First Birthday

“…happy birthday to yoooooou!”

As the team claps and hollers as Jacob smiles brightly, you and Spencer begin flashing pictures of Jacob as he starts digging into his smash cake.

The looks on his face were priceless as he tasted what a dessert was like for the first time in his life.

You and Spencer had decided to keep his birthday fairly tame.  You wanted a few colors, some balloons, and some food and cake for everyone.  The two of you decided that just doing it at the house would be easier on everyone, and you were more than happy to oblige.

After all, it was his first birthday, but he still had a schedule to keep.

It had taken you close to 10 months to get Jacob sleeping through the night, so when he first birthday rolled around, the only thing you wanted was to keep him on his schedule: no party between the hours of 10 and 2, and bedtime was at 8.

No questions asked.

As Jacob digs his little fingers into the cake, his hands smearing it all over his face as he giggles and wiggles his feet, the entire team ogles over him as you and Spencer smile brightly.

The two of you were so proud of how far he had come.

He wasn’t walking just yet, but he was walking with assistance.  As long as he had an edge to hold on to, he could boogie.

And you could see the pride in Spencer’s eyes each and every time he made a milestone.

“You think the adults want to eat now?” Spencer asks as he scoots closer, threading his arm behind your back as you continue to smile upon your son, cake icing and all smeared across his face as Aaron goes to pick him up, tossing him in the air as Jacob begins to squeal.

“Looks like Uncle Aaron is a hit,” Spencer chuckles.

“Uncle Aaron is always a hit,” you say, nudging Spencer before he leans down and kisses your cheek lightly.

“And yes.  If I’m ready for food, I know they are,” you answer.

“Do you think Jacob will understand opening presents?” Spencer asks.

“Henry didn’t on his first birthday,” J.J. muses as she walks up to the two of you, “so don’t feel bad if you don’t open them while we’re here.”

“I was thinking, since it’s so nice outside, that we could open up the porch door and eat outside so the bigger kids can run around?” you ask as you look between Spencer and J.J., “We didn’t really have a massive plan for the party.  I’ve never been much of a planner,” you chuckle lightly.

“Sweetheart, there’s food, presents, and cake,” J.J. smiles as she giggles with you, “it’s a wonderful first birthday party.”

“Thanks,” you muse as you feel Spencer dart behind you, making his way for the fridge.

“Who’s hungry!?” he calls out.

“Me!” Henry and Jack both call out as Spencer begins to laugh.

“Well, we have pizza coming any second, and until then…we also have cake!” he shouts, pulling out a sheet cake from the bakery up the road as the boys begin cheering in the middle of the room.

And that’s when it hit you.

Turning to J.J. and grabbing her shoulders, your eyes widen as she furrows her brow at you.

“J.J.?  Can you do me a huge favor?” you breathe

“Anything.  What’s up?” she asks as her brow begins to lightly furrow in confusion.

“Can you help Spencer divvy out cake and drinks?  The canned sodas are filling the fridge for drinks, and everyone can go find a seat on the porch,” you ramble off quickly.

“Of course.  What’s wrong?” she asks as you grab your cell phone and make a dash for your bedroom.

“I forgot to order the pizza!” you call behind you, slamming your bedroom door shut as J.J. chuckles and shakes her head.

“Will her memory get better?” Spencer asks as J.J. helps him get the slices of cake onto plates for everyone.

“What do you mean?” she asks as she cocks her head over towards him.

“Y/N, I mean.  Her forgetfulness never went away after she gaze birth.  I mean, the big things, no.  But you should see the calendar on her phone.  She has alarms for everything, whether it’s her birth control or reminder that it’s payday.  I-…I’m worried about her,” Spencer admits.

“Spence…” J.J. coos as she walks over to the fridge, grabbing a few drinks up in her arms, “…pregnancy changes you.  Not just physically and mentally…but hormonally as well.  Some women’s bodies regulate themselves back to their natural state, and some women’s bodies learn to cope with the new balance of hormones.”

“So you think she’ll always be like this?” Spencer asks.

“I think that she has a lot to juggle,” J.J. coos as Spencer puts the cover back on the cake.

“Are you forgetful?” Spencer asks as his worried eyes finally raise up and pan over to J.J.

It broke J.J.’s heart to see her friend like this.

“No.  I’m not that forgetful.  Though many other things changed about me,” she admits.

“Like what?” Spencer asks.

It was then that you emerged from the room, a smile beaming from your face as you toss your cell phone onto the entertainment center for the television.

“Pizza ordered!” you exclaim, thrusting your fists into the air as a smile breaks out across your face.

“If you’re that worried about her,” J.J. whispers as you begin walking over to them, “then just talk to her.”

“Thanks, J.J.,” Spencer whispers back before you emerge into the kitchen.

“I’m so sorry I forgot, Spencer,” you say, furrowing your brow as you sigh lightly.

“Honey, you have a lot to juggle,” Spencer states, quoting J.J. as she smiles while reaching into the fridge for a drink of her own, “and this party is perfect.  Jacob is in his high-chair outside giggling along with everyone else.  He’s happy, you’re happy, and I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.”

“I love you, Spencer,” you muse, a smile spreading across your face as you stand on your tip-toes and press your lips to his.

“I love you, too,” he whispers, wrapping his arms around you and pulling your body into his.