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Re-Reading Mastiff

I’m not sure what’s worse:

  • all the good, happy moments that stab you like daggers before the thing happens because you know it’s coming
  • after the thing happens when you know what’s going on but Beka doesn’t yet and you see all the little things that don’t quite fit but you never noticed them the first time but now you do
  • when Beka and everybody else finds out about the thing and there’s no chance that the book is going to end differently this time around no matter how much you want it to, and everything is sadness and heartbreak

Oh this book is made of pain. Why do I keep reading it? Damn you, Tamora Pierce, damn you.

tiny Provost's Dog fic:

“Hey, Sabine!” a particularly prat of a knight shouts out from an outdoor tavern table as she and Tunstall stroll through one of the nicer parts of Corus. “Does your dog do tricks?”

Mattes starts to glare but she just pulls him closer and calls back with a  wicked grin, “Sometimes I make him beg!”

The knight sputters as the two walk on without a backward glance. It’s a lovely evening. Birds other than pigeons are making noise.

Day 3- Favorite Male Character

Okay, there’s no tie this time, promise. Oh, wait… just kidding. :)

It’s Tunstall. Tunstall is the best guy in all of the books. Tunstall is like a mixture of all the best guys. He’s got Vedris’s coolness, Niko’s wisdom, Rosto’s sense of humor… he’s just a great character. I like how he’s got a great relationship with Clary, and how even though they’re so close they aren’t a canon ship. (Not that I don’t like ClaryxMattes shipping!) He always seems kinda upbeat and chipper, even in the worst of times. And he’s got Sabine. I just see them as a cute couple, for some reason. And Tunstall can be counted on. He’s got your back, he’s there, he’s ready to catch you and help you up.

Tunstall’s the man.