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AU: You’ve gotten to the point in your YouTube career where you’re considered “YouTube famous” and a fellow YouTuber, Matthew Espinosa, has a massive crush on you. You eventually find out from the copious amount of videos he’s talked about you in and after watching a few of his vlogs and main channel videos, you’ve decided he’s super likeable and adorable and you want to try to get to know him. Once you both become friends, it takes off from there and goes straight to you both having a collab channel and planning to meet each other at DigiTour. 

Note: THIS IS LITERALLY MY DREAM GUYS (and I’m starting a YouTube in the next week so you should follow me: Jordan Haley or RatedJTV, it’s gonna have magcon videos and beauty ones as well). Thank you to the beautiful anon that requested this, also sorry it took so long. Credit to the gif makers, I only resized and added text.


When her nudes exceed your expectations

Matthew Espinosa Imagine - Late Night Adventures

The quiet hum of the radio filled the room, a comfortable silence surrounding you and Matt. Nestling myself further into Matt, I sigh contently, inhaling his cologne. “You smell nice.” You mutter softly. His chest vibrates, telling you that he is laughing.

“I try.” He says jokingly, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“Matt?” You say, looking up at him.

“Yes Y/N?” He replies.

“I’M BORED!” You cry out, wriggling out of his grip and rolling across the bed, landing on the floor with a thump. Matt giggles at you. “You’re a weirdo." 

You pout. “Stop laughing and help me up.” He hoists you up onto the bed and pulls you into him.

"Can we do something?” You say, feeling restless.

“Like what? It’s 1 in the morning.” He says, giggling.

“We can get ice cream, or go to the park, or we could walk to the ice cream shop and then go to the park!” You squeal like a little kid.

“Can we Matt, can we please?” You pout, glancing up at him.

“You’re truly insane,” He mumbles. “Grab one of my sweaters and meet me downstairs." 

Your eyes light up and you quickly jump up and press a kiss to Matt’s lips, leaving him blushing as you run off to his closet and rummage through his sweaters. Your hands feel for the material of one of Matt’s hoodie until you find your favourite hoodie of his. Slipping the large hoodie over your shoulders, you skip down the stairs, almost crashing into Matt on your way down.

"Whoa, whoa. Easy there tiger.” He chuckles, pulling you into his chest.

“Ready to go?” He asks and you nod.

He wraps his large hand around your small one and you begin your walk, your arms swinging together. Arriving at the ice cream shop, you immediately dash to the counter, examining the flavours on display. “Matt,” You groan. “I don’t know what to get.” You say, pouting slightly.

“Get whatever catches your eye." 

"That’s the problem Matt, everything is catching my eye!”

Matt walks over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his head on your shoulder. “If you want everything, get everything.” He says chuckling.

“You’re no help." 

"Hmm, you wanna share a sundae then?” He suggests and you smile.

“Chocolate fudge?" 

"Whatever you want baby.”

“I love you Matt.” Pressing a soft kiss to his plump lips. 

“I love you too Y/N, now go order.” He says, gently pushing you towards the counter.

“Can I get a large hot fudge sundae please?” You ask the old lady behind the counter.

“Of course darling. You’ve got quite a nice lad.”  She says, gesturing to Matt.

“I couldn’t ask for anyone else.” You mutter softly.

“Don’t let him go dear, he’s a keeper." 

"I won’t.” The lady hands you your sundae and as your about to pay, Matt pushes your hand away and hands the lady a 10 dollar bill.

“I could’ve paid." 

"I know, but I wanted to pay for you.”

You sit down on the bench outside the shop, enjoying the sundae in a comfortable silence. “You have something on your face.” Matt says and your hand flies to your face.

“Where?” You ask. Matt edges closer to you. “Um, right there!” He says, flicking some of his ice cream on your nose. 

He giggles at you. “Run Espinosa. Run.”

He jumps off the bench and races off to the park with you quick on his heels. “You’re not going to catch me!” He screams into the wind as he races around the park.

You speed up a bit and gently jump on Matt, tackling him to the ground. “I caught you.” You whisper, your body pressed onto Matt’s as you lay in the cool grass.

“That you did.” he says chuckling, effortlessly flipping you over so he is on top of you.


“Yes Matt?”

“Can I kiss you?” you nod.

He presses his lips to yours, in a sweet yet passionate embrace. He pulls away from your lips, slightly breathless. “Promise me you’ll never leave?" 

"I’ll never leave; I love you too much to leave.” You reply, pressing your lips to his once more.

There is not enough Jack & Jack on tumblr…

Sam Wilkinson Imagine for Anon

So basically I had like six different requests asking for a dirty Sam imagine that had something to do with meeting at a party, getting high, drunk and then having sex. So here you go…I guess…

There was a huge end of the year party at Sam Wilkinson’s house. He’s hosted this party ever since freshman year and considering we’re seniors now and this is the last high school party he’ll ever through, I have high expectations that it will be a good one. I personally am not a huge fan of Sam Wilkinson. He’s one of the basketball jocks and honestly he’s kind of a conceited dick. I usually avoid him at all costs, not that we really talk anyways. I’ve maybe talked to him once  or twice in the four years we’ve gone to the same school because we’re really not in the same social group. 

The only reason I’m at this party is because everyone at school is invited. I wouldn’t call myself a huge partier but I definitely enjoy a good party once in awhile. I don’t usually drink or do drugs but parties are my exception. 

I dress is a short black skater skirt paired with a coral colored crop top and my red vans. I did a dramatic smokey eye and put bright red lipstick on to make my lips noticeable. I stick my phone in the hem of my skirt and a twenty in my bra for emergencies and exit my house and climb into my friend’s car that is waiting in the driveway.

We pull up at Sam’s house a few minutes later and the party is already in full swing. People are already passed out in the front lawn and lough music shakes the house. The entire house is lit up and trash litters the yard and porch.

We let ourselves right into the house and head straight for the kitchen. My friend and I both grab a cup of the first kind of alcohol that crosses our path and gulp it down in one sitting. We slam the cups down on a nearby table and giggle to each other. We head towards the living room and find ourselves with another glass of alcohol in our hands, this time cheap keg beer which sits fine with me.

We find a couple of our other friends who are groups together in the corner of the living room and stand around talking and laughing. I feel two hands grab my waist and I spin around to see who they belong to. In front of me stands Sam Wilkinson.

“What do you want Sam?” I scowl.

“Come on, y/n, that’s no way to treat the host.” he gives me a cocky smile and I roll my eyes. Honestly I’m surprised that he even knows my name. 

“Pardon me, I didn’t know I was in the presence of royalty.” I bite back sarcastically. Sam lets out a deep laugh that turns me on in a weird way. Must be the alcohol.

“So was there anything in particular you wanted from me?” I ask. “Or did you just come over here to ruin my night.”

“Well excuse me for wanting to chat up the pretty girls.”

“I think you mean slutty girls and in that case I think you’re mixing me up with one of your side chicks. I don’t do that kind of thing.”

“Who said I want to sleep with you?”

“Every other girl in this school.” I reply, rolling my eyes. I pull the twenty out of my bra, his eyes follow religiously and he licks his lips. I hold the twenty out to him. “Here, this is for your AIDS fund. I’m sure you must have contracted it by now with all the girls you’ve slept with." 

Sam’s eyes narrow at me and my lips curl upwards into a smirk. It’s obvious he wasn’t impressed by my comment. After a few silent seconds he copies my smirk.

"Fiesty.” he grins. “I like it." 

He gives me a wink before heading off. My jaw drops and I feel slightly angered that he got the last word in. I huff and turn back to my friends.

About an hour later I see Sam’s head bob above the others in the swarm of people. He heads towards the back door and exits onto the back porch. I take this as my opportunity to get back at him for earlier. I set down my third cup of beer on a nearby table and make my way towards the door. 

Once outside and the door shuts behind me, the loud sounds of the party are muffled. There’s only faint music and laughter drifting from the house. I see Sam sitting on the railing of the fence around his porch, his back resting on a pillar. A blunt is in his hands and he takes in a puff and blows it out. 

I walk towards him and climb up onto the fence next to him. His eyes shift to mine and he looks surprised to see me. I smirk, taking the blunt from his hand and taking a hit of it, blowing the smoke out of my mouth like pro.

"You smoke?” Sam asks, taking the joint back from my hands.

“On occasions.”

“Well aren’t you just full of surprises.”

“I have as many surprises as you have STDs. A lot.”

“I don’t believe you really think I have STDs.” Sam tells me. I sneak a hit from his joint as he zones out for a minute.

“What makes you say that?”

“Well, you’re obviously here for a reason.” he drops the blunt into the grass and the embers dwindle out. 

“And what reason would that be?”

Sam closes the space between us and presses his lips to mine. One of his arms wraps around my waist while the other grabs hold of my thigh to keep me balanced on the fence. My arms link behind his neck and I tangle my fingers in his short hair. As Sam pulls away he bites my lip, drawing a small moan from my lips.

“That reason.” he says cockily. He brushes his fingers against my cheek, making my eyes flutter shut. 

“You want me.” his voice is just above a whisper and his lips brush against my ear. And in my drunken and high state, I do.

My hand finds the back of his neck and I pull his lips back to mine. His hands makes his way up my skirt, rubbing circles on my inner thigh. I begin to moan against his lips, making him smirk. He hops off the fence, pulling me down with him and grabs my hands. He leads me down the porch steps and around the side of the house where the basement door is. He lets himself in and drags me towards his bedroom. 

Immediately he pushes me down on the bed and his lips instantly find mine as his hands move up my shirt, cupping each of my breasts. Eventually he peels off my shirt and he pulls away for long enough that I can tear off his shirt, revealing his toned chest.

I kick off my shoes and Sam does the same as I shimmy out of my skirt. As Sam unclasps my bra and slides down my panties his lips attach to my neck, sucking and leaving small marks on the sensitive skin. As he kisses, I unbutton his jeans and push them down into a pool on the floor and slide off his boxers.

He grabs a condom from the box on the side of his bed and slips one on. He thrusts into me without any warning making me moan. Sam continues to thrust, building up speed as his lips meet mine again.

“Fuck.” he hisses, pulling away and biting his lip. “You’re so fucking tight.”

“Get used to it Sammy.”

“Fuck I could.” he admits, his lips meeting mine once again. “I’m gonna-.”

“Me too, Sammy.”

We ride out our highs together and Sam collapses on the bed next to me. His head rests on my shoulder and his arm is thrown casually around my waist.

“That was amazing.” he says and I hum in agreement. I don’t wait long. I climb out of his bed and retrieve my clothes, quickly getting dressed again.

“Where are you going?” Sam asks, pulling on his boxers.

“Well if you haven’t noticed, there’s kind of a party going on upstairs with people I actually like there so I wouldn’t mind heading back up there.” I tease. Sam rolls his eyes, pulling on his jeans.

“Fine.” he huffs. “Can we do this again sometime?” his voice is nervous and almost vulnerable. I can tell he doesn’t usually ask this of his hook ups.

“It could possibly be arranged.” I smirk, shoving my phone in the waistband of my skirt and heading towards the door, swaying my hips. I can feel Sam staring at my ass. As I reach out to grasp the door knob Sam stops me.

“Wait.” I turn around and Sam holds out my twenty to me. It must have fallen out of my bra earlier.

“For your AIDS fund.” Sam smirks. I roll my eyes and snatch the cash out of Sam’s hand and shove it into my bra. 

“Fuck you, Sam.” I say, heading towards the door again.

“You already did.”

Cocky bastard.

So yea…there you have it…hope you liked it. Sorry if it sucks my mind is drained after my AP Exam today. 

God I hate writing smut it’s so awkward

when a fanfic uses your name