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171019 ♡ #NUESTW1STWIN

2045 days. 5 years. you’ve worked hard boys and we thank you for sticking together, even when conversations of disbandment, and many other unhappy moments happened. let’s walk on a flowery path and create everlasting memories from now on, with only tears of joy and radiant smiles. thank you, nu’est. 

bonus: wish finally fulfilled.

Hey kids! So here’s the thing

Seventeen is nominated for three (3) MAMA’s this year, and it’s normal to want your bias group to win, but here are some things we need to remember:

  • People are not obligated to vote, you are not less of a carat for not voting 24/7. Dont, by any means, go around bashing people because they aren’t voting or leaving rude asks telling them to vote, we are all carats, we all love the guys, so let’s be kind to each other!
  • Don’t get involved in fan wars(??? This should be a given, don’t go around insulting other groups or fandoms, let’s not become THAT toxic fandom. Remember we are doing this for the boys so just ignore other fandoms (especially if their being rude) and concentrate in getting svt the MAMA in a positive way (Do I sound like a hippie?? Yes. Do I care?? No! Keep it kind people!!! )
  • If by any chance we don’t win please don’t try to put the blame on someone else, I’ve seen big accounts (not svt stans, but still) calling people out just because they didn’t win. KEEP IT CLASSY, if we don’t win (which hopefully we will) don’t go around bashing people!!!
  • It costs you 0$ to just keep it nice, voting season can get ugly, let’s respect each other and just do this for the guys!!
  • Being mean to other people doesn’t achieve anything, at the risk of sounding cheesy we are kind of like a family, so be nice, be kind and above all be respectful!!

… if the Garrison flashback includes the scene when Keith hears the Kerberos mission failed due pilot error then I’m done. Dead. Deceased.

I don’t want more angst Dreamworks, give me some fluff

the true INTJ aesthetic is that sequence where the hero collects all the items needed  for the Awesome Plan™ without really having to search, like THAT pen from the glass of pens and THAT tool from the toolbox and THESE four thingies to put together for Aweome Device and then leaves without looking back

aka the exact moment all the scheming comes together for action

“I hate

 The Kinkou.

 … this is therapy. Let me say this.”


Hey guys, for my patreon reward im doing a 6-part illustration of The Devil Went Down To Georgia and in my quest for representation, i want to be sensitive and respectful! Please let me know by message or reply your opinion on this! If you dont feel qualified to speak on it, id appreciate it if youd spread the post so someone else can help me!

When you find an anime/manga really great at the start, but, the romance they added later on completely ruins it.
you know it was a good pun if someone tries to kill you for making it