matthew espinosa

Chapter eighteen


It’s Saturday afternoon and I just got back to Kev’s and I’ place

“Where the fuck you been nigga” Kev asks

“Bitch I been out” I say

“Your bitch ass is gone tell me where the fuck you been” he says, inhaling sharply on his joint

“Damn man I was on a date chill” I say

“ Aye man you got fucked” he says

“ Ha nah man” I say, he just looks at me

“ The fuck you mean you didn’t get laid” he questions

“ Just that, I didn’t get laid” I say “ it was with Maloley”

“ You went on a date skate” he raises his brow at me

“ No you dumbass it was with Kelly” I stand up and walk away an grab a beer from the fridge

“ Bruh that’s who you was with!?, Don’t just fucking walk away” he shouts “ but you didn’t fuck?!”

“ No Kevin we didn’t fuck shit man” I roll my eyes at him

“Why the hell not” he asks

“ I don’t know man, I actually really care for her I don’t wanna fuck shit up” I explain “ sides I have to have some distance and respect from what’s happened to her”

“ the fuck you mean” he sends a questioning look at me

“ Oh shit I forgot you don’t know” I say

“ Well fuck now you gotta tell me”

“ That’s not my place to tell you man” I throw my hands up.

“ Well when skate finds out your ass is gonna get kicked” he says

“ Skate ain’t gone find shit out” I say, he throws his hands up

“Aight man aight”

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