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Discretion and confusion

a/n: idk what this si but whatever. I realise someone has done this kind of story before but I got this idea before I even read that story, so idc.

warnings: none just fluff

pairings: Reid x reader (third person)

summary: The team is totally oblivious to the fact that you and Spencer have been together for three years.

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I am a fucking wizard sent from the future in a mother-fucking time machine to tell you that you are an asshole. You’re the type of person that makes fun of fat, short little kids and makes them feel bad about themselves for the rest of their lives because you think you’re so special. Well do you know what? You’re not special. You’re not different. You’re not even particularly interesting. You’re the same, bigoted, homophobic, redneck, football loving, Martin Luther King assassinating, asshole face, son of a bitch redneck that you have spent your entire life rebelling against! And I know that that kills you inside.”