matthew bellamy

Person: Hey what’s up

Me: MUSE 👌🔥💫 are in the studio 🎤🎹🎼 NEW song 🎧😭🎵 coming #soon 👄👏 ALIENS 👽🚀 your ass 🍑 belongs to me now 💁 Matt Bellamy 🐑😱🍌 Dom Howard 😎💃👑 Chris Wolstenholme 🐶😇⚽ RIFFS 🎸 the government 👀🔎📝WILL NOT CONTROL US 💪🗽 kill 🔪💣🔫 the drones ✈🚁 I caught 🎣 a PWOPER fish 🐟🐠🐡 1984 👀 they are watching you 😓 more drones 🙅 SIT THE FUCK DOWN 👓

Muse Gothic
  • You cut a slice of bread. Dominic Howard’s face is staring at you.
  • The aliens are coming. Late at night you can hear the sound of their spaceships. Matt Bellamy warned you about this. The zetas are filling the skies.
  • Someone asks what Muse’s genre is. You laugh and shrug. You will never know. No one ever will.
  • “Sit down”, the teacher says. Your brain becomes an endless loop of Dominic Howard shouting “Sit the fuck down”. You turn around. Matt Bellamy is behind you, laughing hysterically.
  • You’re at the Muse concert, clapping your hands. How did you get here? You feel like you just dropped from the sky. You look up. The drones are there.
  • Someone is following you on the street. You turn around. It’s Matt Bellamy. “Y’know 1984?,” he asks.
  • A friend asks you about Disney on Ice. “It’s like Disney, but on ice,” you explain. What does that even mean? You’re dead inside. 

Miles Kane & Matt Bellamy playing The Beatles at Jamie Davis’ birthday party at Pour Vous, LA

Probably most people saw this by now, but I’ve collected all available footage for posterity’s sake. Absolutely timeless songs, ready for another 50 years. 

‘Please Please Me’,’ I Saw Her Standing There’, ‘Twist & Shout’, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’, ‘Money (That’s What I Want)’, ‘Back In The USSR’ and ’The Night Before’.

edit: Re-edited and re-uploaded with new footage.

edit 2: Last time I’m re-editing and re-uploading this… hopefully. For those who only saw Instagram Story fragments, this is now 5 and a half minute worth of unique material.