matthew martin

so to recap

in case y'all haven’t been stalking the hec k out of leafs twitter this morning

- kappy and sparks called up for practice
- speculation that kappy might replace smith and stay for a while

- lievo was there over an hour before practice but only briefly, him and sosh the only absentees for practice

- bc yes! freddie was at practice! he skated alone with the goalie coach before practice and was in net for first 20 minutes of practice! still uncertain, but a good sign

- lines same as usual with kappy as an extra but marty practicing on the power play
- switch to hyman/matthews/smith and martin/boyle/kapanen sometime into practice (no idea what they’re doing but ok)

things are strange, ppl are freaking out

tl;dr “what in leafsnation”


Another reason to love our boys💙

  • *turns on tv 30 minutes early from scheduled game time*
  • insignificant person: the game doesn't start for another 30 minutes, we have time to change the channel
  • me, shooting a death glare: i gotta watch the warm up, the national anthems (where they show shots of the bench), the video featuring the two teams playing, pre-game interviews, locker room and hallway hype, don't you dare touch the remote