Potter cast remember Alan Rickman at A Celebration of Harry Potter. (January 29th, 2016)

Let me go cry in a corner, again.

Neville being horrified when Harry tells him the story about Dumbledore’s sister. Neville immediately thinking about his parents and realizing that not much has changed when it comes to treating mental illness in the wizards game world. Neville working hard with Harry and the Auror Office to create better accommodations so that witches/wizards with mental illnesses can safely perform magic without fear of losing control. Neville teaching all of his students to do the Patronus Charm in case they become depressed and frequently handing out chocolate. Neville making sure that he never overstimulates his students and introducing his students to different plants that could help reduce anxiety. Neville helping to transform the war at St. Mungo’s into a place for healing and therapy instead of a place to throw the patients. Neville pressuring Healers into making new medical strides that help people regain their memories. Neville chuckling as his friends berate him because Gilderoy Lockhart remembered who he is and continues to flaunt his fame. Neville visiting the ward one day and hearing a soft woman’s voice, a voice that he hadn’t heard since he was a baby, whispering “Neville?”