matter of birth

You’re allowed to hate your family/members of your family. It doesn’t matter if they birthed you, raised you, whatever the affiliation. At the end of the day, they are people just like everyone else who have the potential to be hateful, rude, abusive, and all around bad.

“Oh but they are/I’m your family [so you have to forgive them/me].”

You don’t have to do anything.
That’s classic manipulation and so many people don’t even realize it.

Anyone can be a horrible person and you’re allowed to cut toxic people from your life.


im fucking crying

“to be a witch” falsehoods

there are a lot of misconceptions going around lately on what someone needs to be a witch, i just want to clear some up. 

you do not need:

fancy tools - or any tools at all, really. all you need is yourself and your intent. sure, tools that fit your aesthetic are nice, but you don’t need them. if you have the ability to buy and you want to, there’s no stopping you, but please don’t feel like you have to go out and buy yourself an etsy broom or a cauldron. and don’t stress yourself out over making one either! they are but trappings.

appearance - in witchy aesthetic photos, it’s usually a slim, white girl with long hair. and that lack of a more diverse representation can give the impression that you need to look and be a certain way, but please know it is untrue. it does not matter what your race, weight, hair, or anything looks like. 

aesthetic - you don’t need to dress “like a witch”. a witch can look like anything. if you want to indulge in the black cat, black clothes look, fine, but you don’t need to confine yourself to it if it’s not your thing, you can look like whatever you want to. 

gender - there are some in the community that will fight tooth and nail to make it seem you have to be a cis female to call yourself a witch. don’t listen to those terfs. anyone can be a witch, regardless of gender. male, non-binary, agender, trans, demi, etc. 

black cat - you don’t need a black cat. you don’t need to have a familiar either. those are unique relations that should not be forced to happen

dark, mystical attitude - you don’t need to suddenly start talking like chaucer or put effort into having an air of mystery. you don’t need to be holier than thou, or act like you know it all. witchcraft is a journey that takes time to learn. 

cursing - no, you don’t need to curse. but you don’t need to shame someone for cursing either.

on a spiritual path - witchcraft does not have to be spiritual! you can practice magic without having to worry about being “spiritual enough”, because each craft is unique and deeply personal, you don’t need to force it to be something that you’re not invested in.

religious -  there are many witches that wonder where the power comes from if they don’t call upon a god. the power can come from you. you do not need to devote yourself to a god 

wiccan - wicca is not the only way to do witchcraft, it is only one way of practicing magic. there are many people who think the only way to do witchcraft is to be wiccan, but they are misinformed. if you do not want to work with wiccan influences or traditions, you do not have to. 

initiated - some practices, some traditions, initiation is needed. however, to be a witch in general, you don’t need to go through any ritual to prove yourself one. be wary of those who insist you do, they are often trying to take advantage of new witches. 

straight/cis - some traditions you’ll encounter have homophobic roots/influences. while it is discouraging, you dont have to listen to those, or you can work with others to rework phobic traditions

a “natural” witch -  some people will claim to have “witch’s blood” or “the flame”, meaning witchcraft has been in their families for generations. this does not make them superior or more of a witch than you. anyone who wants to be a witch can, no matter their birth circumstances. 

labelled - a lot of witches label their craft, “herb witch”, “space witch”, “storm witch” etc. you can be as many as you want, or none if it pleases you. you do not need to label your craft however. some people can’t put their craft in a box.

td;lr, you do need:

  • to want to be a witch
  • your intent
  • that’s it! happy casting!
LGBT community stop being straight/cis phobic


Straight people matter, straight people birth you and created this world. The least you can do is respect them.

All you people are trying to do is fight fire with fire. You cant ask for acceptance and bash straight people on the other hand. And dont forget the awfull double standards your community has “dont straightwash characters” but it is fine if you turn characters into queers and mentall ill patients.

LGBT community you have a lot of problems to look into.


The Team

Frida is not gender queer or a trans man

Frida hates gender

Frida smoked, boxed, won tequila challenges against men, and dressed like a man in a family portrait, contrasting to her mother and sisters who wore dresses. She refused to alter her ‘masculine’ features, including her mono-brow and faint moustache, and actually exaggerated these features in her self portraits. She once wrote in her diary “of my face, I like my eyebrows and eyes”. She never claimed to be anything other than a female who did not give a fuck about your gender roles, stereotypes, and definitions. Frida deviated from the traditional depiction of female beauty in art and instead chose to paint raw and honest experiences that so many women face. Her subject matter included abortion, miscarriage, birth and breastfeeding, among other things, often seen as taboo and like many female experiences altogether ignored. ‘Frida hates terfs! MY ASS. Cállense pinche gringos and stop appropriating this amazing Mexican woman for your post-modern gender-essentialist bullshit

So it has come to my attention that some people are calling for a boycott of Wynonna Earp over the gooverly/wynonna kiss. You want to cancel the one show that has treated their lesbian couple better than any other show to date over a peck on the lips? If you think it’s ok to boycott everyrhing you don’t like, if you think it will be ok to go harass Andras and the actressess over this then unfollow me. I firmly believe that Dom and Mel would have voiced concerns over the scene and I am as convinced Andras would have listened. .

You need to understand that this was not a waverly/wynonna kiss. It was a gooverly/wynonna kiss. It makes sense. The demon wants to be in a position of power but it needs a host that is dark enough for it to have the right habitat. What does it say about Nicole that the demon didn’t transfer to her? It can’t cause Nicole is FUCKING GOOD. Wynonna is good but also flawed and grieving and the demon will feed on that.

And isn’t it ironic that Wynonna the demon slayer is now possessed?

I have seen the argument that now homophobes will latch onto this to call us perverts. Because they will lift it out of context. Newsflash: the first people to lift it out of context are the people getting their knickera bunched up over an incest that isn’t there. I am looking at one particular “famous” user on here with whom I can’t even have a discussion cause apparently they are blocking everyone disagreeing on this. And they don’t even watch the show.

If you are a fan of the show you should be able to read the subtext.

Also spare me with the “this is what happens when the straights write a queer character” bullshit. Do you need to be a serial killer to write murder stories? You think Stephen King dresses as a clown overnight and drags kids to their doom? What about if someone told you that you an LGBTQ person can’t write queer romance until you fell in love. Wouldn’t you call that bullshit?

So Andras went from hero to zero in one scene. Check yourselves. You are here complaining about content that she created in the first place so you could complain about it. Without people trying we wouldn’t have anything. And their sexual orientation doesn’t matter one bit.

And this is the reason why instead of growing our content dwindles. Because writers are afraid to try, because when you do try and get it wrong you get death threats. You only need one “famous” internet celeb to whip up a mob except that on the internet you can say whatever the fuck you want without repercussions. At least a lynch mob in real life can be lynched back.

You know, all you need to write good characters and good plots is empathy (and research). Something lacking on both sides of the fence. But at least Andras is trying and if I learned something from the way she handles things it won’t be easy but Wynonna and Waverly will have a resolution about it. Because as soon as Waverly figures what has happened you bet your ass she will try to save her sister.

Because they are Earps. No matter what a birth certificate may say.

So don’t you dare ruin this fandom, which is the best fandom I have been in ever, because even different ships support each other. You don’t want to watch fine move along. Leave us be.

Look how well the boycott turned out for the 100 uh? (a show in which the show director actually queer baited people) If you feel like it please reblog. I am looking for an actual discussion with whoever wants. Or drop me an ask

In Sagittarius, there is a strong sense of justice despite popular belief; Sagittarius has ascendency over the 9th house of law and legal principles, ethics, morals, and expansive understanding that derives from Jupiter, also known as the Superconscious Self. There is a lingering of the stigma of Sagittarius, the “immature, foolish and irresponsible” Sagittarius, and it is not entirely untrue, I am not here to debunk anything, yet the Sagittarius who is open to growth tends to value a more ethical personal truth and a higher purpose. The arrow shot by the centaur is representative of a higher calling, it sweeps far and wide into the universe, symbolism of expansion and self-discovery, and therefore self-growth that reaches the Superconscious being. There is no foolishness, immaturity or irresponsibility in this version of Sagittarius, only the totality of wisdom. Jupiter is a charitable, joyful, and generous planet and this expresses through Sagittarius; seeing injustice does not sit right with a person who generally has a giving, good-natured, and tolerant approach towards others.

Of course, with Jupiter, there is a problem with excessiveness: while Sagittarius can be lawful and genuine, this can turn around into taking justice into one’s own hands, in due course causing recklessness, insincerity, and willfulness, as this is a sign that may abide solely by arrogant or self-interested inner philosophies. “My way is The way” is the motto of a Sagittarius unwilling to separate themselves from their superior judgment and inflated ego.

Jupiterian knowledge rests inside Sagittarius and gives an aura of altruistic sense and cosmic-consciousness; in Sagittarius we see the direct functioning of the higher mind. The advanced faculties of the Jupiterian perception seeds a spiritual, idealistic and an insightfully intuitive individual, who is ever-questioning of the universal workings of life. The constant questioning of divinely unknown matters also gives birth to the skeptic nature of Sagittarius, but it is a cycle; a skeptic asks questions and does everything in their power to find and understand the answers. A skeptical Sagittarius who does not seek answers to their critical questions is stuck in Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, where an eternal storm is brewing, symbolic of internal frustration and directionless pursuit. Sagittarius can also get lost in daydreams of far away and romantic voyages just as much as their Jupiterian counterpart, Pisces, gets drunk on escaping the mundane…they are the romantics of life; the visionary soul who has a love for life’s humor, mysteries, and other delights as well as an urge to learn all that life has to offer, the arrow keeps gliding far & wide and further.

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Is it transphobic if I'm a gay woman who would date all kinds of queer women (no matter sex at birth) but i just wouldn't touch my partner's genitalia if it happened to be a penis? Like I would date a trans woman but not touch her there pre op.

Again, y’all are spending way too much time dissecting someone else’s genitals. It’s none of your business what’s in their pants, and if it becomes your business, you will have that conversation with your partner. Just take a breath. It’s actually, not that deep.

Angela Merkel just said she’ll offer Donald Trump cooperation, on the basis that he respects people’s dignity no matter the place of birth, colour of their skin, beliefs, their sex, sexuality or their political convictions.

So….I guess germany and the us just broke up?

A 19 year old MAN ( because the media is trying to call him a boy) shot and killed his mother because she did not want him to keep a puppy in her home. She told him that the dog could stay at his father’s home, and went to sleep. Didn’t even completely deny him of having the dog. He grabbed a rifle and as his mother slept, he shot and killed her.

Anyone want to guess his race? I’ll wait.

Unrequited (Jon Snow x Reader)

Originally posted by jonsnowsource

aishsanap said:

Hey can you do one Jon imagine for me where she loves him but he doesn’t Thank you

A/N: Thank you so much for this awesome request! I was really nervous to write it but I turned on some sad music (the ones of the rejection and broken hearts variety, of course), and channeled my inner rejection feels. Let’s see how that goes. 

I’d like to also add that I was a bit unsure of which way to begin this. I hope you’re okay with the fact that it’s starting at the beginning, right before Jon left for the wall. 

Warning(s): Rejection, Sad thoughts (don’t know if this counts as a warning, adding it just in case, because you know, negative vibes and that.)

Jon Snow was everything you thought you wanted. He was kind, handsome, caring. He had that broody and mysterious feel to him, something you admired. Never had he once been rude to you, in all of your years of being his friend. The two of you were incredibly close. You teased each other relentlessly, in good nature of course. You often spent time with him, so much in fact that you were practically inseparable, which everyone around you took notice of. Sansa often “oohed” at you, playfully nudging you and asking if you liked him. Jon was teased by Robb, who liked to say “Go for it,” before shoving Jon over towards you.

Every time one of those things happened, you’d blush. Truth was, they were absolutely right. You did like him. You always had a crush on Jon, but as you grew older, it blossomed into something stronger. Love. You weren’t sure if he felt the same way, but alas, one day you received your answer.

It was the day that you learned of his plan to go to the wall, to join the Night’s Watch.

“He’s what?” You gasped at Robb.

Robb accidentally let it slip that Jon intended to leave, and of course, since you were his friend, you did not take the news well. Robb’s eyes widened as his mouth fell agape, realizing that he just messed up. Big time. You stood up from the wooden post you had been leaning on, and approached Robb angrily.

“(Y/N), hear him out before you-”

Whatever he was going to say, you ignored. You stormed past Robb, bumping into his shoulder as you passed. It did not take you very long to find Jon. He was talking to his uncle Benjen in the stables. Jon noticed your approach right away.

“(Y/N)-” He immediately raised his hands as if to say calm down, but of course, that would not work. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” You shouted, interrupting his words. The people who were passing by all paused to look at you, but you did not care. You were far too angry to care.

Benjen whispered something to Jon before walking off, leaving the two of you alone. You were ready to yell at Jon no matter who was around to witness it, however it was probably a good thing Benjen left. You knew this could get real ugly real fast, and you’d prefer to keep other people out of it.

“I was going to tell you, let me explain.”

“By all means, go ahead,” You crossed your arms over your chest and stared at him expectantly.

“I’m a bastard, (Y/N). I have no place here.” Jon said. He lowered his gaze, looking at his boots with his brows pinched, the way he often did when he was thinking. You knew how much it bothered him, being a bastard. He had told you that there were times he did appreciate it, as he didn’t have some of the same responsibilities his siblings shared, but you knew that it bothered him all the same. The name Snow haunted him.

Your anger faded, and was instead replaced by sympathy. Jon felt out of place here. He would always been seen as the bastard Jon Snow rather than simply being seen as Jon.

But you did not care about his title. You loved Jon Snow, bastard or not. You would love him no matter what house he was from, no matter his birth rank. Perhaps you could convince him to stay. He did have a place. He would always have a place. It was by your side, or so you hoped, anyway.

Carefully, you stepped closer, and placed your hand on his cheek.

“You do have a place, Jon. With me.” You whispered. His eyes widened, his lips parted as if he meant to speak. Your nerves were on edge now, every part of your body begging you to move closer, to close the distance between you so you could finally meet his lips with your own.

So, you did.

Your lips barely brushed against his, the contact sending a shiver through your entire body. He did not move; Jon was completely still, but he didn’t pull away, either. You took this as a sign that it was okay to continue. You wrapped your arms behind his head, resting them around his neck, while you pushed the kiss further. You wanted more, but you were left wanting as he suddenly gripped your arms and removed them from around him.

Stumbling back, it was nearly impossibly to keep the tears from beginning to rise within your eyes. Jon’s breathing was heavy, his eyes still wide with shock.

“I-I’m sorry, (Y/N), I don’t-” He shook his head and stepped away from you.

“You don’t…” The tears finally spilled down your cheeks. You did not bother to wipe them away. Your mind was forming the words you knew he wanted to say, but you could not bring yourself to say them. He did not feel the same way. The thought made your chest ache, tightening so that it felt like you couldn’t breathe properly.  “I’m sorry, it was foolish of me to assume-”

You were unable to speak anymore, as your throat constricted and your mouth dried up completely. You wiped away the big droplets of tears that slid down your cheeks as you turned and ran off, ignoring Jon’s voice as he called for you to come back. You didn’t stop running until you were past the gates of Winterfell, in the cold of the snow outside. Jon told you many times to avoid going out there alone. It was dangerous, he warned you, but at the moment you couldn’t care less what he wanted.

As much as you wanted to be mad at him for rejecting you, you knew you couldn’t. He couldn’t control his feelings, just as you couldn’t control your own. It didn’t matter how you felt. You could still feel the ghost of his lips on yours, but it was fading, replaced with a deep feeling of dread and regret. 

Jon did not love you, and he was going to leave, no matter what you wanted.

This realization left you feeling far colder than the snow ever could.

Dear God I’m so annoyed with this eds support group I’m in on facebook.

One person posted saying no matter what birth control she’s on, she gets pregnant (even got pregnant with tied tubes) and doesn’t want kids because of eds. She can’t find a doctor to perform a partial hysterectomy on her because of her age. She was super adamant about not wanting kids.

And you know what 90% of comments were? Women telling her she can still have kids with eds and sharing their stories and pictures of her kids. It’s so fucking cruel. She clearly stated she didn’t want kids. She’s terrified in her current situation and these women are rubbing her face in it. I’m so fucking mad

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If klayley ever becomes canon, do you think they will ever want more kids? I guess technically they could have as many kids as they want forever.

I don’t think they would really think about more kids, They would probably both be content with just Hope. I think Hope would totally want siblings tho and I think Hayley would accidentally get pregnant again at least once. I’m a sucker for unplanned klayley pregnancies lol