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How would the allies react to their S/O who's not at all touchy feely when awake being super duper cuddly when asleep like you think you can get out of bed?? Think again

America: “Dude, seriously, admit you enjoy the cuddles.”
Alfred would always try to cuddle them during the day. He would tell them that they secretly love the cuddles. Though if they wanted him to cut it out during the day he would, but at night, he would enjoy the cuddles they gave to the fullest extent. Even in the mornings, if they were still cuddling him from the night before, he wouldn’t move unless it was an absolute emergency. 

England: “Tea can wait a bit…”
Arthur is the exact same way, he will refuse to cuddle or be touchy feely during the day, but will cuddle at night. So he wouldn’t mind his s/o being the same way at all. Though some mornings, while they two were still cuddled up, he would put off his morning routine by a bit just to stay in bed with them and celebrate. 

France: “Do you know how cuddly you really are?”
Francis would always tease his s/o about that..since Francis is a very cuddly person, he’d be upset that during the day they don’t want to be touchy feely..but as soon as they go to sleep, suddenly they can’t keep their hands to themselves? He wouldn’t mind, but he would tease.

Canada: “Hey..let me go..”
Matthew wouldn’t mind if his s/o was super cuddly at night..he’d always sleepily try to push them off…but if they just didn’t budge, he’d just go back to sleep. During the day he is pretty cuddly, so he would miss that affection..but it wouldn’t bother him too much.

Russia: “I need to get up..”
Ivan wouldn’t mind if his s/o was cuddly during the day, since Ivan isn’t always in a cuddly mood. Though, if they ever tried to cuddle with him at night and wouldn’t let him get up, he’d just carry them on his back/arm and continue about his morning.

China: “Do I smell bad?”
Yao would be a little upset without the cuddly contact during the day, he would think it was because he smelled bad or something. Though once he realized it was just how they were, he wouldn’t say anything since he wouldn’t want to make them uncomfortable with the contact. Though at night, he would enjoy all the cuddles he could get. 


So a few months ago my lovely girlfriend @p0ck3tf0x showed me one of her favourite movie “The pirates of Penzance” (now a favourite of mine too!) and since then we have been talking about Prucan Pirates!AU  and how well Gilbert would fit into the Pirate king role…..

So of course I had to draw a scene from it!:D

Oh God™
  • Matthew: oh no
  • Arthur: what
  • Francis: oh god
  • Yao: End my suffering
  • Kiku: I await the sweet release of death
  • Ludwig: Feliciano cover your ears
  • Feliciano: ???
  • Lovino: Antonio cover your ears
  • Antonio: ???
  • Gilbert: dissolve me again
  • Ivan: Yee....Yeet?
  • Alfred: YEET