Absolutely in LOVE with these two products from Illamasqua!

I have had the Hydra Veil in my kit for a while now, and it’s perfect for hydrating skin that is clearly thirsty for moisture.
It also aids the wear of makeup & it’s application.
Priming your skin is key to a flawless finish, and these two beauties are essential!

Illamasqua have just released their Matte Veil version of the ever popular Hydra Veil… And I love it!!

I personally have Oily / Combination skin, and usually by midday I’m having to use blotting papers to remove the shine from my T-Zone.
I rarely wear foundation on my skin, only if I’m going ‘out-out’
And if I do, I usually wear Bare Minerals if it’s a daytime event as it’s super light & natural.
So, on a daily basis I like to go bare-faced, and recently since I purchased the Matte Veil I’ve been wearing nothing but that. The results of it are fabulous!
I apply a tiny amount (a little goes a long way) with my fingers to my T-Zone, and it sinks in pretty quick.
Initially I thought that it couldn’t possibly do anything as it’s a thin gel as opposed to a thick primer paste which is often transparent & dense, and they settle on the skin leaving a blurry silky appearance in their wake - which is great for smoothing your skin but it doesn’t always leave you matte for very long. Until now….

So here is where Matte Veil is different; It goes on nice & thin, then sinks in but you still have the appearance of ‘skin’
Then after a minute or so it dries off leaving you with what looks like a very natural matte finish, that of someone who doesn’t suffer with Oily skin.
And it feels smooth without that tacky residue that many creamy gel type products leave behind.

You can THEN apply a primer or your foundation, and you will remain shine-free for the entire day.

I’ve been testing it out, and I’ve worn it alone all day & I was matte from the beginning until the end of the day. When I blotted my face I still had some surplus oil, but not as much, BUT I still appeared naturally matte. I love that!!
Like Hydra Veil, it gives you the perfect base for your makeup application. It helps to hydrate your face, and aid the longevity of your makeup.

So whether you have Dry skin or Oily skin, Illamasqua have got your prep covered!