matthew cuthbert


Christmas morning broke on a beautiful white world. It had been a very mild December and people had looked forward to a green Christmas; but just enough snow fell softly in the night to transfigure Avonlea. Anne peeped out from her frosted gable window with delighted eyes. The firs in the Haunted Wood were all feathery and wonderful; the birches and wild cherry trees were outlined in pearl; the plowed fields were stretches of snowy dimples; and there was a crisp tang in the air that was glorious. 

Marilla Cuthbert is an often underrated character. She cares for Anne so much, and sometimes we forget. Marilla planned on selling Green Gables to put Anne through school. She put up with Anne’s poetic flights even if she didn’t always understand them. And most of all, she was always there, whether Anne had dyed her hair green or needed a place to bring a lonely friend to. Marilla is everything a mother figure should be.


Anne hoped that the tears would come in solitude. It seemed to her a terrible thing that she could not shed a tear for Matthew, whom she had loved so much and who had been so kind to her, Matthew who had walked with her last evening at sunset and was now lying in the dim room below with that awful peace on his brow. But no tears came at first, even when she knelt by her window in the darkness and prayed, looking up to the stars beyond the hills–no tears, only the same horrible dull ache of misery that kept on aching until she fell asleep, worn out with the day’s pain and excitement.

In the night she awakened, with the stillness and the darkness about her, and the recollection of the day came over her like a wave of sorrow. She could see Matthew’s face smiling at her as he had smiled when they parted at the gate that last evening–she could hear his voice saying, “My girl–my girl that I’m proud of.” Then the tears came and Anne wept her heart out.

An Anne-themed Ask
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  • *Anne Of Avonlea:What do you want to be when you 'grow up'?
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  • *Anne Of Ingleside:Do you have a favorite (or least favorite) family member and why?
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  • Things you like about your siblings OR (if you're an only lonely) Where is your ' happy place'?
  • *Rilla Of Ingleside:
  • Biggest tragedy in your life OR What are you very determined about?