The appalling trolls at Freeform have struck again and this time they went too far. During a stream of Toy Story, when Woody shook the magic 8 ball’ a message in the corner popped up saying:

Will Freeform save Shadowhunters if I keep tweeting about it?

You can watch Freeform’s little dig at us here. It’s an actual video so you cant say it was photo shopped. That has been debunked.

At the same time the magic 8 ball said “dont count on it.” Ok I dont know about you guys but this pisses me off to extreme levels. It was unnecessary and uncalled for. It was hurtful and a deliberate dig at our efforts.

It’s not like the SaveShadowhunters campaign did anything good right? We didnt raise 22k for LGBTQ+ youth for The Trevor Project. We didnt bust our asses to make our voices heard by bringing home 6 awards AFTER the show got cancelled.

It’s not like Freeform is tearing down a family or anything. It’s not like Freeform is screwing with some people’s (including mine) mental health.

Freeform fucked up. Again. Don’t let it slide. Make your voices heard. Let them know you’re angry and hurt. Make a move.


‘You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal,

Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil’

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