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Michael Cina paintings for Matthew’s Dear ongoing “Beams” project.

The Beams project has been the most ambitious music packaging project that I have worked on to date. It started in November of 2011 and ended in May of 2012. The full scope involves almost 100 paintings, two of the paintings being 20 feet long, flying to NYC to be filmed painting a 6 foot portrait, another porttrait that took 2 months to paint, a custom typeface, and countless designs. There will be four singles to come off this record as well, each requiring new pieces as well. (from artist site)

Art Direction: Matthew Dear and Michael Cina
Design/Art/Typeface: Michael Cina

All these hundreds of thousands of kids going to these festivals in Vegas and New York– wearing furry boots, living the rave dream– are binge-drinking music. They’re taking it all in. They don’t care about quality– it’s about the epic build and formulaic comedown. But five years from now, they’re going to stop that, and there’s a good chance that 20% of those people will stick around and start finding avenues towards Aphex Twin and Kraftwerk and Basic Channel. That’s fantastic. That’s going to be an influx of people that are going to make this music last longer and be relevant. That’s all I care about.
—  Dance-rock shapeshifter Matthew Dear on the future of electronic music in our latest feature interview.

“Pale Shelter” by Matthew Dear ft. Tegan & Sara // Originally by Tears for Fears 

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Lately, Tears for Fears have been covering a handful of fresh, modern tracks from bands like Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, and Hot Chip. Matthew Dear has returned the favor, with a little help from Tegan and Sara, covering the classic Tears for Fears track, “Pale Shelter”. The brooding, new wave original has been flipped and chopped and reassembled into a shimmering, electro pop jam with a bit of a dark side. With Tegan and Sara taking the vocals, the and Dear’s spiky, vibrant production, I can’t imagine this version not being a hit fans of the old as well as first time listeners. Pretty great stuff. 

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That’s Detroit—it always makes you feel like it’s on the verge of tipping toward being successful and booming. And that’s what keeps people there. And when you’re in Detroit, you feel like you own it. It’s your city, you’re there, you’re the one bringing in art and events and doing shows. You’re meeting people who are also doing their version of what their creative interest is…It makes you feel that you’re doing something for its success, and whether it was in the ‘80s, '70s, '90s, it always has that mystique. It lures you in, it’s this kind of siren city that just kind of takes over and makes you feel like, “if you stay long enough you can fix me.” The city is hypnotizing in that way, it’s fascinating. It’s a great place for artists.
—  Musician Matthew Dear on Detroit