Perfect for the men (and dads) in your life! New #matteveil from @illamasqua helps control shine and sweat. Men’s #1 skincare request is to be shine and sweat free, especially in summer. We have the cure!

My illamasqua obsession

Ever since I’ve tried the skin base foundation from illamasqua I’ve been in love with it. It’s worth the extra money. Plus it lasts for ages. But every good foundation needs a good primer, so it will stay on your skin. The satin primer I used first. Worked really well. But then hydra veil came out and it felt amazing it took away my redness, made my face feel so refreshed and it was a really good primer. An actually wonder product. !!

Now I have just purchased matt veil, and so far so good! It has everything hydra veil has but it stops shininess throughout the day. Which when you work in a hot busy environment happens. So I’m looking forward to testing matt veil for myself.

None of this can be complete without the best brush the highlighter brush !

Next step. Highlighting my face !! Need some tips !