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With uncanny facts and figures about the X-Men, the Brotherhood, and the entire Earth-10005 timeline, our X-MEN INFOGRAPHIC is your cheat sheet for going back to beginning with Wolverine, Professor X, and Magneto at the Great Digital Film Festival:

Kingsman Fandom Be Like:
  • Matthew Vaughn:Hey everybody, I was considering some cool stuff to maybe add to the Kingsman 2 scrip-
  • Fandom:*bursts in with binders and presentation charts* We have you covered, Mr. Vaughn.
  • Matthew Vaughn:Uhh, what?
  • Fandom:You need a plot? Here's 1,376 fully fleshed plots, complete with villains, world building and extra/new characters.
  • Matthew Vaughn:WTF.
  • Fandom:You need new knights, or old knights with fresh backstories? Here's 183, complete with fully researched Arthurian legends and names, each one with a character trait that defines both them as a character but also embodies their namesake.
  • Fandom:You need to bring Harry back? Here's how. Also, in case for some weird reason you want to avoid the butt stuff, here's some plots for how Harry comes back and doesn't immediately seduce Eggsy, but whatever.
  • Fandom:Need to make sure the actors can get there for filming? Here's each of the top 5 actors' schedules as taken from social media and cross referenced with their IMDB pro page, and also with that one girl's European trip where she stalked them for a few months and got their mail.
  • Fandom:In fact, here's 5 different, fully realized scripts complete with storyboards and suggestions for blocking, choreography, and contact information for the folks you used in the first film. Just let us do it, sir.
  • Fandom:Also here's a bunch of Olive Garden breadsticks we stole.
  • Matthew Vaughn:Uh, what.... what do you people want in return?

Kingsman: The Secret Service -  Filming Location: 


Established 1849 
11 Savile Row | London | W1S 3PS

…(Matthew) Vaughn was first inspired with the idea of Kingsman being set within a tailors during a fitting at Huntsman.  Distracted by the walls and history surrounding him during an appointment with his cutter, he imagined moving beyond the walls of the fitting room, with the tailor shop at 11 Savile Row acting as a smoke screen for his team of spies, the Kingsmen.
Vaughn has a long established relationship with Huntsman, having first visited our hallowed turf at just eighteen years old. Having reached this milestone age, his mother brought him in for his first bespoke suit, an experience that was to make a lasting impression on him and build an enduring sartorial rapport that has led him get to know the Huntsman team over the years. (x)