kiss on my lips before letting me go, normally Madison and I helped each other get into our more elaborate dresses, but she’s out of town right now, so I’m on my own. 

I resisted the urge to bite my lip as I struggled to reach the zipper on my dress, “why couldn’t it be on the side?” I mumbled to myself, sticking my head out into the hall. “Hayes!” I shouted down the stairs, “someones in trouble.” I heard faintly followed by his footsteps thumping up the stairs. Hayes raised his eyebrows at me as I came into his view. “I can’t get the zipper.” I explained turning my back towards him. 

I watched in the mirror in front of me as the dress got pulled together, hugging me just right. It was a simple black dress, snug at the top but slightly looser once it got past my hips, spaghetti straps on top to help hold the v-neck up, cut outs on my waist. But it still had an element of class, it showed skin, but not in an obnoxious way. 

“Well, damn.” Hayes met my eyes in the mirror, I turned in his light grasp of my waist, his hands on the skin showing in the cut outs, “ready?” I asked, reaching to grab his hand. He nodded, asking me if I had everything I needed before we started our descent downstairs. My heels clicked on the wood stairs, slowly but surely everyone started shutting their mouths as I came into view. I felt a blush rise to my cheeks by all the attention, they normally don’t see me this way, it’s normally a “she’s Hayes’ girlfriend and she’s younger than us” way, but now I don’t look like I’m as young as I am. The dress in combination with the hair and makeup ages me, in a good way. 

I cleared my throat, realizing we were all kind of just standing there, I felt Hayes’ hand rest on the small of my back, slightly lower than where it normally is. I glanced at him, but didn’t say anything, I’ll let him have his little moment. 

“Ready?” I asked everyone as we stepped off of the last step, Hayes’ hand still on my back. “Uh, yeah.” The only two who had really stopped looking at me early on were Nash and Gilinsky, since they have girlfriends. “Let’s go then.” I mumbled, walking away from them, feeling Hayes wrap his arm around me some more. A quick kiss left on my temple. “I’m yours, Hayes, you don’t have to keep showing them.” I mumbled, looking up at him as everyone followed behind us. 

“I know but you just look so good.” He whispered in my ear, his eyes shooting a warning glance behind us. 

I want to be there with him so bad😩

FaceTime (M.E)

|based on the request: Can you please do a really cute and fluffy Matthew Espinosa imagine? Your writing is soooo good love youuu 💕|

|1.3k words, masterlist is in my description - I have like 15 requests to get through so if you request, plsplspls be patient!|

“Baaaaaaaabe!” Matt screams as soon as FaceTime connects. I can see his eyes gleaming through the camera and his smile is so wide. “You look so hot right now, I’m so attracted to you.”

“I’m wearing a tank top and no bra with running shorts.”

He swiftly nods and winks at me. “I know, and you look hot.”

I raise one of my eyebrows and take a glance down at my outfit, “Can you see my nipples through my shirt by any chance?”

“Yes, yes I can.”

“You pervert.”

“Not a pervert, just a loving boyfriend.” He corrects, clicking his fingers and pointing at me.

“Loving my ass.” I scoff and playfully roll my eyes.

“I am loving your ass, yes.”

I shake my head with a sigh. “Can we have a conversation without you being a little pervy? I haven’t seen you in a month and I haven’t spoken to you directly in four days, stuff has happened that I can’t put into words properly.”

I seriously hate it when Matt is away doing appearances and meetings because it means that he never has time to himself, he’s stuck to his managers schedule. When that happens, he can only text and talk to me when he’s in a car. It sucks so bad.

We can barely have a proper conversation over text anymore. I just have to text him my long ass paragraph about what happened (if I’m sad or lonely or something) and I have to wait for a few hours to get a response.

When that happens, I’m usually over my little problem. I swear his manager hates me

“What happened babe?”

“I got into an argument with my mom about my grades. She’s so fucked up, Matt, my math grade went up and she nearly grounded me. She threatened to take my phone away because my B went up to an A.”

“Are you serious?” He asks and I nod, slightly grinding my teeth together in annoyance. “That’s really stupid, she should be proud of you! I know how much you’ve been struggling with math, you started off with a D and then you raised it to a B all in one test! And now you got an A?! I’m so proud of you!”

I took up extra lessons after school with my maths teacher to help me understand certain topics and it helped me so much. Within five weeks, my grades jumped. So high.

I lay my phone up against my open laptop in front of me and fold my arms on my lap. “What else happened, Y/N? I know something else is up.”

“My dads girlfriend, Cindy, remember her?” Matt nods in response. “Well, she turned my room into a storage room and tried to kill me by feeding me fish.”

My stepmother is the one who created the stereotypical view of stepmothers being evil.

“Are you serious?” He says again, widening his eyes. “Y/N, does your dad know?”

“Yeah and he just laughed it off.”

“Baby, I’m so sorry you’re going through this.” Matthew frowns, running a hand through his messy and damp hair. “How long left of school do you have?”

“A week and a half, why?”

“I don’t want you at home when you’re in a toxic environment.” He mumbles quietly, laying back on the hotel bed and holding his phone over his face.

“It’s not toxic, it’s just… Sour.”

My mom likes to take her anger and stress out on me because I’m the only one who won’t hit her for it. She will find any, tiny reason to have a go at me. Sometimes she takes it too far by having a ‘few’ glasses of wine and barging into my bedroom to shout at me.

And my dad… I just can’t stand Cindy one bit. She hates the fact that my dad has a kid, she does not have one maternal bone in her body. She forced my dad to ditch me on Christmas by taking her to Cabo for two weeks.

I’m moving out as soon as I graduate and I’m never moving back in.

“I’m in LA for a month next week and I’m buying you a ticket to come out and be with me for the whole summer.”

He better not be set on this sudden idea of his, but at the same time, I really hope he is.

“Matt, I’m not going to let you get distracted with work by me.”

“I have an entire month off, Y/N, I want to spend it with you and then you can come travelling around America with me for work.” I’ve never actually been out of my home state so it would definitely be an experience. You’d be helping me out a lot.“ Matt insists, pulling his phone closer to his face.

I lightly chew on my bottom lip and sigh explosively. "I wouldn’t be helping, I’d be distracting.”

“No you wouldn’t! You could be my assistant or something.”

Matt wants me to be his assistant? He wants me to work with him? Is he actually being serious or is he just fucking about?

“I am not going to work for my boyfriend, that’s just weird.”

Matt shakes his head with a massive smile overtaking his face. “No it’s not!” I raise my eyebrows and stay silent. “You would help me make my decisions on what would deals I should make with people and if certain tours or appearances would be a good idea for me and my career.

"You would get to join me on all of my trips and experience what I do on a day to day basis… You’d get to stay in nice hotels and get amazing meals at restaurants and you know what the best part would be?”

He’s getting so excited and worked up about this, it’s like he knows that I’m going to end up giving into all of his begs and pleas.

“That I’m with you?” I question, raising a knowing eyebrow with a little smirk on my face.


The grin on Matts face doesn’t leave as he stares at me through the screen, “Would it be okay with your manager and team?”

“I think they’d be all for it.” He lightly shrugs.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because I know Angie with all of my moaning about missing home and missing you.”

I can’t help but roll my eyes. It’s impossible for me to hide my smile from him now. “You’re so soppy.”

“Only for you,” He winks again, letting out a small chuckle and smiling right back at me. “So, do you want to come out and stay with me?”

“I’d love to.”

“Hell yes!” He squeaks. “I’m buying your ticket right now, babe. It’s gunna be for the day after graduation, I’ll be with you.”

Did I just hear him right? Matthew is coming to my high school graduation?

“W- what? You’re coming in for my graduation?”

“Of course I am!” He urges, sitting up on the bed and running a hand through his flat hair. “I’m gunna be screaming your name as loud as I can when you get up on stage!” I can only imagine. “And after, we can go out for dinner, just the two of us, to celebrate my baby being free!”

“Awe, Matty.” I whine in awe. He’s so perfect, he’s such a good boyfriend, even when he’s hundreds of miles away!

He goes to say something to me but he closes his mouth as he’s cut off by a woman’s voice. My guess is that it’s Angie, his manager, telling him he has to go.

“I’m sorry to say this but I have to go, I have to get dinner and then a late night meeting but I’ll text you baby, okay?”

I nod, I completely understand. I’m not going to be pissed with him because he has a job. “You took time out of your day to FaceTime me, I’m happy. I’ll talk to you later.”

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too.”

I swear to god, I though Matthew couldn’t be any cuter..