im laughing so hard.

ooooo, that’s a hard one. who would you pick?

Matt Espinosa Imagine

“What’s up everybody! Today I have the wonderful Y/N joining me for today’s video!” Matt practically screams to the camera
“Hey guys!” I say happily, waving to the camera, me and Matt had been friends for a while and seeing as we both happily ran YouTube channels we decided that we should finally do a collaboration
“So Y/N would you like to tell our beautiful viewers what we’re doing today?” Matt says, turning to smile at me
“We are doing the Marshmallow challenge! Which is totally the same as playing chubby bunny but instead we have to guess the YouTuber/Viner that the other one is imitating!” I said as I threw a couple packages of marshmallows in the air
“You heard it here ladies and gentlebots. This is going to be one hell of an attractive video. Well, at least for Y/N who never fails to be beautiful” Matt says sending me a wink, causing a blush to rise up my cheeks
“Cheers for that Matt” I say, nudging him lightly and moving my chair so that I face him more
“How many marshmallows are we going for?” I ask, opening a package
“Lets start with 5!” Matt says taking the package from my hand and stuffing five marshmallows straight into his mouth
“Wow, hot as hell right now Matthew!” I say trying my best to hold in my giggles, only worsened by him pretending to flick his hair over his shoulder and flutter his eyes at me
“Thanks babe” Matt said, well mumbled considering he had 5 marshmallows in his mouth, I laughed and blew him a kiss before putting my 5 marshmallows in my mouth so that we could actually start the video, or else we’d be here all day with marshmallow goop dripping from our mouths
“Okay, Y/N go first seeing as you’re the lady here” Matt said winking at me again, god if he keeps doing that I’m going to have to walk away for a few minutes to attempt to calm down, I bowed slightly before beginning with the first impression.

After about an hour and 3 almost incidents, Matt and I finished the filming the video, although I noticed throughout that Matt kept calling me ‘babe’ and ‘perfect’ and staring at me when he thought I wasn’t looking… Could he like me? I mean I wouldn’t say no, he’s so god damn hot and such a sweet guy, I honestly think he’d be such a perfect boyfriend, but it’s just so confusing, is he being sweet or is he actually flirting?? 
“Thanks so much for today Y/N” Matt said, coming back with a t-shirt for me to change into, considering that half way into filming he spat marshmallow drool all over me laughing at my impression of MirandaSings
“Anytime Matthew, I had a great time” I said, pulling the t-shirt over my head and doing a trick I learnt in school to take the other top off whilst wearing Matts new one, as I did so I caught a whiff of his aftershave… And I’m not going to lie about how comforting the smell is
“Hey um Y/N can I ask you something?” Matt said, a blush playing on his cheeks as he nervously scratched the back of his neck
“Of course” I said as I pulled my hair up into a bun
“Would you want to go on a date tomorrow night?” He asked, looking in my eyes briefly before looking away…WAIT. A DATE????
“I’d love to Matt” I say, placing my hand on his face to turn his attention back to me
“Really?” He asked, rather shocked to be honest
“Yeah of course, I’ve uh, liked you for a while now” I say, this time a blush appearing on my cheeks
“You have no idea how happy that makes me” Matt says leaning in to kiss me lightly on the lips, a smile on both of our faces as he pulls away
“And you have no idea how happy that makes me” I say, leaning in to kiss him again.

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i make lunches for people who don’t bring lunch to school, and my family can barely afford it for ourselves. don’t make excuses, you can ALWAYS do things to help others. 

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Oh my…

He’s so hot its painful

“Life changes very quickly, in a very positive way, if you let it” Lindsey Vonn

Cameron’s life was perfect. Perfect wife, perfect son on the way, perfect fans, perfect career, perfect dog, everything that could be perfect, was. Things couldn’t get any better… But then, it got worse. 

In a matter of ten seconds, Cam’s world turned upside down. 

“Is this Cameron Dallas, husband to Kaycee Jenner?” A man says. “Yeah, who’s asking?” Cam replies. “Kaycee was in a car accident involving a drunk driver, I think you should come down right now.” The man informs Cam. 

Cam starts blinking, maybe if he does it enough he can wake up from this. “I-Is she okay?” The other line was silent, “Please tell me she’s okay. Please. W-What about the baby?” His voice cracks. The man clears his throat. “Come as soon as you can.” 

Cameron’s stomach drops to he floor, like he has to pick it and drag it along with him. Cameron prays to God, as he drives to the hospital. Maybe God will be on his side and everything will be okay in the end.

It was a long wait, Cameron sat in the corner of the waiting room, not talking to anybody. His mom and sister was here, along with everybody on Kaycee’s side. 

He didn’t want to know what’s going on, he didn’t want the doctor to walk in. He was too scared for the doctor to even open his mouth. Nobody tried to talk, nobody tried to move, nobody tried to cry. 

The doctor walked out. “Kaycee Jenner.” Cameron could barely stand up, he wiped his shaky sweaty hands on his sweatpants. “We tried the best we could. Kaycee was unresponsive, but the baby is okay.”

And just like that, Cameron’s world fell. 

OMFG I’m sure it would be true !!!! 😂


AU: You’ve gotten to the point in your YouTube career where you’re considered “YouTube famous” and a fellow YouTuber, Matthew Espinosa, has a massive crush on you. You eventually find out from the copious amount of videos he’s talked about you in and after watching a few of his vlogs and main channel videos, you’ve decided he’s super likeable and adorable and you want to try to get to know him. Once you both become friends, it takes off from there and goes straight to you both having a collab channel and planning to meet each other at DigiTour. 

Note: THIS IS LITERALLY MY DREAM GUYS (and I’m starting a YouTube in the next week so you should follow me: Jordan Haley or RatedJTV, it’s gonna have magcon videos and beauty ones as well). Thank you to the beautiful anon that requested this, also sorry it took so long. Credit to the gif makers, I only resized and added text.


When you swerve too hard into a lane

Tips from Cartah’s mom 😂

Dating Matthew would involve
  • him smirking a lot
  • him randomly calling you at night just to say I love you
  • him kissing your for head a lot
  • him holding your hand every time
  • cuddling
  • surprises
  • jealousy
  • showering together
  • him being rough in bed
  • make out sessions in lifts
  • him teasing you during school time
  • him fucking you in the school toilet
  • him staring at your ass
  • him texting you little cute lyrics
  • him cooking you your favorite food
  • him getting jealous very easy
  • you being always on top
  • him moaning your name out loud when your parents in the house just to get you into some trouble
  • him sucking on your collarbone
  • you having to cover all the love bites he left