matter collage

Papercraft commission! The lady on the left is the client’s character, a tiefling named Ballast, and on the right is Ianthe, who belongs to the client’s friend (and for whom this piece was a gift). Their designs were super fun to work with!

Max Caulfield Aesthetic

‘’To all of you American girls
It’s sad to imagine a world without you
American girls
I’d like to be part of the world around you
Driving a car by the sea side
Watching the world from the bright side’’


OH SAY CAN YOU ZINE | 99 Cent Lip Gloss Zine

We recently came across some of the design and illustration work of Elisa Cox who mailed us a copy of her collaborative photo zine with Emma Penrose titled, 99 Cent Lip Gloss.  This 20 page printed photo collage zine features colorfully fun party pages featuring the two collaborators who describe it simply as something “that takes [sic] you back to a simpler time of matching your Lip Smackers Watermelon gloss to your neon scrunchie.”  Photos, friends, and fun with lip gloss! 


I’ve seen a few photo collages with text in the therealjacksepticeye and markiplier tag and I wanted to take a turn at it, just to change things up. I spent quite a while trying to find photos that would go along with the song and still keep their meaning in a way. This kinda ties into the whole “You mattering to the community, as an individual person.” and how to keep that confidence because you can’t let anyone, not even yourself, make you feel like you don’t matter or belong here. I know sometimes people struggle with believing that they matter to a fan base of +7 million or +4 million but, that’s why we have such a large community so, that every single person here will make you feel like you belong. And no one says you have to do something great like draw fan art or donate every time there’s a charity live stream to be a part of this community, just being here and being yourself is more than enough and that’s what makes you matter. 

I’ve been rambling for too long so, I’m just gonna leave it at here and I hope what I said wasn’t taken offensively. Thank you for taking the time to read through this ^_^ 

Please forgive my amateur photo/text collage skills ^_^”

(Sorry I had to change the lyric “And I won’t let you hurt my planet” to “And I won’t let you hurt my family” but, it made more sense)

Excerpt from “an afternoon in February” by Charles Bukowski, featured in his poetry collection, What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire