America: What do you even see in that loser?

Canada: Well… Prussia is pretty hot. I know he’d also would give up his life to protect me. But… it would’ve been nice if he woke up later than 5 am at least one time or knew what consent was when we met. 

Prussia: Hey I learned! You sent me to the emergency room playing hockey, and then again snowball fighting! Supposed to be the sweet one… please. Buuuut you do make me every meal. And you’re patient with me. And in bed you-

America: Whoakay that’s enough forget I asked.   

100% true SUPER DORKY canon facts about APH Canada (according to Himaruya) to celebrate his (belated) birthday:

  • Canada once spent an entire weekend spacing out and staring at his bear’s eyelashes. ( x )
  • Canada is a total weeaboo; a massive Naruto fan to be specific. He has full on Naruto cosplay (complete with sharingan contacts) and asked Japan to teach him how to do a fictional ninja attack from Naruto. ( x )
  • Once Canada was at the beach riding a banana boat and he yelled “I AM THE BANANA BOAT EMPEROR”. Kumajirou was embarrassed. ( x )
  • He does interpretive dance/yoga with Cuba. ( x )
  • At one point, he attempted to look dapper and suave but failed because he banged his head on the mirror while checking himself out. ( x )
  • He puts maple syrup in the coffee he makes for America. ( x )
  • He and America totally do the ‘which twin is which?’ thing. ( x )
  • Canada drives a tractor on his days off. ( x )
  • Canada sleeps in. At one point he slept in until noon and was late for a world meeting. ( x )

EDIT: I added sources for all of these since several people asked!