The signs as Aryan Airlines girls (from RuPaul's Drag Race season 7)
  • Aries:Miss Fame
  • Taurus:Katya Zamolodchikova
  • Gemini:Violet Chachki
  • Cancer:Max Malanaphy
  • Leo:Trixie Mattel
  • Virgo:Pearl Liasion
  • Libra:Trixie Mattel
  • Scorpio:Violet Chachki
  • Sagittarius:Katya Zamolochikova
  • Capricorn:Pearl Liaison
  • Aquarius:Miss Fame
  • Pisces:Max Malanaphy

Pra quem for do Rio de Janeiro, no Carioca Shopping (Na Penha) achei essas belezuras *-* As Original Ghouls (Tem todas) e estão custando R$109,99, as Boo York (Tem somente as três da imagem, tem uma quantidade razoável de cada) e estão custando R$169,99. Rochelle Haunted está em promoção por R$149,99 e as de caixa pequena da coleção por R$79,99. E a coleção Ghoul Spirit está com uma mega promoção, R$29,99 cada (Tem uns 5 Slo Mo) ♥ #MonsterHigh #Mattel #BooYork #Haunted #OriginalGhouls (em Carioca Shopping Lojas Americana)

“i know that it happened months ago but i’m still not over the fact that katya got eliminated. her lip sync was bomb af. & she had so much potential. ALSO kennedy jumped off the stage and totally broke the rules. WTF rupaul. KATYA ZAMO IS MY MOM.”
– angry drag trash


Here’s that blonde bend leg Francie rerooted with hair stolen from an EAH Maddie. I’ve been anglin’ for a Francie with the No Bangs Hairstyle, one with long hair and a Francie with Turquoise hair so I guess this custom covers all three.

I also repainted her eyebrows and lips since they were missing and I modded a broken necked Mattel Rapunzel body to accept vintage heads since I don’t have any spare Francie bodies for her. I hate the hands but the proportions overall are okay on her until I get another body.

I mostly just rerooted her original rooting pattern but with a really dense hairline cuz I have no idea how no bangs Francies look under the thick front part of the hair…