Trustworthy// Criminal Minds// Part 3


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The glass doors are the only thing standing between you and your target, you take a deep breath and shake yourself out. Need to keep calm, relax, don’t be tense.  You push against the door and smile charmingly at Sandra at the front desk, while hurrying past her.

“I thought you were on mandated leave sweetie…” You barely even get a flash of her salt and pepper hair as Sandra’s voice trails off, you walk quickly down the hallway, towards the pit. The familiar drone of phones ringing and the hum of people speaking starts to liven up around you as you pass cubicles, and enter into the pit. The desks are messy, case files piling up on people’s desks, you tilt your head to try to walk by unnoticed.

“Hey look who it is!” You hear, not stopping. Keeping your swift pace as you brush by the particle board divider used as a wall for the hallway.

“Hound! There she is!” another calls, you glance up, the wrong choice. People start clapping, so you offer a small smile, slithering by the desks, on your way to the long hallway of private offices where yours sits abandoned.

“Hound” You hear Kirk’s stern voice, you smile up at him, slight wave. Kirks silver hair shaking with his head, the disapproval written on his sharp face. Once you’re clear of sight you break into a sprint for your office, almost running into Richards.

“Slow down there Hound, the cases aren’t goin’ anywhere” Richards calls, his sly cocky smile upturned, showing his sharp teeth. You get to your office, opening and closing the door, before diving to your file cabinet and grabbing the small bag. Grabbing hurriedly before-

“You’re supposed to be on medical leave,” Kirk says, opening your door quickly without knocking, you lean against your desk casually. Offering him an innocent smile.

“Awe c’mon Kirk, you’re just mad I aced my psych eval, I only got a couple cuts and bruises, medical leave for that is a joke. Ya’know Barbara’s about to go on maternity leave, that’s a legitimate reason to not come to work” You argue, Kirk sighs and shakes his head again, so much disapproval. Kirk sticks his hand out, motioning for the bag you’ve got at your side.

“Uh, No, Kirk i-” You try, but he grabs it out of your hands before you can stop him.

“No work” He orders pointing the bag at you, opening it up. Kirks eyes widen a bit as he sees the tampons, and makeup and such. An obvious mistake on his end, intentional on yours.

“Oh, I-, sorry” Kirk hands the bag back and sighs, running his hand through his silver hair and gathering himself back up.

 “You lasted longer than I thought you would” Kirk praises you, nearly three days since you’ve been in the office.

“Yea well, I’ve take up yoga, very relaxing. Free’s the mind” You lie, looking around. You spot a letter on your desk. Before you can answer it your phone rings on the desk next to it. Kirk watches your hand as you reach for it.

“Could be the baker?” You joke, Kirk doesn’t find it funny. You pick it up, and smile at Kirk as you answer. Probably someone pushing one of your cases.

“Hello?” You ask, Kirk takes a deep breath, almost finished with your sarcasm and games.

“Ah- Hi, it’s Dr. Spencer Reid” You hear, you blink and start to feel nervous. 

“Oh, hello Dr. Reid, ” You say, Kirk flashes into a new attitude as well. Curious, and seemingly impatient. 

“Hi, how are you, I mean how are you feeling?” Dr. Reid asks you don’t want to answer that. 

“You aren’t that type of Doctor, ” You say simply, he huffs a laugh.

“Uh, no I’m not” D. Reid answers, Kirk is questioning you with his face. You shrug an “I don’t know” at him.

“What can I do for you Dr. Reid, I thought I had Chap send over all the files?” You say.

“Oh, yea yes we got them, actually we saw that your psych eval had cleared and we were wondering if you were available for a consult” Dr. Reid explains, Kirk is trying to read the confusion on your face. You turn away from his expectant eyes, to focus on what Dr. Reid just said, because frankly it’s surprising.

“A consult? On a BAU case?” You ask Kirk’s eyes widen, and he crosses his arms curiously, observing you. You don’t let him read you. 

“Yes, we have a case, three missing boys all around nine. There seems to be no connection” Dr. Reid tells you. Disclosing information freely, you take a breath and think it over before responding anything rash. Truth being, you aren’t sure about working with the BAU again. Although it was relieving you communicated with Dr. Reid well, you’ve never really been a team player. As much as you’ve heard about the BAU group, you’ve come to believe them to be a tight knit team.

“I… I don’t know, I’m sure you and your team can handle it, You’re much more qualified than I am” You try to say no nicely. You’re confident you’re telling the truth, they have a good record of solved cases.

“Actually you’re just as qualified in intelligence, just not in years, you have the same intuition as us. More maybe, from what I’ve observed” Dr. Reid says… That doesn’t make sense, how could you have more intuition than them? What exactly had Dr. Reid observed, you try to push the paranoid thoughts from your mind. A profiler having observed you, it just doesn’t sit well. 

“Dr. Reid, i-” He cuts you off.

“We can fly you out as soon as possible, it would be a big help” Dr. Reid pushes. You sigh, wondering why he’s so intent on this. It must be for a good reason, Dr. Reid didn’t seem the type to think on a case lightly, he doesn’t seem the type that thinks on anything lightly.

“Alright, if you guys can get me out of this mandated leave, I’m in” You decide to kill two birds with one stone. You go, work your ass of to find these kids, then come back to work on your cases as you wish. Everything will go back to normal.

“Great, see you in Oregon by tonight,” Dr. Reid says, hanging up. Oregon…

Kirk looks down at you with the same uneasiness you’re looking up at him with. Your nerves start to set on edge, and you explain to Kirk what just happened as you hang up the phone.

“I need to pack…” You say aloud.

“I’m not saying she’s the devil, but she isn’t exactly an angel either,” Rossi tells Garcia, who takes in all the information she can get. Listening quizzically to Rossi talk about his experience with you.

“Well there’s no reason she can’t be both, Lucifer was a fallen angel” Dr. Reid reminds Rossi. Garcia raises an eyebrow.

“Yea, but Lucifer trusted God before he went Rogue” Rossi combats, Dr. Reid shrugs. Garcia smiles, sometimes they’re debates are better than T.V. dramas.

“What reason did she have to trust us, we gave no notice we were coming into the town to assist on the case, we didn’t even ask for her assistance before we went to the hospital. In her eyes, she caught us trying to question one of the victims before we even checked in with her” Dr. Reid continues. It’s explainable, it came off as an intrusion of trust.

“Whoa, she must have made quite an impression” Garcia half smiles at Dr. Reid. The news of the sudden consult caught her and a couple other members of the team off guard. Garcia didn’t even have time to do any deep research on you, which is bothering her since your arrival is counting down by the minutes.

“She did,” Dr. Reid says shamelessly, he wasn’t lying when he said your intuition was equal or greater to their own. Dr. Reid believed you saw things differently than most.

“That she did, she had the hunch of the unsubs mental illness before she even knew she did.  If he hadn’t have taken her hostage, I’m confident she’s the one that would have headed the op to retrieve him, and harmlessly I might add. The way she protected him, in his mental state, she truly believed that he was innocent” Rossi keeps Garcia up to speed on what happened back then.

“Well if someone with Alzheimer’s is put to trial with no recollection of any crimes, would it be final and just that they get put away to the full extent of their crimes? Crimes they’re convinced they did not commit?” Dr. Reid asks, Rossi tilts his head. The answer isn’t so black and white.

“A conversation for a later time” Rossi gracefully truces as they enter the conference room., Garcia enters, handing Prentiss, Luke, and Jennifer their tablets.

“Ladies and gentlemen familiar with our lost boys, but get ready for me to take you down to tech Neverland. Thanks to the wonderful world wide web, I’ve been able to track the locations of the boys, by using their Facebook check in’s. It’s a little button you push, and it tells Facebook that you’re “Totally chillen at the froyo stand” Garcia clarifies for anyone who missed the memo. Her smile genuine when she sees Rossi’s honest reaction. The briefing continues on, with Garcia heading off, giving all the information she has.

You walk down the hall, after speaking to the man you ran into first, you already forgot the room they told you to go to. So you’ve just been lazily walking past open doorways, hoping to see either Rossi, Jereau, or Dr. Reid.

“Hey, you lost?” You hear, glancing over into a room, a tan muscular looking man asked you. There are other people in the room as well, you recognize Rossi and Dr. Reid, and Jennifer as well.

“Not anymore” You answer, clearing your throat, clutching your file folder as you enter the room. Glancing around at the pristine look of it all. Matching the building itself, everything so serious, and almost serene.

“Oh, hey, there you are. We were wondering when you’d get in” you hear Dr. Reid say as he stands, you glance around the room, smiling only slightly to the people you haven’t met.

“This is, agent Luke Alvarez. Tara Lewis. Stephen Walker. The wonderful Penelope Garcia, and finally, I don’t believe you’ve met Emily Prentiss” Rossi introduces, you offer a slight smile to everyone.

“No, I haven’t, good to meet you all” You say, looking up at the head of the table where Penelope Garcia stands, she’s obviously eccentric… and presenting something that you’ve interrupted.

“Oh! I’m so sorry, I got lost. I thought it would be easy to, uh, navigate these halls, yaknow how different could they be from… I’m rambling, please, go on” You stutter, bowing slightly to Penelope, cursing yourself for bowing… why bow??? You take a seat next to Rossi and keep your eyes on Garcia. Trying to listen, but you’re cursing yourself for making a fool out of yourself in the mere five minutes you entered the room.

“Back to the case, I’ve got them clocked at a seven eleven around midnight, the trail goes cold from there” Penelope explains, you look at all the information displayed. Three boys, same age range, missing since…. Friday.

“Is it possible they’re just, out?” You ask, Penelope just raises her eyebrow and titls her head.

“If it was possible, we wouldn’t be here,” Rossi says, not trying to be mean but simply stating. You open your folder, there’s a lot of information. They’re the sixth and seventh victims in a month.

“Well, we need to move fast, this guy is grabbing and dumping kids too quickly,” Prentiss says.

“Wheels up in thirty” Prentiss adds, everyone stands up, and you awkwardly follow. You walk out down a hallway and follow Rossi and Dr. Reid into a room, there are desks all around, facing one another. This is their pit.

“So, how was your flight?” Dr. Reid asks, you shrug. Flying has always been scary for you, you kept the windows closed, and were grateful to land.

“It was okay” you answer, keeping everything simple since you’ve already publicly stumbled over yourself.

“Well I hope you’re not jet lagged, we’re flying to Georgia,” Dr. Reid says, you look over, obvious shock on your face. Then you rub your eyes.

“More airports, baggage checks-” Dr. Reid smiles and shakes his head.

“We have a jet” Dr. Reid says, you tilt your head and raise an eyebrow, then smile. Jokes since you have no idea what goes on here.

“Right” You laugh, walking over to Rossi. He hands you a tablet and you swipe the screen.

“We really do…!” Dr. Reid calls, Rossi smiles listening to him.

You sit down in amazement looking around at the jet, Prentiss and Jennifer both smiling at your reaction.

“It helps us with immediate cases like this” Jennifer says, you huff a laugh.

“I bet” You say simply. The jet starts up and you get settled in your seat at the booth table, looking over the case files across from Rossi. You keep looking over the cases, reading what the parents had said. ‘I’d always taught Tommy not to talk to strangers, not even if they offer him a million dollars. He’s  smart boy’ The mother said. ‘I taught him how to box, he knows how to protect himself’ The father told them. The other boys were cautious as well, apparently, they were all friends, tight group. Only ever at each other’s houses.

“Well, it wouldn’t be hard for the unsub to memorize their routes, the parents say they only ever have sleepovers together, every weekend,” You say aloud.

“They aren’t lying either, according the boy’s Facebook accounts, pictures posted log them together… pretty much every day”, Garcia says from video chat.

“But an unsub that gets the drop on three teenage boys, and succeeds in capturing them all?” Stephens questions, you take a deep breath.

“If it was someone they know, they might have followed the person willingly, into a trap” Tara suggests, you nod, if anything it’s that. turbulence hits the plane and you grip the table hard, shuddering.

“uneasy flyer?” Rossi asks, you raise an eyebrow with a shrug.

“I don’t enjoy being an unnatural height in the air.” You admit, Rossi smiles. You look out the window, relaxing after the turbulence is over. reading over every bit of the case file again.

When you land, you all head to the local precinct to set up, you’re met by the local detective that’s been working the case.

“I wanna talk to the parents of Tommy myers” You say aloud. Detective Saunders nods, motioning towards a room.

“I’ll accompany you” Jennifer offers, you nod and head over there.

“Tommy knew not to just run off without telling us” The mother insists, she looks confident, maybe it was an issue before.

“I understand Tommy knew how to fight, you taught him how to fight Mr. Myers?” You ask, he nods. Mr. Myers is wearing a tank top, but Mrs. Myers is wearing a long sleeve thermal, dark red.

“I felt he should know how to defend himself” Mr. Myers answers, you nod looking down at the case file. There were multiple reports of Tommy getting in fights at school. You sigh aloud so they notice and stand, shedding your suit jacket, and hanging it on the back of the chair.

“Sorry, I’ve been cooking since we landed.” You apologize, watching Mr.s Myers as she clutches her long sleeve.

“Did Tommy ever get into trouble at school? For bullying?” You ask as you sit back down next to Jennifer. They’re foreheads scrunch up, they feel like you aren’t focused on what you need to be.

“Do you think he took those other boys? He’s just a kid!” Mr. Myers defends, he’s very defensive, seems like bullying makes him uneasy.

“No, I don’t think he kidnapped his best friends, but there are a lot of reports of Tommy fighting” You say, looking back down at the paperwork so they know you have the information in front of you.

“Yea… He got in a few scuffles, always swore it wasn’t his fault.” Mr. Myers admits. He sits back against the chair, and his leg starts to bob.

“But it didn’t matter, he shouldn’t have been fighting in the first place” Mrs. Myers adds, you make a mental note of that.

“ Why are you asking so many stupid questions?” Mr. Myers asks, folding his arms, he’s closing off, you won’t get much more out of him unless you do something. Doesn’t seem like he likes feeling unintelligent. 

“When something awful like this happens, we need to know every little bit of information that we can gather, knowing little things about your son could really help out.” Jennifer explains Mr. Myers seems to calm down.

“Little things like what?” Mrs. Myers asks.

“Did Tommy ever mention anyone that he hadn’t talked about before, it would have been in the last week or so” Jennifer asks, they shrug it off.

“No” they answer confidently. You look over at Jennifer, and she smiles softly at them.

“Did Tommy do well in school?” You ask, they look confused but answer.

“He did alright” Mrs. Myers says.

“What were some of his hobbies, some of his interests?” You ask, they think for a second, then the mother looks annoyed.

“He likes normal kid stuff” She answers, you don’t stop even when her eyes shift to Mr. Myers.

“What about activities, baseball, basketball?” you add, they nod.

“Baseball, their school has a little league team, Tommy was pitcher, they met every Wednesday to practice.” Mrs. Myers answers, you nod and take a mental note of that as well.

“Why? you think it might be that sideways coach?” Mrs. Myers asks, you put your hand up before he can get angry or suspicious.

“No, we don’t have any leads yet, we’re just collecting information” You remind them, they sigh. You stand and walk out of the room with Jennifer.

“You pick upon that?” You ask, casually walking back into the big meeting room where the team set up, Jennifer nods.

“Pretty vague answers, they seem a little disinterested” Jennifer answers.

“Hey, Rossi, could you call Garcia and get some info on the Myers parents” You ask, he nods, and writes something down on a desk he’s nearby.

“Here’s her number, don’t be afraid to call her” Rossi says, being pretty nice about it. You feel strange asking strangers for things.

“Okay…” You say, dialing the number.

“Welcome to the infinite knowledge hotline, goddess speaking” You hear, you huff a laugh.

“Hello?” You ask, you hear her clear her throat.

“Oh, agent Hound, what can I do for you?” Garcia asks.

“Could you please get me some info on the Myers parents?” You ask, cautiously preparing for the answer.

“I can get you everything on Mr. and Mrs. Myers, time me” Garcia says, the line cuts off and you huff a laugh, looking down at your phone’s clock. It’s 4:50.

“The boys have been gone for an entire day” You hear parents in another room, crying, and pleading because they know that cops are supposed to help. You walk past the open door, and through to the room you and the others are set up in.

“Rossi and JJ, I want you to go check out the Baseball coach” Prentiss starts giving everyone jobs, Rossi looks like a Baseball guy.

“Would you go with Reid to the homes, see if theres anything to work with?” Prentiss asks you, glancing over to Dr. Reid, he smiles simply.

“Sure thing” You answer.

Kyle Rhodes’ room is as messy as you’d expect a nine year old’s room to be, but it doesn’t look as if he was robbed from it. Rummaged through, yea, but by who.

“Did the parents come through here?” You ask the closest forensic, he shakes his head no and you nod moving on. His drawers are open, some figurines missing from the shelf according to paperwork.

“It looks like someones been through it” You say aloud.

“Forensic maybe” Dr. Reid answers, using his pencil to move some books. There are schoolbooks stacked perfectly, untouched. You look up at the large T.V. and see a gaming system. 

“Did any of the boys cell’s make out a 911 call?” You ask Dr. Reid. If the attacker took a bit, one fo them might have had a chance. 

“I’m not sure, Garcia would know” Dr. Reid answrers. You take out your phone and dial her again.

“I was just about to call you, I’ve had every out of the ordinary file sent to your phone via email, how was my time” Garcia asks, you can hear the smile on her lips. You smile in return, looking at your phone’s clock.

“Wow, less than fifteen minutes, that has got to be a record” You say, making her laugh.

“Everything I do is a record” Garcia jokes.

“Actually I was curious about something else, the boys cell phones, was there any calls right before their abduction?” you ask,

“I will check, one moment” Garcia says, Dr. Reid tries to get your attention with a small wave. You glance over and see him showing you dirty shoes.

“Boys get muddy?” You offer an explanation, he shrugs. Almost like he wouldn’t know, you were asking.

“Nope, both cells are clean” Garcia answers, you are a little surprised.

“Both, isn’t there three boys?” You confirm.

“Yes, in that wealth of information I sent you is a financial report. Tommy Myers’ family wasn’t too well off. The father is the only one with a cell number” Garcia clarifies.

“Thanks so much, you’re outstanding” You praise her, she giggles as you both hang up. You and Dr. Reid finish up, and you get back to the precinct.

“The coach says Tommy and the boys haven’t showed up in nearly three weeks” Rossi explains to Prentiss as you walk in.

“Yea well, after a trip to the lovely Myers’ residence I’m not surprised” Stephens says, Tara looks like she agrees.

“Lot’s of mess, poorly kept?” You ask, Tara nods.

“Looks like dad might be a drinker” Tara adds, lots of beer bottles at the home. Empty and broken.

“Would have been easy for someone they knew to take them if they knew they were telling their parents lies about their whereabouts.” Prentiss concludes, you aren’t convinced though.

“I don’t know, Three boys all leaving baseball at the same time, Kyle’s room looked to be gone through. I think it might have been him. What if the boy’s are just off on their own?” You offer, everyone seems to shrug the idea away.

“You said it yourself, who would want to go home to that? The Mother shows obvious signs of abuse, the father is a narcissist. What if Tommy just… left?” You say again, Prentiss doesn’t really seem to consider it.

“We got something” Detective Saunder says as he enters the room.

“Three bloody T-shirts, we’ve sent them down to be analyzed” He says to everyone.

“That’s an obvious change in his routine, he hasn’t left any evidence of the children after their abductions yet” You try to make your point again. They’re relentless, they’ve got their idea set in their minds, this is a kidnapping. 

No matter what you say, they won’t slow down, they can’t. They want to find these boys and they want your help. You’re here to help them, but ultimately you’re here to find three missing children. So what’s right? Going behind their backs, or giving in and going against your gut… You sigh as everyone leaves the room together, off to question more subjects in the area.