matthew waterhouse

For the final scene [of Castrovalva], the script called for Adric to look “pallid” as he was still recovering from the effects of imprisonment by The Master. According to the commentary on the DVD, this was accidentally achieved by Matthew Waterhouse, who had a hangover from the night before from drinking too much Campari. Whilst the cameras were filming The Doctor and Tegan in conversation about who landed the TARDIS, Waterhouse was vomiting behind a tree. The other actors, to their credit, continued acting despite it so the take could be used.


On this day in 1981: Warriors’ Gate (Part Three)

As the void begins to shrink around them, Rorvik plans to take desperate measures to escape through the mirror. The Doctor discovers the dark secret of the Tharils’ past.

Matthew Waterhouse: Every episode I begged to have a new costume.
Janet Fielding: We all did, didn’t we all!

Peter Davison: I think I’m being a bit too Tristan here, I don’t know what to do, I’ll be Tristan!

Janet Fielding: Listen Peter, if you don’t stop I’m going to start my fashion commentary.

Janet Fielding: I wasn’t allowed to have my hair its natural colour, I had to have this red because he didn’t want me to look like you Matthew! I nearly kicked him in the shins! Nearly kicked him a little higher than the shins!

Peter Moffat: Handcuffs.
Janet Fielding: Ooo, we’re into the bondage scenes now!

Peter Davison: I’m not mocking your trance acting Janet! I’m just trying to find the difference between your trance acting and your normal performance!

Sarah Sutton: No animals were harmed in the making of this television programme.
Matthew Waterhouse: Several actors were harmed, several careers were harmed!

Peter Davison: Well, maybe you did! I’m sorry, I’m being mean here.
Janet Fielding: Just because I’m Australian doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings!
Sarah Sutton: It’s like going back 22 years sitting here.

Peter Davison: There are sadly, poor children in the world called Tegan, I’ve had to sign autographs at conventions.

—  Commentary for the Visitation.

Peter Davison: I apologise in advance, we’re here today without a director or indeed anyone with any knowledge, you’re stuck with actors!

Peter Davison: I’ve been in lots of things where we couldn’t afford a train, my first episode of All Creatures, I was meant to be arriving at a station and all they could afford was a puff of smoke!

Peter Davison: Ah now, a bit of quiet here! We’re about to move into the finest part of the show-
Janet Fielding: Here we go!
Peter Davison: Which is of course the cricketing sequence!
Janet Fielding: I knew we’d come to it.
Peter Davison: Where I save the day!

Peter Davison narrating the cricket enthusiastically and bewilderingly. One up in the six?

Peter Davison: Now look at this! I want you to watch this very carefully! This is where I bowl the guy out in shot! There is no trick photography involved here, look at this!

Janet Fielding: This was when England could still play cricket!
Peter Davison: No we couldn’t play cricket then either.

Matthew Waterhouse: It’s amazing, that this is a two parter and we’re just watching cricket for five minutes. Talk about padding.
Peter Davison: It’s worth it though, look at that! Look at that!

Janet Fielding: I think you can see here that we’re trying not to corpse.

Sarah Sutton: Ah here we are! Your favourite costume!
Peter Davison: See, to me, the fantastic thing about playing the Doctor was I never had to change out of that outfit! You come in, get into one costume and that was it. And in this I was wandering around in a dressing gown then I was wandering around in that ridiculous clown outfit which I hated.

Matthew Waterhouse: But I have a rather wonderful pirate costume don’t I?
Sarah Sutton: You didn’t look quite like Johnny Depp, I have to point out!

(On Tegan’s Dance)
Janet Fielding: Weeks of practise!
Peter Davison: I’m looking at the top half…
Janet Fielding: You are so cruising for a bruising.
Peter Davison: I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I apologise!

Sarah Sutton: Dressing gown. It’s not a good look for the Doctor.
Peter Davison: It is not a good look. Not a good look!

Janet Fielding: I don’t think you go to the bathroom, Doctors don’t go to the bathroom!

Janet Fielding: Did you shave your chest?
Sarah Sutton: *laughs*
Janet Fielding: Well it’s not very hairy!
Peter Davison: It’s a sign of strength actually.
Janet Fielding: Is it?
Peter Davison: Yes, hair is a sign of weakness.
Sarah Sutton: If you say so!

Janet Fielding: Did you oil your chest for this or something?

Peter Davison: So what have you come as Matthew?
Matthew Waterhouse: I think I’m a pirate?
Janet Fielding: I would have said jailbait! Look at that collar!

—  Commentary for Black Orchid, Part I