Magcon Imagines

Key:   *= smut      Bold=Fan favorite or personal favorite 

Nash Grier 

Dating NashNew Years / Roller Coaster / Pregnant / Anti Valentines Day / Needy / Down The Drain / Studying / Moody / What im thankful for* 

Hayes Grier

Dating HayesIm sorry pt.1 / pt.2 / High School / Caught*

Cameron Dallas

Dating Cameron / Good morning / Aftermath / Breakfast / Are You Ready*

Matthew Espinosa

Badass / Cuddle 

Taylor Caniff

Sick / Creep

Shawn Mendes

Dating Shawn / 21st birthday / Date night / Protective / Photograph / Home Alone*

Jack Johnson

Dating Jack Johnson / Surprise / Prom / Cheer you up / Back home

Jack Gilinsky

Dating Jack Gilinsky / Tour / Long Distance / Drunk In Love / Punched / Protective / Labor / I’ve got to go / You can’t always get what you want / Lazy Self / Did You? / Sorry / Call me daddy / Back Together / One Hell Of A Night* / Shopping* / Sammy’s sister*

Sammy Wilk 

Dating SammyPositive / Sick / Drunk / Cheater pt.1 / pt.2 / pt.3 / High Times / Confessions / Don’t Trip / Birthday Surprise / Flirt / First Date / I’ll Miss You / Too Much / Vanilla Ice Cream / Aye Ma / They Mean Nothing* / Caught* / Truth Or Dare* / Man Of The Year* / In School Suspension

Nate Maloley

Dating Nate / Cute Things Nate Does / Movie Night / Hate it or love it pt.1 / pt.2 / Don’t be mad / Lil ma / I can’t say it / Ship / Same Shit / Wasted / I like You / Sick / Just trust me / Thick / After the fight / Feeling myself / Our Baby / Tumblr girls / What they want* / Lets ditch* / Hot in here* / Teasing*

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you know how usually people are like “I would 10/10 bang *insert famous person’s name here*?” I mean, I guess yeah sex would be great and all but does anyone else just go through these simple scenarios in your head where the two of you go to the grocery store together, or stay indoors to cuddle and watch movies when it’s raining or gloomy outside, or he/she picks you up from school, or even perhaps just imagine what it would be like to love them for who they are as a person, to love all their flaws and insecurities, to see beyond the physical features? 

Title : All Mine ❤ “So, me and Nash was on our way to Matt’s when suddenly we saw this huge snake in front of us and-” Cams voice trailed off. “and what Cam?” y/n asked curious to why’d he suddenly stopped. “This guy hasn’t taken his eyes off of you since we got here-” He answered furrowing his brows. Y/n looked to where he was looking to face with this cute guy with blonde hair and blue eyes smiling at her. “Oh- He’s kinda cute!” Y/n mumbled turning back to look at Cam who had his jaw dropped. “What was that?!” He asked annoyed. “What? he is kinda cute-” y/n shot back acting innocent. She took a sip of her latte while Cameron just sat there glaring at her. Just then, they we’re approached by the guy. “Hey beautiful, What’s your name?” he flirted. Cameron tightened his fist. “The fuck dude? Her name is Cameron’s Girlfriend!” He stated. “And for your information, I’m Cameron!” Cam said raising his voice. The guy raised his hands in the air and backed away slowly. Y/n has never seen this side of Cameron ever and to be honest it was kinda sexy. “You’re so hot when you get jealous babe-” She said laughing. Cameron crossed his arms and looked away. “yeah, whatever-” he replied, obviously still mad. “Your mine, All mine, No one else’s, Only me, me, me. Only I can check you out. Nobody else. Nobody fucking else!” he mumbled under his breath. Y/n heard it and smiled uncontrollably. “I love you too Cam-” She said quickly giving him a peck on his cheek. He blushed and covered his cheek. “That won’t do-” he said smiling a bit. Y/n stood up and leaned closer to Cam’s face. “How bout’ this-” She said as she gave him a kiss on the lips. Cameron smiled. “That’ll do for now. I love you-"he said. "I love you too cam” y/n replied back.

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He’s so hot its painful

OMFG I’m sure it would be true !!!! 😂

No makeup ~ Matt Fake Text Au

Anonymous said to mmagcon101:Cute Matt text pls

Anonymous said to mmagcon101:Fake text with Matt?

Anonymous said to mmagcon101:Oh a fluffy cute Matt text au please

Since I had 3 request To make A Matt Fake text here it is But I had not a clue as to what to make so I came up with this I hope you like it anyway’s sorry if it’s short .


Request Are Open !


AU: You’ve gotten to the point in your YouTube career where you’re considered “YouTube famous” and a fellow YouTuber, Matthew Espinosa, has a massive crush on you. You eventually find out from the copious amount of videos he’s talked about you in and after watching a few of his vlogs and main channel videos, you’ve decided he’s super likeable and adorable and you want to try to get to know him. Once you both become friends, it takes off from there and goes straight to you both having a collab channel and planning to meet each other at DigiTour. 

Note: THIS IS LITERALLY MY DREAM GUYS (and I’m starting a YouTube in the next week so you should follow me: Jordan Haley or RatedJTV, it’s gonna have magcon videos and beauty ones as well). Thank you to the beautiful anon that requested this, also sorry it took so long. Credit to the gif makers, I only resized and added text.

Tips from Cartah’s mom 😂

Dating Matthew would involve
  • him smirking a lot
  • him randomly calling you at night just to say I love you
  • him kissing your for head a lot
  • him holding your hand every time
  • cuddling
  • surprises
  • jealousy
  • showering together
  • him being rough in bed
  • make out sessions in lifts
  • him teasing you during school time
  • him fucking you in the school toilet
  • him staring at your ass
  • him texting you little cute lyrics
  • him cooking you your favorite food
  • him getting jealous very easy
  • you being always on top
  • him moaning your name out loud when your parents in the house just to get you into some trouble
  • him sucking on your collarbone
  • you having to cover all the love bites he left

Wanting to take a picture with one of the boys be like